As soon as Chu Meina stepped out of the door, she was noticed by the bunch of hoodlums. From a long distance, Liu Gang whistled at Chu Meina and waved at her.

Looking at the five to six people, Chu Meina did not dare to go over, but Liu Gang shook his phone, indicating that the photo was in his hands, and walked over.

"Just what do you guys want? Can't I give you back the eight thousand …?" Walking forward, Chu Meina mustered up her courage to ask, although she was not confident enough.

She had sold her phone and gathered all the money she had, but it was only enough for ten thousand yuan. But Liu Gang and the others required so much, even if she were to die, she wouldn't be able to get enough of it.

"Little girl, don't talk like that. It looks like we're bullying you, but it's not like that at all! We agreed on the black and white paper from the beginning. No matter what, you agreed to it! How can you still be so reasonable if you don't repay your debts! " Liu Gang laughed, then the people behind him all started to laugh, Chu Meina felt that she was about to die from shame, Liu Gang was right, it was all her fault, otherwise how could she end up like this.

"I only have ten thousand yuan to give you guys. Any more and I won't have any more. If you don't think it's enough, then just kill me. I don't have any money anyway." Chu Meina was forced into a corner, she had no choice but to come up with this plan. If she could not solve this problem, she would not be able to live.

"Hey, why are you always asking for death!" "Say, since you're so good-looking, how could I be willing to kill you?" Liu Gang stretched out his hand, pinched Chu Meina's chin and lewdly looked at her.

At first he had thought the girl was nice, but it was a picture, and he didn't quite believe it. Now that she saw me, she felt even better than she was in the photo. Her figure was especially good, it was as if she had long legs and protruding front and back. It was enough for her to play around for a while.

"You … Then what do you want to do... I won't sell it! " Chu Meina also knew the consequences of borrowing money from the school. She wouldn't be humiliated even if she was beaten to death.

"No no, it's not that exaggerated. Of course I have to keep such good stuff for myself. How about this, you sleep with me and we will write off all our debts. If you serve me well, I can still give you money. Such a suitable deal, where are you going to find it? "

Liu Gang had a very kind expression, with a lewd smile at the corner of his mouth.

Chu Meina looked at him as his heart started to tremble. Too terrifying, if he really went with him, he might not even be able to come back, at that time, he would definitely say that it was his own will.

She took a few steps back and shook her head violently. "No, no, I won't sleep with you!"

After she finished speaking, she still wanted to run back to school, but she was immediately grabbed by Liu Gang and pressed against the wall, "Little thing, don't be shameless when you give me face. If I don't agree to your terms, then don't blame me for being strong, and since you don't want to be alone with me, then I'll let you accompany them!"

Liu Gang pointed at the Little Punk s, and they all looked at Chu Meina like she was their prey.

"Not only that, I want to send your photos to your classmates, family, and friends to let them see what kind of filth you are!" Liu Gang roared at Chu Meina, making it extremely angry.

Chu Meina held back her tears. She felt that she would suffer if this carried on, so she called Old Hu.

As it was still business time, Old Hu quickly picked up, but there was no sound from the other side of the phone. In the end, a few men's laughter and a girl's sobbing could be heard.

"What are all of you doing!?" Where are you guys taking me! " Chu Meina purposely shouted loudly, wanting to give Old Hu some information. She hoped that he could save him.

"You'll know once we get there!" "Stupid woman!" A Little Punk dragged Chu Meina out into the small forest on the other side of the road. At this time, everyone was working or teaching, so there were less people on the road, and no one saw.

Old Hu rushed out of the duty room, from the content of their conversation, he deduced the location, and immediately ran towards the small forest. He really saw Chu Meina being tied up by them, and was about to do something violent.

Just as Liu Gang laughed lewdly as he tore off Chu Meina's clothes, Old Hu rushed out and shouted, "Stop! It's you bastards again! Dogs can't stop eating shit, can they? You even dare to come here to bully people! "

This place was pretty close to the clinic, and the place where Liu Gang was beaten up last time was also very close.

Liu Gang stopped to look and it was actually Old Hu. His expression immediately changed, "It's you old thing again! Why does everything have to do with you! "

He was also very gloomy. Why would the Old Hu come and butt in to pester him like a ghost?

Old Hu's expression did not change as he said domineeringly, "Your grandfather! "Hurry up and release her, or else I'll let you know how powerful I am!"

Chu Meina was stunned when she saw the Old Hu at this time. She did not expect that a big gatekeeper would actually be so handsome, and from the sound of it, Liu Gang and the others had also been defeated by him before.

"You old thing! How dare he be so arrogant! Brothers! Go on! I have avenged myself of the past! " After Liu Gang finished speaking, the Little Punk rushed over, baring their fangs and claws, but they were all quickly beaten up by Old Hu, upon seeing this, Liu Gang did not dare stay any longer, as he was afraid that he would be beaten to the state he was last time, thus leaving Chu Meina behind, he quickly ran away.

His big brother had already ran away, and so had the rest. Old Hu quickly let go of Chu Meina and returned to the school.

Once she entered the duty room, Chu Meina could not help but cry, she had just been scared to death.

"Great sir, thank you so much. It was you who saved me!" Chu Meina did not forget to express her gratitude. Old Hu was just too shocking.

"I should have done it. It's good as long as you're fine." Old Hu put on his jacket for her. Looking at her dirty face, he even took a wet towel for her.

Chu Meina was moved beyond words, the Old Hu took the opportunity to say, "I heard that you refused to testify? "Mena, as you can see now, those bad guys won't let you go so easily. So, are you still not going to change your mind?"

Chu Meina was silent for a long time, then said: "Uncle, I am willing to testify, I am willing to help the police bring him to justice!"

With this incident, she didn't believe that Liu Gang would spare her anymore. If the police didn't intervene, then her fate would be even worse!