Ying Yan spat out saliva, and quickly rushed towards Old Hu, but looking at his steps, Old Hu did not know what technique he was going to use.

No wonder everyone said that this Ying Yan was a cunning old fox.

At the moment, he was already using all his might in the battle, but Ying Yan did not seem to be using his full strength.

"Old thing, you won't be so lucky soon!" Ying Yan extended out his fist and smashed it towards Old Hu, at the same time revealing the steel spikes inside his fist, it was a type of stealth weapon used frequently in battles.

When Old Hu saw it, he was shocked. The steel spike was so powerful that it would be difficult to heal, and just as he was hesitating, Ying Yan's fist grazed his shoulder and came down.

"Swish!" A long wound appeared on his arm.

"You cheated!" Beside him, there was a little brother with sharp eyes who saw his weapon. Old Hu who attacked barehanded was at a disadvantage.

"We didn't say we wouldn't let you take the weapons! What kind of trick was this! Don't f * cking f * cking compete! " Liu Guang shouted from the sky, and the subordinate immediately did not dare to speak anymore.

Lin Song held his hands behind his back. Even though his face was calm, a storm was raging in his heart. He was afraid that he would lose this time.

"Ying Yan! I want you to give him a good beating! " Liu Guang applauded Ying Yan.

For the next few moves, Old Hu suffered a loss. Because of the blood that stuck to his wound, he moved his body painfully and his speed slowed down by a lot. He was in a passive state this whole time.

"Puff - Puff -"

Ying Yan seized the opportunity to chase after him and hammered the Old Hu's stomach consecutively, onto his back and shoulders. Luckily, the fist did not have any steel spikes on it, if not the Old Hu would already be riddled with holes.

"Old thing, I don't want to kill you." Ying Yan muttered as he punched him. He did not want to kill, he just wanted to teach him a lesson, that's why he used this fist that did not have a steel spike.

After a few rounds, the Old Hu was already at a disadvantage. But during this period, he continued to strike back. Although he did not touch Ying Yan's vitals, he had suffered a lot.

Ying Yan started to play very seriously, wanting to beat up Old Hu and finish him off.

Very quickly, he made another move. He attacked Old Hu's head on one hand, making it so that he could only focus on it on the other, while attacking the next three paths of Old Hu, leaving him weak and weak on the other.

As a result, the Old Hu was extremely busy. Seeing that Ying Yan's heavy punch had caused Old Hu to salivate, Old Hu suddenly reached out his hand in the shape of an eagle's claw and grabbed Ying Yan's neck.

This was his last technique, "Strangle". Originally, he didn't want to use it because he might break the neck of his opponent if he wasn't careful. However, he didn't want to lose, so he could only take the risk.

Indeed, after the Old Hu used this move, Ying Yan immediately lost all ability to fight, and his face turned red and neck became thick, as he continuously struggled to get the Old Hu to let go.

When Ying Yan was unable to attack, Old Hu used all his strength and pinched his neck, and smashed his stomach with every punch.

The top part of his body had been pinched and released its Qi, and the bottom part was being attacked consecutively. Ying Yan could not help but roll his eyes in pain.

In the end, Old Hu abruptly released his hand, and gave him a heavy hammer over his head. Ying Yan immediately fell to the ground, unable to do anything but hold onto his neck and howl in anguish.

During this period, Liu Guang had wanted to send people over to help Ying Yan more than once, but after receiving Lin Song's warning gaze, he could only give up.

When Lin Song saw this scene, he felt proud. He knew that Old Hu could do it, even though he almost rushed out to admit defeat when Old Hu was injured, even if he lost money, he couldn't let Old Hu lose his life.

The battle had not stopped, Old Hu continued to walk to Ying Yan's side and directly picked him up with one hand, wanting to continue beating him up, but Ying Yan immediately begged for mercy.

"Great sir, it's my fault. Stop hitting, stop …" Not only was he bruised, five fingers on his neck had been pinched. It was extremely eye-catching. Now, he was on the verge of crying and begging for mercy.

Seeing that, the Old Hu threw him onto the ground, as if he was the stronger one.

"Young man, you've fought well, but don't keep up such underhanded tactics. If you meet someone stronger than me, it will directly take your life." Old Hu finally knew why he was so famous. It was not because he was unarmed, but because he had used such a powerful injury move.

"Yes, yes, yes!" I must remember. " Ying Yan said with a mournful face. Right now, whatever the Old Hu said is the truth, he could only nod his head.

Old Hu returned to Lin Song's side. His face was extremely ugly, because the wound on his arm was extremely painful.

Liu Guang also quickly sent people to carry Ying Yan onto the carriage, the way he looked at Old Hu changed. A fifty year old man was actually able to beat up his strongest general to such a state, it was truly terrifying.

Especially that last move; just by looking at it, he felt like he was about to suffocate.

Lin Song's little brother congratulated the Old Hu, while Liu Guang didn't even dare to breathe loudly, for fear that Liu Guang would scold them.

"Liu Guang, this time it's your man who lost. If you want to admit defeat, then don't look for trouble in the future!" Lin Song spoke, Liu Guang snorted, and without saying a word, he turned and entered the carriage.

How could he still have the face to speak? His own people had been beaten to such a state! Isn't this too embarrassing!

After they left, Old Hu heaved a sigh of relief, "They won't come again in the future right?"

It was a good thing that the wound was not deep and was only a flesh wound. However, because the movement just now was too violent, it was more painful than usual.

"That shouldn't be it, Liu Gang relied on his brother to be proud, this Ying Yan is Liu Guang's strongest subordinate, he can't even beat you, who else can beat you? If he comes again, isn't that just asking to be humiliated?! "

Lin Song reassured Old Hu, but in truth he didn't know whether or not Liu Guang would come, he only knew that for now, he would be honest.

"Great sir, your injuries are not light. Quickly bandage your wounds." Lin Song helped Old Hu into the clinic and then found a medicine box to bandage him up.

Just as he finished wrapping the gauze, he heard someone push open the door and enter. When he raised his head, he saw that it was actually Zhao Lei.

Seeing that Old Hu was injured, Zhao Lei was surprised, "What happened, Uncle, how did you get injured?"

The area he was injured was quite large, and there were also bruises on his face.

"It's nothing, just some minor injuries." The Old Hu shook his head, not wanting Zhao Lei to worry too, but Lin Song was quick to say it out, and couldn't wait to show himself in front of Zhao Lei, "Liu Gang's little brother, Liu Guang, has come to cause trouble.

After she finished speaking, the Old Hu glared at him. He didn't want Zhao Lei to feel fear.