Chapter 3269 Unwelcome?

Name:Divine Emperor of Death Author:
Chapter 3269 Unwelcome?

Saintess Lunaria appeared like she had teleported instead of splitting through space to appear, and the mansion's defenses were simply unable to stop her.

Her silver hair waved in the hair, along with her pristine white robes that gracefully hugged her wonderful curves. Slightly above her brows, between the space where her soul was located, there was a subtle diamond mark that may hold untold specialty.

Her aura bloomed like a sacred scent, comforting everyone in her presence. However, the intimidating presence she gave with her status and seniority left most breathless.

She gazed at Davis before her gaze fell on the little spirit, her eyes narrowing as she kept staring at her.

A little, purple-skinned spirit with a symbol of a black flame on her forehead and a golden crown on her head also looked back with curiosity.

Davis also glanced at Saintess Lunaria.

He wondered if the scary gaze that Calypsea felt was from Saintess Lunaria and not World Master, but as far as he could see, Saintess Lunaria's eyes were squinted in solemnness, although her pupils gleamed with a curious light.

"Who- Just who is this cute little spirit...? She's not of this world... is she...?"

Saintess Lunaria's voice was full of curiosity, as though she was fully intrigued by the little spirit before her, but at the same time, her lips didn't stop moving.

"She unleashed such an ominous aura that it garnered the attention of all the Guardians, but since it was in your island, I told them to stay their hand but-"

She paused, her gaze falling on Davis.

"-her prowess is too high to be ignored. Whether she's your friend or not, you do realize she's too dangerous to remain here, right?"


Davis simply had no way to refute what Saintess Lunaria said, as she was completely right.

Even without Calypsea being an Anarchic Divergent, her cultivation and prowess were so high that she was only one and a half levels away from matching an Empyrean. That's how strong Calypsea was with her Level Six Immortal Emperor Stage cultivation, so for her to walk freely for a while was already good, considering an existence of her level would be quickly cornered by the Guardians.

They would ask such an existence to leave, if not, face death, so they already gave him enough face as they let her stay all this while.

'They likely realized that she cannot control her energy well with how she's releasing her aura in an unstable manner...'

Davis inwardly shook his head.

However, he made an innocent face and asked.

"Divine Saintess, would you not adopt this lovely child...?"

Currently, neither he nor Lea could fully control Calypsea's berserk.

He was not willing to let Calypsea stay here as she could accidentally burn anything, even his cute little Sheria while practicing to control and suppress her flames. Besides, there were no apocalyptic flames for her to munch on, so on the off chance she went berserk and decided to raze the entire island or even the sect to the ground, she still couldn't be blamed because she was still in the process understanding how things are.

It would become his fault for not thinking things through.

The only choice left for him would be to take Calypsea outside with him, where he was planning to establish himself for the time being. If he did that, things could go wrong, but more than that, he might make her an incinerator as her essence was pure destruction.

An Anarchic Divergent of her level would truly be calamitous to billions of innocents if he thought her to kill, so leaving her with Saintess Lunaria seemed to be the right choice to consider, especially with how he only had ten years left until the Candidacy starts till it ends.

With that being the case, the need to conquer territory was extinguished out of his soul, but that didn't mean he was fine with letting the offenders flee.

He would get to that, but before that, he must make things here right and proper.

"You want me to adopt her...?" Saintess Lunaria blinked.

Davis nodded innocently, "Her name is Calypsea, and you might've already guessed. Yes, she's an Anarchic Divergent, so I believe she would be safe and tame with you rather than me."n-.o()v()e--l-)B--1.-n

"I heard you stepped into the true immortal world, and since you brought her here from that place, that would make her an outsider who must be killed."

Saintess Lunaria narrowed her eyes, causing Davis to scream inwardly before he shook his head.

"Oh no. My wife Lea shares a spirit pact with her, so she's now a part of this world."

"I see~" Saintess Lunaria lifted her chin, "In that case, I guess it can't be helped."

"Yes. Aha..."


Davis smiled wryly, but it only turned awkward as time passed.

Saintess Lunaria's stare was glaring before her mesmerizing emerald eyes finally blinked.

"Honestly, I was appreciative of your willingness to leave as I don't want to offend you, but you're making things difficult for me by coming back. A temporary stay is fine, but bringing a powerful Anarchic Divergent, someone even stronger than you, would not be allowed. I'm sorry, but now, you must leave with her."


Davis pursed his lips, expecting this answer.

"-is what I would like to say, but I can't abandon a child~ Woo~! She's so cute... reminding me of little Wix and a lot of others..."


Davis was alarmed as Saintess Lunaria came closer and grabbed Calypsea from him.

Little Calypsea was also shocked that only after she was taken did she realize she was taken from Davis, causing her to tremble.

Apocalyptic flames surged from her, but suddenly, they were abruptly snuffed out by a white energy emerging out of Saintess Lunaria.

"There, there... you can remain calm. You're a good girl, aren't you...? Don't you wish for Davis to praise you?"

As she cajoled the little apocalyptic spirit, Davis watched as Calypsea became tamer by the second as she stopped unleashing her energy. His heart leaped, wondering if she was going to explode, but Saintess Lunaria's energy calmed her like she was the gentlest breeze that could possibly exist.

'Heart intent and life energy... don't tell me she used a combination of it...'

Davis was shaken as he sensed the peculiar undulations of Enigmatic Heart Laws and Life Laws within that energy. To combine a Phyletic Law and a Greater Law, should he say as expected of the daughter of the World Master?

His lips curled before he cupped his hands.

"I won't forget this favor."

With Calypsea in Saintess Lunaria's hands, he was at ease. He could even sense Everlight still safe with no instability in her emotions. In fact, he only felt her excitement, which could be that she wanted to see him but was occupied with something.

"I don't need to adopt her to take care of her. However, I would be taking her somewhere else other than here, so you can come see her anytime."

Saintess Lunaria kissed Calypsea's cheek without an iota of fear whatsoever and handed her back to Davis, causing him to take her.

"I'm going with her too."

Lea stepped forward and insisted.

Davis became taken aback.

If Lea became an Immortal Emperor successfully, then she could finally control Calypsea, and they wouldn't have to trouble Saintess Lunaria. Lea's safety would also be secured with Saintess Lunaria there to be able to calm Calypsea even if something went wrong.

However, what does Saintess Lunaria get out of this...?

He turned to look at her majestic self, wanting to ask but was worried that she might ask something big as he was already burdened with gigantic debts he didn't know how to return.