After a year's absence, Ruan Haoyang looks much better, just because he is looking for himself. He seems to be a little haggard. Today, when he sees himself, he is really angry, but the joy and excitement in his eyes can not be ignored.

Ruan Yue is also growing tall, almost almost to the ears of Jiangsu and Anhui. Her appearance has some changes, and she is more handsome and compelling, like her father Ruan Haoyang.

"You How did you find me? " So far, Jiangsu and Anhui still feel incredible. How can they know that they are boarding?

"On every corner of the city, as long as you see the news, you are bound to leave. In a year's time, we went to so many places, but we didn't expect you to hide in this most conspicuous place. It seems that we underestimated you!" Ruan Haoyang said simply.

Every time they come to the city, they use this kind of amplification to cause a sensation and the attention of the local media. They believe that if the Jiangsu and Anhui provinces who have received the news intend to hide, they will certainly run away. If they do not, they will naturally contact them.

So they didn't need to look for it at all. They were waiting at the airport when they didn't arrive in a city. In case of emergency, people were also prepared at each station.

"You..." Su Wan bit his lips and looked at them moved.

"Mom, you said you would never leave me alone. If you make a mistake, you should be punished!" Ruan Yueyi was right.

"Yes, you promised to accompany me to the end. If you cheat me, you will be punished!" Ruan Haoyang follows the banqiang.

Su Wan's tears, can not help but roll down, looking at the two father and son's expression, beautiful eyes, left happy tears

"What do you want me to do Jiangsu and Anhui decided to compromise.

Ruan Haoyang threw Ruan Yue a look and motioned to him.

They seemed to be ready for a long time. They nodded and said to Su Wan, "Dad and I are going to take a cruise ship around the world, but There is still a man on the ship who warms the bed and rubs the back to cook rice! "

"So?" Su Wan asked with a smile.

"So? So you have to serve us unconditionally until we are satisfied, so that you can forgive your fault! " Ruan Yue has a strong sense of justice.

"OK..." Su Wan said bitterly.

Three people look at each other, the next moment, but tightly embrace together

The wave school took the place of the luxury cruise ship. The three people enjoyed their tears. So stubborn and strong, they all quietly said a word that only the other party could hear: "I miss you so much, I How I love you

Happy ending, at last draw a satisfactory end.

Three years later.

A happy scene.

Yin Yin Rui holds he Xiaoyu in his arms and teases her daughter who is already able to speak. She asks Su Wan about their experiences and legends along the way.

After hearing this, Ji Tianxi hugged Yao Yao tightly and said with a smile, "we will go to travel in the world after we get married next month." Yao Yao nodded his approval!

Shen Minglei also uses a beautiful and gentle woman. She looks at them with a smile and whispers. She doesn't speak. When she looks carefully, she seems to be pregnant.

Ruan Yue is already a handsome young man. He stares at the girl in he Xiaoyu's arms. Seeing her drooling at her young age, Ruan Yue slips a speechless face and turns away.

Ruan Haoyang and Su Wan, back to back, sit together, occasionally with them a word, aftertaste of three years of sweet.

It turns out that happiness can be very simple. It's not so hard to be happy.