In addition, her small hands were still stroking Old Hu's body, sometimes above and sometimes below, causing Old Hu to be overjoyed, thinking to herself, what is Little Girl trying to do?

In return, he placed his hand on her body even more forcefully, as if he was trying to find something to make up for it.

They looked so natural on the outside, but there was a wonderful spark in them.

The hood of the raincoat was pushed down, covering Old Hu's face. From the front, no one could tell that it was two people walking together, and the rain was especially heavy. It was misty, so no one knew the details of the raincoat.

Walking to the girls' dormitory, Old Hu put Zhao Yali down. Fortunately, there were no longer people around at this time, otherwise, they would have spread rumors for Zhao Yali again.

These girls all looked like they were college students, but each one of them sounded worse than the previous one, so they didn't dare to provoke them.

"Yali, are you going back? The rain is too heavy, don't catch a cold." The Old Hu had good intentions, but Zhao Yali was a little unhappy.

"Do you really not want to be with me so much? You can't even stay here for a little longer? " Her attitude wasn't too good, but there was a hint of sadness in her tone.

Why is Little Girl so angry? Could something have happened again?

"Yali, what's wrong? "Is it …" Old Hu asked gently, but Zhao Yali interrupted him and said, "I'm fine, go."

After she finished speaking, she turned around and directly entered the dormitory.

Old Hu shook his head, he was helpless, he waited at the door for a while, seeing that Zhao Yali still had not come out, he could only return to the duty room.

Since he was bored and could not leave, Old Hu watched the surveillance video to prevent anyone from causing trouble while it was raining.

As he looked around, he discovered a person that was sneaking around.

Upon closer inspection, it was actually Zhao Lei!

She was wearing a raincoat and was standing in front of the school, looking around as if she were waiting for someone.

Old Hu thought about her strange actions before and felt suspicious. He rushed to the door in a hurry, wanting to ask Yue Yang what he was doing at such a late hour.

By the time Old Hu reached the door, Zhao Lei had already waited for a taxi.

After she left, Old Hu quickly found a taxi and followed.

His master had always been asking Old Hu what he wanted to do, thinking that he was just following the suspect and was in a mess.

Old Hu ignored him. Even if it was tacit approval, that was why the driver drove so quickly and followed the taxi.

Because it was raining so heavily, Zhao Lei did not realise that she was being followed. She only stopped when she arrived at the entrance of a hotel.

Old Hu looked at the sign, it was still a 5 star hotel!

Why did Zhao Lei come here!

He followed her the entire way in, and discovered that Zhao Lei had come with a purpose, because she went straight to a VIP private room on the fifth floor.

This reminded Old Hu of that day's name card, the vice principal of the maternity hospital!

Zhao Lei stood at the doorway for a long time as if she was considering whether or not to enter. But in the end, she heaved a sigh of relief and pressed the doorbell.

"Ding dong ding-dong ~ ~ ~"

Very quickly, the door opened. A greasy, middle-aged man opened the door and passionately pulled Zhao Lei in.

That's right, he had been dragged in!

Seeing that, the Old Hu became anxious. He knew that Zhao Lei did not come on her own volition, could it be that she had a weakness in her hands?

The door was slammed shut. Old Hu hurriedly went over and leaned on the door to listen for any sounds.