Alyssa had been left confused at Davies's chill answer to her question as among all the answers that her brain was expecting, it wasn't ready for him telling her, that he had been hit by a mana bullet while the tone of his voice made it seem like he had only been hit by a snowball.

Putting aside the fact that he had survived what would have blasted a normal human apart, or would have severely injured an elemental, just the fact that someone had actually dared to shoot at him in the first place was mind-blowing enough, that Alyssa's brain almost short-circuited.

"Who would even dare shoot a hole through your shoulder?" Alyssa asked in a flabbergasted tone, as her mind could not understand who would be stupid enough to do such a thing.

Davies was a very dangerous person who wouldn't let someone do such a thing and get away scot-free. In fact, such a person's death was already a confirmed thing should he ever try such a thing, and said person would be lucky if he got to die quickly, but Alyssa didn't know all that about Davies... Yet.

What she did know about Davies Lake was the general knowledge that anybody with knowledge about Davies Lake knew. 

He was a young genius who had established a company at an age when most kids would still be playing with sand, he had received at least one S-rank blessing during his blessing of the Cataclysm ceremony when he was ten. 

The company he had established was the world's leading company when it came to magical engineering, and they were partnered with many other giants in the technological business industry to produce different innovative technologies that were huge successes in the market, and it was to be noted that most of the products of Imperium Technologies were single-handedly developed by himself.

Davies's personal wealth could not be measured as he was unusually secretive about it, or about most of his life in general, but the numbers that Imperium Technologies were making and the value of their assets were enough to place him as one of the richest humans on the entire planet of Leivandage, yet he was just twenty-two years old.

His abnormally innovative mind and high-ranking blessing made the rich, powerful, and influential humans pay attention to him and his growth, and even though he had literally disappeared for the past twelve years, their interest in him hadn't waned one bit as they had high expectations for his future... Or at least some of them did, the others that didn't, wanted to snip him in the bud before he grew even further.

With a status like that, there was no way someone would be stupid enough to actually dare to shoot at him unless said person was a suicidal maniac who cared nothing for his life, Alyssa thought.

What Alyssa failed to think about was that, though this information was widely known, a picture of Davies's face was even rarer than a diamond, more especially as he had not been seen for the last twelve years, so most people that saw and met with Davies did not actually know that he was actually the legendary figure known as 'Davies Lake'.

That was exactly what had happened earlier, as there was no way that Dalena as a member of the Santos family did not know the name 'Davies Lake', but knowing the name of a person was different from recognizing the person and that was the cause for their current situation.

Due to Davies's naturally elusive behavior, Dalena was not able to recognize him and fired at him in anger... Though Dalena's oppressive behavior had played a part in actually performing such an idiotic action, it was mostly because of Davies's lack of fame.

Another thing to note about Davies was that, even though he had made so many technological innovations, none of them was a weapon... Or at least none of the ones he released to the world was a weapon.

It wasn't because he was scared of becoming a Tony Stark in this universe as the world could go to hell, for all he cared... His reason for not doing so was because he had a habit of keeping the best things for himself, and also, he didn't really spend much of his time on making weapons from technology as he knew and had experienced first-hand that power that came from things as flimsy as technological weapons could never be called true power, which was why he never focuses his attention on weak weapons that could only kill less than a thousand people at a time. 

"It was some bitchy MPA officer that chased me for breaking a 'few' traffic rules," Davies answered, but then flinched as he realized that his shoulder was beginning to become numb, but he attributed it to him losing so much blood from that area and didn't think much more about it.

"Wait, hold up... Somebody shot you for breaking a few traffic rules?" Alyssa asked with a raised eyebrow like it was the dumbest shit she had ever heard in her life, and to be fair, it was actually quite unbelievable.

Well, of course, since Davies didn't mention the part where he had disobeyed an officer of the law, or that said officer of the law got off on oppressing people and seeing them groveling beneath her feet, and since he wasn't going to give her the pleasure, he had stayed defiant and then he got shot by the previously said, officer of the law.

What he had told her was the one-sentence version of what had happened, hence her confusion.

Yeah... It was some bitch named Dalena Santos," Davies explained further, ignoring the numbness in his shoulder that seemed to be growing by the second.

"Wait, Dalena Santos, as in the "Bitchy prowler" Dalena Santos?" Alyssa asked in surprise as she recognized the name of the infamous "Bitchy Prowler", after all, she had received quite a few patients due to her usual antics, but the current situation was a bit different from the usual. 

For one, she had never met a patient that Dalena had shot before for the simple fact that none of them survived for long enough to become patients, and the second thing was that she found it a bit difficult to believe that someone like Dalena who was from the well-known Santos Family had shot Davies Lake.

These kinds of actions usually had deeper meanings and usually ended in a very bad situation, but from the way that Davies seemed to make light of the whole situation, she didn't know what to think.

"Can we not talk about something so unimportant right now," Davies quickly put an end to the conversation as while he was quite interested in the nickname "Bitchy Prowler" that Dalena was called, the rate at which his shoulder was growing numb was not something that could be caused by something as simple as blood loss. 

Something was wrong with that bullet that Dalena had shot into his shoulder, and he didn't plan to wait until it became worse to find out what it was and stop it from doing whatever it was supposed to do to him.

Alyssa immediately stopped speaking as she noticed the slightly uncomfortable look on his face that wasn't there before.

She quickly hastened her steps and moved even faster to a theater that was nearby while pulling out her phone and calling for some helping hands, as what she would have to do for Davies after finding out that he had been shot, was to perform an operation to remove the bullet from his shoulder and dress the wound.

Soon, they were in a theater and after preparing everything that would be required for the procedure, she began operating on a still-conscious Davies.

Alyssa had offered to sedate him for the duration of the procedure which Davies had, of course, refused as he saw no need for him to be sedated when all they would be doing was to take a bullet out of his shoulder.

He could deal with that much pain without squealing like a dude who was getting his dick chopped off... But the major reason he avoided being sedated was that he was way too distrustful of people to leave himself unguarded and at their mercy by being sedated.

Alyssa began the process and skillfully displayed that her years in medical school, as well as her years of hands-on experience, weren't a waste. Her hands moved seamlessly as she worked and before long, the bullet was out of Davies's shoulder and on an iron dish.

The bullet was golden, the same color as Dalena's gun, which was as Davies expected, but what he did not expect was for it to still have mana flowing from it.

He had an inkling that the mana flowing from the bullet was responsible for the numbness in his shoulder, and soon enough he was proven right. 

After removing the bullet and dressing the wound, Alyssa went to do a test on some samples of blood and flesh that she had removed from around the wound and when she came back to the theater, she gave it to him straight,

"You are poisoned."