Chapter 3268 Break?

Chapter 3268 Break?


Eventually, Davis explained that he met with the World Master and was given some reprieve, causing everyone to feel somber.

"Well, it's not something to worry about as we are indeed living in someone else's territory. After the Candidacy, I was planning to leave anyway, so the time World Master granted us could be said to be an act of magnanimity."

Davis pursed his lips. He left out a few important things, like they were in the World Master's universe, since that could be taboo information fueled with karmic burden. He also didn't share much information about Fallen Heaven, even though he shared he was about to kill them all with a supreme treasure so that they don't get taken advantage of.

When they were all Empyreans or had a prowess equal to one, he felt like sharing it, but until then, he let them only know that he was not welcome and had time till the Candidacy ended to leave.

Still, looking at their reactions, he felt some guilt as he put his head down.

"I apologize for being so precarious to live with."

"What are you saying?" Evelynn pouted as she held his hand.

"Most of us knew you were an Anarchic Divergent even before we got together with you, so we knew what we were signing up for," Shea said as a matter of fact before her eyes flashed.

"And the others who were already with you promised to share life and death. The cultivation world is unforgiving than the mortal world. We may never see you again after one common adventure or vice versa. This doesn't apply to only Anarchic Divergents but all beings struggling to live in this world, so please don't feel bad that numerous difficulties are blocking our path. Our lives are yours to command, and we shall gladly give it for you."


Shea's sudden speech left everyone a bit speechless, including Davis, as they all didn't expect this kind of speech from her as they thought she was a shy woman.

Was becoming a mother such a transformation?

"Little sister Shea couldn't be any more right!" Isabella nodded, causing everyone else to nod in agreement.

Shea couldn't help but reveal a heartened smile as a feeling of unity swelled in her, making her feel like she was officially a part of them.

On the other hand, Davis was moved as he didn't even tell them as he was also reviving them with that supreme treasure at the same time, but they said he could control their lives as he pleased, which was the highest form of trust and faith they could give him.

"Well, if we're with the strongest genius alive, then it is obvious we would also suffer the appropriate risks. There's no free meal in the world."

Mingzhi's lips curled, causing everyone to nod in agreement again.

Davis's lips also curled, but it was one of self-mocking.

Strongest genius...?

He was a fart compared to the World Master in the Immortal King Stage.

Presumably, she could easily reach twelve levels higher or more at that point if what she said about 'creating a universe' in her dantian was true. Otherwise, he didn't understand how she was able to survive the divine punishment of all things for so long.

It was no wonder the Celestial Transcendent said for him to create his own unique path. The few others that survived the Celestial Transcendent's onslaught would be stronger than him, but he found it harder that they could be as strong as the World Master. After all, just who would be stronger than a person who has a universe inside of them...?

This also made him wonder if Stella Voidfield and her mother would reach such a level since they also seemed to be capable of creating realms, although he had just seen mini-realms from them and knew there was a vast divide between realms and a universe.

Either way, his horizons were broadened, and his ego was suppressed, bringing him back to the old Davis who knew there was a mountain above a mountain.

"Understood. Then I won't bother to apologize again..." His smile became determined.

"Ah!" Mingzhi trembled as though she made a mistake, "Who said you can't apologize? Your apology must come in the form of pampering us for three days and three nights or more!"

"Yes, yes!~"

The ladies echoed while many blushed, wanting to get ahead as they voiced out their embarrassing concerns, causing Davis's smile to become bright as he thought he was fulfilled.

As long as he was together with them, he knew he could shatter through any blockades in order to keep hold of the bright future he envisioned.

Just as he was about to open his mouth, he sensed something rushing towards him.

Instantly, he gently pushed Evelynn towards Tanya, allowing the latter to protect the former before he exited the room. When the others rushed out in worry, they saw he was holding a small child who seemed to be no more than four to five years old, hugging him.

"Something... looked at me... scary..."


Davis's eyes went wide as he heard Calypsea utter as she shivered in his embrace.

Calypsea's instincts were off the charts that she even sensed the World Master's gaze on her. After all, he didn't target Calypsea when using Fallen Heaven because she wouldn't be able to reincarnate, considering she was a unique yet taboo spirit.

Nonetheless, looking at the melted hole on the wall all the way up to the exit, he saw that she didn't know how to traverse the hallways, and even further back, there was a trail of apocalyptic flames burning, eventually disappearing as they seemed to run out of energy. Looking back at her, he realized she was too scared to even think.

Quickly, Lea also appeared, having an apologetic look on her face as she tried to calm

But clearly, she wasn't listening much, holding onto him like her life depended on it.

He lifted Calypsea up and introduced her to everyone as though everything was good, finally causing Calypsea to peek out with her head as she viewed them all with one eye.

Evelynn and the others were curious.

They already saw Calypsea from afar as they knew of her calamitous nature, but to think that she was so strong that she basically burned through the mansion with just her tiny figure alone. They were worried that Davis would also burn, but it seemed that Calypsea was suppressing her energy forcefully in his presence that they could only feel a bit of her aura.


Abruptly, a white-robed woman appeared beside them.

Davis blinked as he saw that it was none other than Saintess Lunaria.

He instantly wondered if she had come because World Master had said something to her, but he saw that her gaze was on Calypsea.