Traveling between stars takes about ten days to half a month, so Ren Shuhan didn’t stay on the main star for more than two days before heading to the front lines. Before joining the military, he had the system do something:

He hacked into Lu Bin’s spaceship system, creating a false accident scenario, making it appear that Lu Bin accidentally died in a foreign land.

System: “…I don’t recommend doing this.”

“It’s just a joke, scaring him a bit. Then he will reveal his true colors, and by that time, leave the evidence behind and submit it directly to the Interstellar Court,” Ren Shuhan said. “By the way, you don’t need to use that childish tone anymore.”


With the assistance of the system, things that seemed difficult or even impossible to Jiang Chen and Lu Xu were completed in a few days. There was no need to wait for the “three-year period to arrive” or “endure” until his return…

Lu Bin originally used hacking methods, and he couldn’t be more skilled in this area than the system. So, the evidence was collected quickly. With Lu Bin involved in other cases and Grandpa Lu also helping, Ren Shuhan only attended one hearing and then directly went to the galaxy for military service.

He also had a video call with Jiang Qingyue when the signal stabilized, asking him to gather the family and reporting the progress to the four elders.

“After finishing this matter, you all should come to the main star or find a small exclusive planet nearby,” Ren Shuhan thought about seeing Jiang Qingyue sooner. “The return route has been recorded, and the remaining issues with the spaceship’s hardware can be resolved quickly.”

Although traversing unknown wormholes was challenging for interstellar people, Ren Shuhan had the system.

“Now that interstellar technology is advanced, you don’t need to worry.”

He vaguely explained, but no one paid attention to this matter because Lu Bin was captured too quickly. Everyone focused on Lu Bin’s case, and they had no idea how advanced technology had become. Ren Shuhan’s attention was on Jiang Qingyue, and he had recorded the route back to him.

Anyhow, Ren Wan’er was shocked, “Is it really that simple? I thought this mastermind behind the scenes would be a big villain of a different level…”

Zheng Zhilai was also puzzled, “Uh, it happened so quickly. Is there no mistake or anyone left behind?”

“No,” Ren Shuhan explained the case to them. “The rest depends on what the court says.”

Lu Xu was still out of the loop, “Is it really Xiao Bin? He actually dared to go against your grandfather?”

Jiang Chen immediately entered a new state, “I heard your mother said about the military service, but you’ve just come of age and just returned to the Union. There’s no need to be in a hurry. If you must go in these two years, you must be careful. Don’t be a hero and rush in. Just blend in.”

Ren Shuhan briefly reassured Jiang Chen, promised that he would be fine, and would come back to them after three years. He then subtly hinted that he wanted to speak privately with Qingqing.

“Qingqing just went to class,” Zheng Zhilai said with a smile, “Your parents and their colleagues are giving classes on the island. Qingqing is very interested, so he signed up for many courses. In the future, he can only contact you once a week during half-day holidays.”

Ren Shuhan: “…”

Well, Qingqing was indeed Qingqing.

He had been interested in high-tech devices since he was a child, liked to disassemble things, and even liked math textbooks. He was probably a potential top student.

Looking at it this way, Ren Shuhan himself couldn’t afford to slack off.

“When he has a break, remember to remind him to contact me.” Ren Shuhan casually said, hanging up the phone.

At that time, Ren Shuhan didn’t expect that Jiang Qingyue really needed someone to remind him to contact him. Even Zheng Zhilai reminded him several times, and he was so immersed in studying that he completely forgot…

Fortunately, Ren Shuhan was also very busy.

He understood the frontline situation of the Interstellar Union through the system. There were several planets full of alien life that were the most challenging places. If he could conquer these places and leave behind military achievements within three years, he would secure the rank of a general.

“Can the system really predict to this extent?”

Ren Shuhan has questioned this.

After all, military achievements cannot simply result in the conferment of military ranks; this is heavily dependent on the judgment of the Main Brain of the main star. It is said that this Main Brain’s decisions are highly subjective, and some even believe there’s a dark force behind it.

Ren Shuhan is not as simple-minded as he was in his childhood, so the system directly provided an explanation: “Because your sealed memories and some explanatory functions in the last life, if you want to know the details, you need to unlock memories from the previous few lives after the age of 18.”

However, this explanation sounded too mysterious, and Ren Shuhan didn’t want to face it. He decided to set it aside and explain later after establishing military merits.

Nobody, including his family, knew that he applied to go to the most challenging planets, including General Lu. They also warned him to be more vigilant and cunning. The Union army had a tradition of giving newcomers a hard time, especially since Ren Shuhan was from a wealthy family. After General Lu retired, the Lu family had completely shifted to business, with no significant connection to the military. His presence there would likely attract unnecessary attention.

However, on a planet overrun by aliens, this wouldn’t be the case.

Everyone there was focused on fighting. There were no opportunities or energy to engage in political maneuvering or suppress dissent. From officers to soldiers, all were battle enthusiasts, full of passion and a desire to make achievements. In the interstellar era with no cheating conditions, practical combat was everything. Whoever killed the most aliens was considered a hero and held the power. It was that simple.

So, within the first month of Ren Shuhan’s arrival at the front lines, he gained the admiration of countless colleagues and the trust of his superiors.

“Your progress is astonishing,” one superior couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. “You’ve achieved in a month what took me a year. I bet it won’t be long before you’re my superior. Impressive!”

In reality, all Ren Shuhan did was kill aliens, and he controlled his strength.

The first planet he arrived at was similar to the main star, massive in size with little water. The aliens lived beneath the crust and were shell-like creatures without brains, only capable of reproducing. They were similar to some kind of insect on the main star that specifically fed on garbage, making Ren Shuhan feel nauseous.

When he was with Jiang Qingyue, there were no insects on that planet, only various beautiful aquatic creatures.

So Ren Shuhan used the heavy mechs he had never used before.

This way, he could avoid the nauseating enemies and judge their positions through infrared screens without directly looking at their appearance.

“You truly are a rich young master. You must have operated mechs since you were a child to be so proficient, right?” His comrades teased him with envy, but there was no jealousy because the gap in strength between them and Ren Shuhan was too significant. Ren Shuhan’s skill and personal family background had little to do with each other. Even if they were given top mechs to operate from childhood, they could not reach this level.

“…Actually, I didn’t use the operating chamber. I never learned to operate the system and could only use the simulation chamber.” Ren Shuhan replied.

There were two ways to operate mechs. One was direct keyboard and joystick operation in a large control room, observing a large screen while pressing various buttons. The other was inside a simulation chamber, wearing VR glasses, projecting one’s movements onto the mech.

However, those who fought using the latter method were generally players of mech combat holographic games…

The combat skills required by the Union army were basically directed at aliens, not humans. Melee combat skills were not very useful, and familiarity with firearms was crucial. Military mechs also only had a small simulation chamber to warm up soldiers and mechs.

So, Ren Shuhan’s achievements were made by wielding a laser gun and smashing opponents with the butt of the gun?

His comrades collectively fell silent: “…”

“Wait, something’s not right,” someone asked, “You really never learned mech operation?”

Ren Shuhan is indeed very young. Most of his comrades graduated from military academies and came to the front lines after turning twenty, having undergone mech operation courses during their education. Ren Shuhan, on the other hand, only graduated from high school. However, due to his status as a wealthy young master, he likely had private tutors. The frontline screening personnel also considered this, allowing him to come, or else, without adequate skills, he would be sent to his death.

“Really,” Ren Shuhan briefly explained, “when I was five or six, my whole family perished, and I ended up in an uninhabited star outside the Union. I only managed to repair the spaceship last month and came back alone. I will go back to pick up my family after completing my service.”

His comrades sighed in sympathy. Despite outward appearances, everyone had their hardships!

Ren Shuhan was willing to share his background with others. He intended to introduce the Merfolk Star to the Union in the future, and it was essential to lay the groundwork beforehand to ensure a positive reception.

“That is a planet entirely covered by oceans, very beautiful,” Ren Shuhan smiled and said to everyone, “I’ve had a good life all these years, so you don’t need to look at me like this. I’m not pitiful! Moreover, I met my fiancé there.”

The comrades dispersed, uninterested in witnessing a display of affection.

“Don’t want to see them flaunting their love.”

“Pity is wasted.”

“A waste of emotion.”

Ren Shuhan: “…”

Before his first holiday back home, everyone around him knew his situation: the tale of a rich family feud, a tragic childhood, wandering in a foreign land, training diligently, finally returning home, achieving military merits, and then… having a fiancé. He praised his wife’s beauty whenever he met someone and announced that they would get married once he returned home. It was considered outrageous.

Moreover, this time, his holiday was extended by two days because he had the system send a spaceship to pick up Jiang Qingyue. Thus, he decided to go back, announce the engagement to his family, and enjoy some quality time with them.

However, when he returned home, Ren Shuhan opened the door enthusiastically, shouting, “I’m back!” only to be disappointed as only Lu Xu had come.

“Crossing through wormholes carries risks. We discussed it, and your mom and others want to stay there for further development,” Lu Xu explained, “Qingqing also wants to continue studying. I’m the only one interested in finding out what exactly happened with Lu Bin, so I came back.”

“What’s there to find out?” Ren Shuhan lazily sank into the sofa, uninterested in chatting with his biological father. He sent a message to his superior, canceling the extra days off, and began bothering Jiang Qingyue while casually responding to Lu Xu.

“Lu Bin’s case is already set.”

“I’ve looked at your evidence,” Lu Xu said solemnly, “It does seem that Lu Bin was involved, and there should be no problem. However, your mom wants you to be cautious. You previously mentioned avenging after Lu Bin’s verdict and announcing the engagement with Qingqing. Now, with the delay, your mom is uneasy. Also, after I came back, your grandpa mentioned that he has designated a new fiancé for you, named Nanxi. He’s good-looking, so be careful.”


Ren Shuhan, in a lazy posture, raised a long leg with military boots on it, his hand nonchalantly calling Jiang Qingyue’s terminal.

“Rest assured, it has nothing to do with Nanxi. I don’t even know him. Even if the engagement is postponed, it’s fine. We’ll just wait until Qingqing graduates and I finish my service to get married. It doesn’t matter.”

Lu Xu tapped the coffee table lightly, “I’m reminding you not to change your mind!”

At this point, Jiang Qingyue finally answered the call, wondering, “Uncle Lu, what change of heart?”

Lu Xu explained the matter with Nanxi seriously to him.

“Oh…” Jiang Qingyue’s eyes were a bit wandering as he replied, “How handsome is this Nanxi that you mentioned?”

Lu Xu was afraid that his son would lead someone on, so he honestly said, “I haven’t seen him, but I heard he’s a visually appealing anchor. He started live streaming just last month, and now he has fans all over the main star.”

Jiang Qingyue shyly glanced at Ren Shuhan’s military boots and comforted Lu Xu, “It’s okay. Your clothes there are very nice, and anyone would look good in them. He probably isn’t anything special, right?”

“…?” Lu Xu turned his head slowly to look at his son, who was a mess in military attire.

Ren Shuhan cleared his throat and gestured to Lu Xu to leave. He then sat up with interest and adjusted his tie.

Qingqing is so heartless lol he started studying and forgot all about Shuhan~

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