Chapter 113 CHAPTER 113: MANA POISON


Alyssa came back to the room where Davies was waiting with his shirt off and a well-bandaged shoulder.

"You are poisoned," Alyssa said frankly, without trying to hide anything, or even soften the blow as doctors normally did.

"Oh?" Davies's right eyebrow rose in response to Alyssa's statement, but in all honesty, he wasn't that surprised as he had expected something like this to be the root cause behind his numb shoulder.

What he hadn't been expecting, was a bullet having poison, or that he had been poisoned so easily as he had undergone training and even had a special body physique that was mostly impervious to poison... Or at least the weak ones.

For him to have actually been poisoned by whatever poison was in Dalena's golden bullet meant that either the poison was special, or it was abnormally strong.

Davies's curiosity had been piqued, but he decided to ignore the matter for now and think of something that was more important at the moment.

What had the poison done to him?

"What are the aftereffects...?" He asked Alyssa, no hesitation or fear in his voice as he wasn't scared of a little poison.

"You tell me, how do you feel right now?" Alyssa returned the question to him as she obviously couldn't know what the effects of the poison were until she knew what it did to a living or non-living organism, so whether Davies realized it or not, he was currently a lab rat, a handsome and coherent lab rat.

Davies tried to move the affected shoulder, which was his left shoulder, but he had difficulty moving it as the whole left shoulder and arm had gone numb. He could still move it but it was quite difficult to do so,

"Well, no woman would be screaming from pleasure from this hand's movements in a while," he said jokingly after realizing that there wasn't much to the poison other than the numbing effect that would only slightly incapacitate him for a while... Though he wasn't sure if the effect of the poison would be this minuscule for someone other than him, as he was pretty confident in his high poison resistance.

Alyssa was left with her jaw dropped at Davies's smartass answer and had no words for him as she couldn't be sure if he was being narcissistic, or he was actually telling the truth, but her intuition pointed more at the latter.

"Do you guys happen to have medicines that cure numbness?" Davies asked, breaking Alyssa out of her stunned reverie. Though he had determined the poison's effects to be too weak to cause him much harm, he didn't fancy being incapacitated, thereby reducing his combat strength and overall efficiency, even if it was only for a little while.

"We do have some medicines that can deal with such symptoms, but I wouldn't recommend them for you right now, as we don't know whether they may have any adverse effects upon coming in contact with the poison in your body, or not..."

"The poison in your body is one that we have never come in contact with, talk less of researching it," 

"It doesn't even seem to have a physical presence and can only be sensed through a mana scanner," Alyssa responded and began to explain why.

'So that was the weird mana I was sensing from the bullet!' he remembered sensing mana flowing off the bullet after it was taken out of his shoulder. 

Shockingly, when he had tried searching for the strange mana that flowed from the bullet inside his body, he wasn't able to detect it. I

t was likely that it was no longer there, but it was even more likely that he wasn't able to detect it due to some strange characteristic of the mana, or it could be an effect of Dalena's blessing. 

He didn't know what it was but he wasn't willing to try putting it to the test by acting like an idiot protagonist that was ready to risk his life over something stupid.

If he would have to bear through the period of numbness, then so be it, after all, he wasn't a protagonist with a halo that would make sure he didn't die no matter how many stupid and risky methods they took or underwent.

As a villain, he was more likely to suffer a loss from trying something like this, so he immediately decided against it.

Though being even just slightly weaker did not sit right with Davies as for him weakness, even the slightest moment was a calamity waiting to happen, he had prepared enough in this life to be ready for any disadvantageous situation that could come his way.

Also, the current period wasn't an especially dangerous time for him.

Lee Jung was still weak to actually threaten his life, and if he even dared to think in that direction, Davies was sure that he would be able to deal with him even in his current half-incapacitated state, and that was if Lee Jung could even make it past Daniella, but he doubted his ability to do so.

Also, the 4 great families would currently be watching their steps around him right now due to the actions he had taken since he got back to the city.

He stood up, interrupting Alyssa who was still droning on and explaining things in medical terms that sounded like a combination of Greek and Latin, with a pinch of Mandarin and Hausa all jumbled together and sounding like the most confusing shit he ever heard.

He always wondered why learned people always had to speak in terms that sounded so complicated and threw off the normal people who were listening to them talk, especially when they knew that the people listening didn't understand even half of whatever jargon it was they were saying.

"I think I understand the whole gist of... whatever it was you were saying,'

'I get it, I'm not using the drugs that haven't been tested against the position in my body, now can I leave?" He spoke while looking around for his shirt, as even though it was covered in his blood, he still needed to wear something to leave the hospital.

"What are you looking for?" Alyssa asked, wondering why his eyes were farting around the room.

"My shirt..." He answered half-mindedly, wondering where his shirt had seemingly disappeared to.

"Oh... I- Uh... I-I took it," Alyssa stammered out, but it was clear from her tone that something suspicious was going on and Davies caught on quickly.

"... Why?"  He asked, not understanding the reason for such an occurrence.

"F-For research purposes!!!" She shouted out a bit too loud while looking like a deer in headlights which only increased Davies's curiosity. 

"Research purposes...? Davies found it hard to believe that there was any hospital that took people's properties and said it was for "research purposes".

"Y-Yes I want to run more tests on your blood to find out more about the poison," Alyssa came up with a sound argument, but the "deer in headlights" expression on her face was telling another story, a story that Davies was more interested in than whatever nonsense she was saying and expecting him to believe.

"Hmmm, mmm," Davies had a thoughtful expression on his face as if he was considering her answer to be true, but that was when he remembered something about his purple-eyed doctor.

It was something he had forgotten about since their last meeting, the fact that his doctor had some sort of obsession with blood.

Now that he remembered that, he suddenly didn't want to know what would happen to the shirt lest he be weirded out.

'I better not meet a third girl with weird fetishes today,' Davies groaned in his mind to whoever could be listening to his thoughts.

Since he couldn't get his shirt, he ended up picking the only piece of clothing available in the room which happened to be a white-colored doctor's overcoat, after all, they were in a hospital.

The resulting effect of Davies adding a white-colored doctor's overcoat to his dressing made him look like a well-known comrade of culture. 

This well-known comrade was a doctor, fireman, surgeon, pizza delivery guy, and many more. Davies would have looked exactly like the previously said comrade If he was bald, less handsome, and more muscular.

In the end, Davies walked out of the hospital with only a doctor's overcoat covering his upper body.

It was only after he got out of the hospital that he remembered that he didn't have a car to drive anymore, but luckily he had a super bodyguard who had thought of this issue ahead of time and was waiting outside the hospital with a Smokes Soyce, a top tier luxury car.

"Tell me you got clothes as well," Davies said as soon as he got into the car, and just as he expected, Daniella was holding up a duffel bag to him with clothes inside.

"Nice," he replied and grabbed the bag from her hands.

"Where to?" Daniella asked as she started up the engine.

"The company," Davies replied after giving it some thought. Since he couldn't do much right now due to his 'injury', then it was better he spent his time on finally completing the project "Words Make Up The World."