Chapter 13: We’re Rich!

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Chapter 13: We're Rich!

Seconds later, they were on the Nous A.I. image generator page, and the two just stood staring at the screen in confusion because they had no idea what to input into the text box. They were just testing it for testing's sake and nothing else.

"Try a fish-dog hybrid in sexy Christmas wear," the friend suddenly said, interrupting the silence in the room.

"What? What the fuck is wrong with you?" The man asked as he began to laugh at how random the prompt was.

The friend too joined in on the laughter, knowing how dumb what he said was. The two laughed at how random his prompt was but still ended up putting it into the text box, and within seconds, they were faced with images of what they had requested.

"Holy sh*t, it actually works," they shouted in shock.

"Wait, try this," the man said as he put in a new prompt, only for the website to generate the image they wanted.

The two spent several minutes simply inputting every prompt they thought to be impossible for the AI image generator to pull off; however, the AI just continued generating each image in a manner that was closely related to the prompt put in.

"Wait, I'm coming," his friend said before rushing to the couch to get his phone.

Bringing up something on the screen of his phone, the friend placed his phone down and began to type in something from his phone. The man looked at his friend's actions and immediately realized what he was doing.

"Bro, would it even be able to do it? It's just an image generator; how do you expect it to generate a logo?"

"We'll see," the friend said before tapping the enter key.

The two waited in anticipation since if the AI could do this, it would change a lot for them.

Well, depending on how well the AI does, they may only take it as inspiration, or they will use it as the final product.

Within seconds, the AI was done processing, and a series of images appeared, much to the surprise of the two. They both stood or sat there looking at the screen in shock. They knew that it was an image generator, and a logo was technically just an image, but this was a game changer.

"Try the other design," the man said immediately, as excitement crept onto their faces.

Immediately, they began to try everything they could think of without even a hint of holding back. The AI stopped them when it came to anything spicy, but otherwise, it was fair game.

They weren't the only ones in this situation, as hundreds, if not thousands, of other people all around the world were introduced to this new service and found it interesting. Many reviews of its service appeared online from many content creators, and many students used it to escape the bothersome assignments given to them.

Nous's creation had brought about a whole new level of convenience for them, and they intended to take full advantage of it, especially now that they could.


A week later

5:00 AM

David could be seen sitting in front of his computer, but unlike the past few days, he wasn't sitting and playing the addictive game Nous had made. Instead, he was looking at a holographic screen projected in front of him.

On the screen was a website, a remarkably familiar website. He had opened it multiple times in the past few hours. It was the Nous Studios website where the 'Renovatio" game was up for all to download.

At the moment, though, David felt as though he had been too ambitious and hopeful. The number of downloads had yet to even go beyond zero, it was as though the popularity he had once thought the game had been just a sham.

"Well, I wasn't expecting this," David noted as he turned away from the screen.

He expected the downloads to be flying in as soon as the game went online because it was too popular online. The number of people talking about it was just too many. Of course, he didn't expect everyone to download the game; after all, not everyone had a PC, so the exact number of followers he had wasn't the number he expected to download.

He expected a quarter of that amount to want to genuinely download the game; after all, that was how statistics worked, but he didn't expect that no one would download it despite it being an entire hour since it was released.

[It's the first hour of the first day. If people are going to download it, they surely will] Nous said as though it didn't know the end result of all this.

"Of course, I know that. I'm just saying that it's weird that after all that hype, people aren't rushing the game."


An alert was heard as David immediately turned his attention to the screen, which now showed that one person had downloaded the game. David continued paying attention as the number changed from one to ten and from that to a hundred, all in the span of a minute.

As though it were a dam with a broken gate, the downloads began to flood in. Rising to a hundred thousand in mere minutes, David could only sit and watch as the number continued to increase.


A special alert was heard as David's eyes immediately widened, and he immediately checked his account. The amount in the NOUS bank account he had created for the company rose from one hundred Naira to 200,000 in just a few seconds, and it was still increasing.

"We're rich?" David asked as though he couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing.

"We're rich!!" David shouted as he jumped up from his seat. noVe-lb)In

True, the amount of two hundred thousand Naira wasn't a lot when you consider how expensive things were these days, but it was still the largest amount of money he had made on his own.