Lu Bin had been monitoring Ren Shuhan’s terminal for many years. He had contacted him when Ren Shuhan just entered the wormhole because, from the moment Ren Shuhan disappeared, Lu Bin knew he wasn’t dead.

This was a thorn buried in Lu Bin’s heart. When he planned this accident, he believed Ren Shuhan would undoubtedly die. However, until the beginning of the previous year when Ren Shuhan turned sixteen, Lu Bin’s monitoring software still showed that his cousin was very healthy. Even his sleep quality at night was exceptionally good. Lu Bin finally had a psychological breakdown and decided to take action against the old man.

Lu Bin, in his thirties, and General Lu, already over a hundred and twenty years old, was considered long-lived in this era where the average lifespan was one hundred and twenty or thirty. However, the old man was still robust and showed no signs of declining health. Lu Bin had to act in advance and orchestrated a plane crash.

The result…

General Lu not only survived but also brought back a lifesaver. He claimed to have arranged for him to marry his grandson.

The person he brought back, Nanxi, though beautiful, was a fisherman from a rural village. How could Lu Bin agree to marry him?

Unfortunately, General Lu only had three grandsons. One was younger than Lu Bin, but he married early. The other was Ren Shuhan, who was considered lost, and the family already treated him as dead. Lu Bin had been searching for a suitable wife for so long just to have a fisherman attached to him, which was very annoying.

Stellar people’s youthful years could last a long time. The age difference between him and Nanxi wasn’t a big deal, and he couldn’t use that as an excuse. He could only say that Nanxi was too young and postpone the matter until he reached adulthood.

But what to do two years later, Lu Bin had no idea.

Moreover, this Nanxi was like a blank sheet of paper, almost completely submissive to what others said. He had no opinions, but he looked good. If he had a prestigious background, Lu Bin might consider it, even without the title. He could play with him. But he was afraid it would be difficult to deal with the old man.

“If Shuhan were still here, similar in age to Nanxi, it would be so much better,” General Lu mentioned casually, “That’s unfortunate.”

This made Lu Bin angry.

After working so hard for so many years, just when the old man was starting to believe in him and handed over some family affairs, the old man was still thinking about a dead person? Okay, Lu Bin thought, let me endure for another two years. I don’t believe I can’t outlast you.

He already had a new plan, intending to buy the people around General Lu and strike again.

However, Lu Bin was not like General Lu, who came from a military background, nor was he a business genius. He didn’t manage the company well, had few confidants, and didn’t know how to manipulate people. He only managed to rise because the old man had only two sons and three grandsons. His younger brother was a playboy, and Lu Bin was technically skilled, excelling in system hacking. This helped him succeed in orchestrating two unsuccessful attempts.

Moreover, General Lu was now more vigilant, and Lu Bin found it challenging to find an opportunity. He was thinking about how to act when it was time for Nanxi’s eighteenth birthday.

On that day, Lu Bin was about to get engaged to Nanxi…

When he got up early, he was troubled while looking in the mirror. Then he discovered a real-time monitoring alert about Ren Shuhan entering the Union’s domain.

Lu Bin was initially startled, and then he realized…

Wasn’t this the perfect opportunity for him?

Ren Shuhan had been wandering outside for over a decade. Who knew if he even knew how to read or write? What threat could he pose to Lu Bin? On the contrary, pairing up with Nanxi, the fisherman, seemed appropriate.

The old man liked it, so why not give it to him?

Lu Bin called Ren Shuhan and warmly greeted him, “Shuhan, where are you? All these years, many people from the family went out to find you, but they couldn’t. How did you manage to come back?”

He wasn’t sure if Ren Shuhan remembered the events from their childhood. It was Lu Bin who, under his father’s suggestion, had managed to trick the young Ren Shuhan onto the backup spaceship. Lu Bin couldn’t remember what happened when he was five or six, so he guessed Ren Shuhan might not remember either. He nervously waited for a response.

“Hey, cousin, how did you know I came back? I just repaired the backup spaceship on an early civilization planet…” Ren Shuhan was about to say more when he suddenly added, “Wait, my boyfriend is calling me.”

Lu Bin: …

Why did it feel like he had just been fed dog food1It’s when couples are affectionate in front of others, especially single people?

Taking a deep breath, Lu Bin rearranged his thoughts and repeatedly called Ren Shuhan. Once connected, he immediately brought up the matter of Nanxi, shifting the entire engagement onto Ren Shuhan.

“This is impossible; I already have an engagement,” Ren Shuhan laughed, “Let me see my grandfather first after I return, and then we’ll talk about it.”

Lu Bin coldly smiled and hung up the phone. Without waiting, he announced Ren Shuhan’s return just before Nanxi’s birthday banquet.

The old man was overjoyed, repeatedly nodding his head, and even shed a tear of joy. During the following banquet, he never mentioned Nanxi’s engagement and introduced Ren Shuhan to the guests, talking about how selfless Lu Xu and his wife were and how much Lu Xu cared for his wife.

Lu Bin watched them smiling, feeling full of mockery in his heart:

Huh, do you think I care?

Your most beloved grandson spent over a decade on an early civilization planet and turned out to be a weakling. I want to see what achievements he can make when paired up with a fisherman.

Nanxi showed no reaction, as if it didn’t matter who he married.

Throughout the banquet, he kept livestreaming with his phone, filming the food and architecture, earning disdainful looks from the guests. They thought he was an uncultured villager, and Lu’s family arranged a birthday banquet for him, but all he knew was to use it for live streaming and making money. In the end, General Lu interrupted Nanxi’s live streaming, hinting that he should pay attention to the celebration. Lu Bin was also present and couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Let’s do this,” General Lu felt a bit awkward that he interrupted Nanxi’s livestream. He hinted again to him, “In a few days, my grandson, who has been missing for many years, will be back. When the time comes, I will host another banquet and introduce you. You two are about the same age, and there must be a lot to talk about.”

Ren Shuhan sneezed.

After returning to the Stellar Union, Ren Shuhan first went to the relevant department to complete some procedures, canceling his missing status, regaining his identity, and confirming his enrollment in military service on the front lines starting next month.

Due to the requirement that adults on the main star must serve for three years, Ren Shuhan planned to settle all matters within the next month.

He first met his grandmother and grandfather, who were not particularly fond of him. After exchanging a few words, he informed them about the survival of his parents, receiving the response, “We’ve already divided their inheritance, and now we can’t retrieve it.” Ren Shuhan left the Ren family without saying much.

Then came the main event, meeting the old man in the Lu family…

And his fiancé.

What was going on? Ren Shuhan felt speechless about this sudden arrangement as soon as he returned.

But Grandpa Lu didn’t listen. Even when Ren Shuhan explained that his fiancé was his own lifesaver, Grandpa Lu firmly believed: “What you said is just nonsense. My lifesaver is the real one.”

“I’m telling the truth; I can show you a video.”

After Ren Shuhan arrived at the main star and stabilized the signal, he had the first video call with Jiang Qingyue. Jiang Qingyue, lazily lying on the beach and sunbathing with a fish tail, was revealed in the video.

“Oh, I forgot to mention,” Ren Shuhan noticed General Lu’s expression and quickly added, “He is a merman.”

General Lu immediately closed the video and roared at him, “Don’t think you can fool me with some bio-modeling! There’s no such species as a merman in this world! Do you think I’m getting old and confused?”

The virtual modeling of the Stellar Union was indeed impressive, able to create highly realistic simulations.

Ren Shuhan didn’t know how to explain and simply informed him about joining the military.

“That’s fine,” General Lu agreed. “When you return, you’ll marry Nanxi.”


Grandpa Lu sternly said, “No room for discussion!”

Ren Shuhan just turned and walked away, not bothering to engage further.

General Lu was left alone, sulking, and went to Nanxi to explain the situation, hoping he would wait for Ren Shuhan for three years.

“No problem.”

Nanxi was still live streaming. Accidentally revealing his face while talking to General Lu, the barrage in the live chat was instantly filled with admiration for his beauty. Some even questioned if he used virtual modeling.

“What is modeling?”

Nanxi asked General Lu.

After explaining, General Lu sighed, “Shuhan and his father are both sentimental fools. Otherwise, they wouldn’t easily fall in love. He hasn’t interacted with you, so he’s upset that I arranged everything for him. He even used a merman model to fool me, claiming that it’s his fiancé. I’m so angry.”

Nanxi hesitated for a moment and asked, “How do you know that merman is a model?”

“Mermaids are just legends! Why are you as naive as him?” General Lu patted him jokingly, “But if I have to say, considering your swimming skills when you saved me and your appearance, even if you say you’re a merman, I’d believe it. You two are naturally a perfect match, hahaha.”

Nanxi nodded thoughtfully, “Merman model.”

That night, Nanxi returned home, searched for “merman modeling,” watched many virtual streamers with mermaid appearances, and then lay in the bathtub, transforming his own fish tail to start live streaming. The number of viewers in the live chat doubled quietly.

Looking at the screen and the praises, Nanxi, who had known he was a character in a novel, smiled. He thought, “Oh, Ren Shuhan, the protagonist in control. You like mermaids, don’t you? Here I am, a merman.”

Today, you’re indifferent to me; tomorrow, I’ll be unreachable to you~

On the other side, when Ren Shuhan returned to his newly bought house, he also opened a video call.

On the huge screen in the bedroom, his little merman lay with his back to him, lazily swinging his tail.

“Qingyue, are you angry with me?” Ren Shuhan asked with a smile.

Jiang Qingyue’s awkwardness didn’t last even a second. He turned around, stared at his face, missed his appearance, and said angrily, “Hmph,” asking, “Why didn’t you video call me?”

Ren Shuhan laughed out loud, explained the events of the day to him.

“What!” Jiang Qingyue was initially lying down. The more he listened, the more spirited he became. Finally, he turned to face the camera, propped himself up on his hands, and looked into the lens indignantly, saying, “How can they really treat you like that!”

He didn’t blame Ren Shuhan’s supposed fiancé; instead, he felt indignant about the attitudes of his grandparents and great-grandfather.

Ren Shuhan felt warmth in his heart. “You…”

Jiang Qingyue asked, “Hmm?”

Ren Shuhan covered his forehead. “Put on some clothes, change your pose…”

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