"Principal Zhang …" Let's get down to business first. " Old Hu heard Zhao Lei's voice. It was very weak, but at the same time, it had a sense of helplessness.

"What's the rush? I told you to do it for me, so I'll do it for you. Don't worry." A man's voice rang out. It sounded as greasy as his appearance. From the sound of it, he didn't seem to be a decent person.

"I brought my resume with me today... "Why don't you take a look first." Zhao Lei seemed to be retreating backwards, and knocking over something.

Then, Old Hu heard the man call out loudly, "Whoa! "Little girl, you have ruined my new wine!"

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Principal Zhang is really sorry!" I... "I …" Zhao Lei hurriedly apologized. She looked very scared, her mouth was still stammering, Old Hu guessed that she wanted to compensate but could not, so she did not know if she should say it out loud.

"Sigh, it's fine. To put it bluntly, it's only a bottle of wine. How could it be more precious than you?" Old Hu was immediately furious when he heard this. He was simply an old pervert!

It was obvious that he had his eyes on Zhao Lei! Why did that little girl send it in as if she didn't know it?

"President Zhang, aiya, don't be like this, don't …" Very quickly, the Old Hu heard Zhao Lei's struggling sounds. It was rustling, as if he was deliberately suppressing himself and did not shout loudly.

If she was being obscene, she would have shouted loudly already. Could it be that Zhao Lei had made preparations beforehand?

A serious doubt arose in Old Hu's heart, but he didn't know what to do.

"Ah — — President Zhang, you can't do this! Don't pull at my clothes! " Very quickly, Zhao Lei's shout was getting louder and louder. He didn't even need to think to guess what was going on inside.

"Didn't we agree? Why do you want to go back on your words now?" Don't you want to get an internship? " That Principal Zhang's attitude became a little harsh, and she was panting hard. Presumably, it was because Zhao Lei was struggling too much.

"But …" Zhao Lei hesitated, but in the end, she did not continue.

Old Hu heard the sound of clothes being torn apart inside, and Zhao Lei did not speak anymore. He immediately became anxious, and with a few "thumps", he knocked on the door.

"Mr. Zhang, please open the door. A resident said that water leaked from here to the fourth floor. Let me check." The Old Hu shouted loudly, and the sound really disappeared.

"I'm not leaking, look elsewhere!" Principal Zhang shouted in anger. He obviously didn't want this good thing to be disturbed.

At this moment, Zhao Lei was pressed down by him so tightly that it was hard for him to even make a sound.

"Mr. Zhang, please cooperate with us. If you don't cooperate with us in the maintenance, then you'll have to bear the responsibility." Old Hu added, his attitude was neither humble nor arrogant.

"Motherf * cker!" What the heck is going on!? " Principal Zhang cursed from inside, then the Old Hu heard the sound of his clothes as he said to Zhao Lei, "Don't make a sound, I'll be back in a while, if not … You know the consequences. "

After hearing everything, Old Hu was simply so angry that he was about to burst into smoke.

He had to teach this old pervert a lesson!

The footsteps got closer and closer. Old Hu had already prepared how to beat him up, the moment Principal Zhang opened the door, Old Hu swung his fist at him.

"I told you to bully me!" Old Hu was still cursing.

Principal Zhang was unable to dodge in time, he was fiercely slapped on the face by Old Hu and he immediately swelled up.

Afterwards, the Old Hu took the chance when he wasn't paying attention and carried Zhao Lei in. When he turned around, Principal Zhang blocked the door.

"Who are you!" Is there something wrong with him!? You dare to rob my people? " His expression was still very fierce, without a single trace of the principal's look. He looked no different from a local ruffian.

"I'm your father!" Old Hu spat at him, then wanted to attack again, but Zhao Lei firmly grabbed his arm, causing him to give up, and pushed opened the door and left.

He could only hear Principal Zhang cursing behind him, and even going to the security guards to investigate the identity of the Old Hu.

The Old Hu did not care that much, and immediately carried Zhao Lei out of the hotel. She did not care about the strange gazes of the people, and stopped a taxi by the side of the road, and directly stuffed Zhao Lei in, and sat down next to him.

After the taxi started, Old Hu gasped for breath, feeling relaxed.

He heard Zhao Lei sniffing and turned her head to see that her face was covered in tears.

In this way, even if he wanted to teach her a lesson, he wouldn't be willing to.

"Don't cry." Old Hu patted her back and then saw that her t-shirt was torn and her clothes were tattered. She quickly took off her jacket and put it on her.

Zhao Lei cried even more loudly than before. Although there was no sound, she was still sobbing.

When the driver in the front row saw this, he wanted to directly call the police, thinking that Old Hu was bullying Zhao Lei.

Helpless, Old Hu could only say, "Little girl, don't cry anymore. If you have anything to say, let's go back and talk.

These words were effective, and Zhao Lei stopped crying very quickly.

Old Hu poured a cup of hot tea for Zhao Lei, "Tell me what happened today. If I'm not there, are you really planning on accompanying that old pervert?"

His tone of voice sounded very much like that of an elder. Zhao Lei kept her head down the entire time, not daring to look into his eyes.

"If you have any difficulties, you can tell me. There's no need to sacrifice yourself like that. I think you look like my own daughter. I believe that your parents would be very angry if they found out!" Old Hu said sincerely and sincerely.

He felt even more that a girl as beautiful as a flower like Zhao Lei, how could she be smacked by a pig?

This time, Zhao Lei finally heard it.

"I... I'm sorry to my parents! They're already so old, and I still have to ask for money from my family, but I still haven't found a job, so I'm going to be too ashamed to go home. "

She cried very bitterly, Old Hu finally understood that Zhao Lei came to Principal Zhang for the sake of an internship!

Later, the Old Hu occasionally heard from Zhao Lei that her family was also rural. Her parents were ordinary farmers and they did some small business.

Although she wasn't rich, she wasn't poor either, but going to college was a huge burden for her family.

Zhao Lei was their senior, and now that they were old, it was inconvenient for them to do some work. Only then did Zhao Lei come out for a part-time job, and did not want to ask her family for more money.

Unlike other majors, medical students were harder to find, but she didn't want to change her profession, so she first came to this clinic to work part-time.

Her classmates all found an internship hospital, but she didn't leave the place, so Zhao Lei was very anxious.