"Hm!" "Mina, you must believe that the People's Police can protect you. Only by bringing those bad people to justice can your safety be protected!"

When the Old Hu heard that she agreed to testify, he was pleased that he didn't save her in vain.

"Uncle, then please contact Officer Chen for me." Chu Meina pouted, feeling a little embarrassed.

The last time Chen Liyun had come to find her, her attitude was still the same. Now that she thought about it, she felt that she had gone too far.

"Okay, don't worry, she'll understand." Old Hu settled her down, poured her a cup of hot water, then went to call Chen Liyun.

Originally, Chen Liyun wanted to let Old Hu bring Chu Meina to the Police Station, but taking into account the special situation she was currently in and the fact that her mental state was in a relatively fragile state, she decided to personally come to school.

Fifteen minutes later, Chen Liyun bustled over to the school.

"Mena, you've finally thought it through." Chen Liyun was still very happy. This way, their work would progress much more smoothly.

"Well, I can be your witness, or I can tell you what I know." Chu Meina nodded her head, as though she had made a great decision.

"In that company, there should be many girls like me. Everyone needs to take nude photos before making any loans …"

Chu Meina told everything she knew to Chen Liyun, and she wrote down her small notebook. She then said, "Thank you for your cooperation, we will do our best to investigate and give you guys a justice. But you need to remember this in your heart, and don't ever touch any school loans again!"

Chen Liyun's tone could still be considered gentle, Chu Meina nodded, showing that she knew her wrongs.

After returning to the police station, Chen Liyun immediately asked the higher-ups for instructions, and the leaders immediately approved for them to investigate Ming Fa Hui and apprehend Liu Gang.

When Chen Liyun took out the documents and went to open finance, it was already empty. There was no one in the office, Liu Gang must have received the news in advance and escaped.

"You guys stay here and search. They will definitely leave behind some evidence. Everyone else, follow me to look for someone!"

Chen Liyun climbed onto the spear and realized that this Liu Gang was not simple. She warned people to be careful at all times, just in case they had a spear and it would not be easy.

Five to six policemen continued their investigation at Mingwei Financial Center. The rest of them disguised themselves as plainclothes with Chen Liyun and went to the video game city and internet cafe to search.

However, after searching for a long time, he still could not find any whereabouts, and only found a few of his subordinates.

Chen Liyun found out that Liu Gang's brother, Liu Guang, was not a good citizen either, she sneaked into's territory to investigate, and in the end, found Liu Gang at a bathing center's warehouse!

When Liu Gang was arrested, he kept quibbling, saying that this matter had nothing to do with him, that he was serious about financial affairs.

In the end, Chen Liyun took out the private accounting books that she had found in his company and Liu Gang finally admitted to everything.

The account book was his personal, and was normally hidden within the office walls. Most people did not know about it, but Chen Liyun still found out about it.

He was brought to Police Station for an interrogation. Under Chen Liyun's dignity, he admitted all of them and sent them to the court the next day. In the end, Liu Gang was sentenced to prison and imprisonment for five years.

It was also because of him that Ming Fa Hui had failed. Although Liu Guang avoided the crisis once, and kept the relationship between him and Liu Gang clear, and did not admit that he had committed the crime of protecting Liu Gang, he did not know who he had found to help. In the end, he did not bear any legal responsibility and only paid a small fine.

His brother was in jail, how could he just let things go?

Then, Liu Guang's little brother came back to report.

"Big brother, I've checked on this matter. It has something to do with that old man Hu!" He asked around in the school and found that this matter had something to do with the Old Hu.

"What?" Was it really him? "Damn it!" Liu Guang slapped the table, the veins on his forehead stood up. Now that Liu Gang had been caught, it was equivalent to him losing a right hand and an arm. It had even taken him a lot of effort to stay on the streets, but it was actually that old man who casually pushed the boat!

"Yes!" We shouldn't have let him off earlier! We let him succeed this time! " I was also very angry and agreed with Liu Guang.

"Great, great, this is great!" The grass couldn't be burned, and the spring winds blew again! This time, we cannot let him go! " Liu Guang's eyes shone with a vicious light. If he did not dare to mess with the police, he could only find Old Hu to vent his anger.

However, he still needed to plan out how to do it properly.

Half a month had passed and Old Hu and the rest were still considered to be safe. But what made him a little surprised was that Liu Guang did not cause any more trouble.

Maybe he really repented because Liu Gang was captured, Old Hu thought, but his guard was gradually relaxed.

He continued to open a clinic at work, and his days went well.

Chu Meina also lived a normal life. The only difference was that it was even quieter than before.

That afternoon, when Chu Meina had just finished class, someone had sent her a message on WeChat saying that there was an urgent matter to discuss and she had added it out of curiosity.

"Hello, is there anything I can help you with?" She asked out of politeness. The other person was silent for a moment, then suddenly sent over a photo.


When Chu Meina saw this, she could not help but cry out. The surrounding students thought that something was wrong with her and all expressed their concern.

She shook her head, tears were about to fall from her eyes, "My stomach is a little uncomfortable, you guys go back first, I'll go to the bathroom."

With that, Chu Meina ran to the corner of the bathroom and opened the WeChat interface again, "Who are you? Why do you have a picture of me? "

More specifically, it was a nude photo of her.

Chu Meina's heart was in her throat. Previously, the police said that they would not leak out after destroying all of those photos, but now … Why did she suddenly appear!

"We'll meet at 7 o'clock at the East Gate Coffee Shop. Interview!" The other party had only given a concise reply. After that, no matter how Chu Meina had said it, the other party had not replied him.

In this hour, Chu Meina had gone through all sorts of thoughts and struggles, should she go or not, and who was the other party?

She guessed that the other party was most likely Liu Gang's little brother and accidentally obtained this photo. Now, she wanted to use this opportunity to threaten her.

It was almost 7 o'clock, Chu Meina did not have time to think about it, she was afraid that the photos would leak out, so she went to the coffee shop alone.

However, before she could enter the door, a man came up to her and put his arm around her shoulders.

"Mena, you're finally here. Let's go somewhere else to play." That man was young, but held a blade aimed at Chu Meina's waist, not daring to struggle.