Chapter 14: ’New Ideas’

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Chapter 14: 'New Ideas'


Well, he had help from Nous. Technically, Nous did everything, but he was Nous's master, so he could say it was all his.

The amount wasn't much, but it at least proved that the game was as popular as he imagined. As the number of downloads increased, so did the excitement in David's heart.

It was only 5:00 AM in the morning, and the number of downloads was already at five hundred. At this rate, the number of downloads at the end of the day will be absurd.


1st POV

[Sir, now that you have the money, what will you use it for?] Nous suddenly asked as I stared at the amount of money entering my account.

"Honestly, I don't know," I replied.

I knew I was preparing for an apocalypse-level event, but I actually had no idea how to do so. The first idea I could come up with for now was to simply build a large safe house.

It was a good idea, but what exactly would a safe house do when the apocalypse was something that involved superpowers? If it was going to be a dungeon-like apocalypse, then the safe house would be a terrible idea.

Building a safe house in a dungeon apocalypse was risky because a dungeon could form right in the middle of the safe house itself. Making it ground zero for battle.

If the apocalypse was an invasion from otherworldly creatures, then it would be a good idea, but then that was basically giving them a free, open target.

[I do have an idea if you are open to suggestions] Nous suddenly cut in, interrupting my thought process.

"That will be nice, actually."

[Have you thought about a protection detail?] Nous asked


[I mean, no matter what the apocalypse would be like, having more people protect you would always be a good thing]

"Huh? I never actually thought of that," I replied.

I somehow truly didn't think of that; the protection detail would help me now that the apocalypse has yet to start and after it has. Their presence alone would always ensure my protection.

[No, you don't understand; I didn't mean as protection for you.] You don't need such protection around you. I mean to form a paramilitary group]

"Huh. What use will that serve?" I was confused.

I get the protection detail part, though it is not truly needed at the moment because, well, who am I, but what the fuck am I going to do with a paramilitary? They wouldn't even be protecting me; they would be out in the world fighting wars and whatnot.

[Do not misunderstand; as an editor, you are naturally beyond whatever this so-called event shall bring. However, as a Tier 1 Editor, you still need certain things to survive this event, such as food, medicine, etc]

"We would need a better explanation of that tier stuff, but what exactly does that have to do with the paramilitary?"

[If there is anything I know about your world, it is that you humans love conflict. You may condemn it, but you all actively seek it. A paramilitary will instantly create a stable and very massive source of income that will allow you to freely prepare for this event]

The AI continued trying to convince me, and following its path of reasoning, I could easily understand what it meant. However, I also don't think that is a suitable method for now.

Wars will happen, and creating a paramilitary will only make me gain more money, but I don't think I am able to bear knowing exactly how that money is being made.

There are better ways for me to make money; the game was one, and there were millions of ways I could make more money from the gaming industry.

"Nah, I'll stick to the gaming for now; it wouldn't make us as instantly rich as I want, but it will get us there."

[That is indeed true... How about you simply enter the auto industry, or maybe even aero-manufacturing? There is still no telling if the event will take place as soon as these four months are over]

"So can I take that as confirmation that I have more time?"

[I can't truly say for sure if it is, but there is also nothing wrong with growing your wealth while preparing for the event. How about we enter real estate? We currently have about $95,470 to use and four or possibly five months to waste] Nous said

Hearing her words, I couldn't help but think about it.

It was the best method to go about this. I had no idea when the event was or what type of event it would be, so the best I could actually do was live like I didn't know about the event.

"Well, we first have to get our own place, then I can think about other things," I replied.

Now wasn't a time to just do things rashly. The government was built for the purpose of making sure that no organization grows too strong, even if they are bad at their duty.

They would still find it easy to squash a tiny company like the one Nous had created. Other than the government, I also had the event to worry about, considering that I also had to ensure the continuity of mankind.

It was my responsibility to do so, no matter how I saw it, even if I didn't wish to do so. I didn't want to be tasked with repopulating the Earth, nor did I want to bear the title of 'Last Earthling' or 'Last Terran survivor' or whatever names the other communities could come up with.

Bringing up the income page again, I could see that the money had gone up again. Now it was more than a hundred thousand dollars, and the number of downloads was more than nine thousand.

It was clear that the game was fairly popular, and a lot of people were truly anticipating its release. The sensible thing to do from here was simply to get a new house.