"Is it a cruise ship?" Correction in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.

"Yes, I heard that the rich man was handsome and rich. He was a typical handsome man with a son. He was also very handsome. Tut tut I don't know who it is. If I can find that woman, I will never worry about food and clothing all my life. " Elder sister envious said.

"Well, you know women, do you have any clues?" Su Wan asked.

The elder sister nodded: "several people have gone to provide clues, but it seems that none of them is. Alas, I heard that the woman stole someone. Some people said, ah, the rich woman's wife took a lot of property and ran away, so she should take it back!"

“……” Where did you hear that version?

Su Wan couldn't smile bitterly. After thanking the elder sister, he went back in a hurry.

A year ago, the black box that Yuying showed her was actually left by her biological father.

At that time, because of some inheritance of the Ruan family, Ruan Haoyang's mother stole the dragon and changed their identity. Ruan Haoyang's father was suspicious at that time, so he secretly investigated Ruan Haoyang's life experience.

After the investigation, he was angry and sad.

However, at that time, he had not been framed by the other three families of the four big families. Naturally, he would not be good at an innocent child. Moreover, he had many years of father son relationship with Ruan Haoyang. Although he had been poured into the hope and had been taught severely, could the strong father son relationship be changed overnight?

At that time, he secretly investigated Ruan Haoyang's real family and wanted to tell his son about it one day.

Of course, before he had time, he had an accident.

At that time, when he checked Ruan Haoyang as a real family, he found an amazing thing.

Ruan Haoyang's mother, like Ruan Haoyang, also suffers from brain cancer. Moreover, this is a genetic disease of their family. After several generations, they will have a meal. When they get to a certain age, they will have an attack!

And this brain cancer has been carefully hidden by their family, no one knows.

If not by chance, Ruan Dongmo could not have known the secret!

Although the disease is very bad, but the inherited people also have an advantage, that is, like Ruan Haoyang, very smart, high IQ!

This secret, even Ruan Haoyang himself did not know.

At that time, Ruan Dongmo was worried that Ruan Haoyang's illness would bring opportunities to the other three families. Besides, his father's ease was not easy. He watched Ruan Haoyang fall like that!

Therefore, he found out the five most famous brain shell experts at that time. They were the five missing people in Cheng Bin's mouth and asked them to study drugs for Ruan Haoyang. At that time, he was the one who paid the money. Naturally, he arranged for the disappearance of those five people.

The drugs in it are aimed at Ruan Haoyang.

Although the five old people's poor life-long learning skills make it impossible to completely cure them, they can maintain their lives. As long as they rely on drugs, they can survive for a long time!

Later, Ruan Dongmo completely hid them from the public.

When he decided to return home for revenge, after repeated consideration, he put the contact information of the five researchers, as well as their fatal weakness, and the drug composition research reports and diary information they left behind in a small black box, and gave them to Yuying for safekeeping before returning home!

And Yuying under repeated instructions, can't help but open peep, learned this amazing secret, Yuying, is to use this can completely control Ruan Haoyang drug, forced Su Wan to leave.

At that time, Jiangsu and Anhui also saw those things, and combined with what Cheng bin had said to himself, only then did they confirm that these drugs were useful and agreed to leave.

After a year, they thought they would never have a chance to see it again. Who knows, their father and son actually found it.

Her heart is happy and sour, happy is lost nearly a year of time, they finally come to the door, prove that they are all right, but He must leave immediately, or be found by them, he will give up all his previous efforts, Yuying will definitely cut off the medicine!

After going back, there was no time to think about anything. She packed up a few happy clothes, took the certificate and bank card, and left here quickly and rushed to the airport!

If you stay for a while, I'm afraid that Ruan Haoyang and Ruan Yue will find her. She must leave quickly!

At the airport, Jiangsu and Anhui went straight to the ticket area: "buy a plane ticket, you should leave immediately!"

"Where are you going, miss?"

"Anywhere, the fastest one, right away!" Jiangsu and Anhui said anxiously.

Drop by drop, the waiter said, "the next trip is going abroad. Do you want to go, miss?"

Su and WAN nodded and said, "go, go

"The next flight will take off in 25 minutes for Paris. What cabin would you like, miss?"

"Whatever, fast!" Jiangsu Anhui Road.

"First class, then."

As soon as the tickets came out, Jiangsu and Anhui took their boarding passes and were ready to board.

At the gate, waiting anxiously, Jiangsu and Anhui were anxious and afraid, as if there were some monsters waiting for themselves.Seeing that it was about to turn to Jiangsu and Anhui to pass the security check, the shoulder was suddenly heavily patted.

She turned her head unprepared. On the right, there were two cold and handsome faces, one big and one small

"Women, you know you're going to be cheated!" A large and a small man attracted many people's sidelights, only listen to their voice, said coldly.

Su and WAN were stunned and didn't react. At the next moment, they were taken away by two men. The airport security guard had no time to respond

"Say, why leave us, why hide?" On a huge cruise ship, a handsome young man with a childish face asked Su and WAN with a gloomy face.

"I, I..." Jiangsu and Anhui were hesitant and did not know what to say for a while.

"Tell me the truth!" The cold handsome man stares at the uneasy woman sitting in front of him, and asks coldly.

"I, because, because of me Didn't I make it clear on the note? " Jiangsu and Anhui huff and puff, looking for Yuying around, she should appear at this time.

"Still not willing to tell the truth?" The handsome boy is Ruan Yue.

"I have nothing to say."

"Hum, it's Yuying who forced you Ruan Haoyang snorted coldly and looked coldly at Jiangsu and Anhui. The anger and look in his eyes made the Jiangsu and Anhui provinces shiver.

"You, how do you know?" Su Wan surprised at Ruan Haoyang, Yuying can not be silly enough to say this kind of thing out?

"You think I'm Ji Tianxi's fool? Let those who do not know the so-called women hurt their beloved? You leave a month, I will find out the source of the drug, forcing Yuying to hand over what originally belongs to me, let her tell the truth Ruan Haoyang said indignantly, "it's just that I didn't expect that you should be so brave and dare to hide from us for so long?"

Jiangsu and Anhui were stunned for a moment, and their hearts were sweet and sour. They also knew that at this moment, they were in a good mood to look at Ruan Haoyang and Ruan Yue.