CEO's Cute and Arrogant Wife

Romance Author:Yue Xia Da Mei Ren 月下大美人


Status:Completed UpdateTime:2020-08-02 20:08
CEO's Cute and Arrogant WifeFour years ago, the news of the divorce of River City's richest man, Mo Liancheng, and his newlywed wife, Mu Qingqing, had been the talk of the town for over four years. Four years later, the new comedian, Mu Qingqing, won numerous awards for a single play, while rumors about her have been rampant for the past four years. At the party, Mu Qingqing held a goblet in her hand. With a slightly dazed smile in her slightly drunk eyes, she said, "Let me tell you, Mo Liancheng isn't as impressive as he looks …" more>>

《CEO's Cute and Arrogant Wife》The Newest Chapter