As he spoke, the yellow-haired boy had even placed his hand on her shoulder, pressing it against her body. The two of them seemed as intimate as a couple.

Zhao Yali wanted to scream out loud, but the yellow haired brat suddenly whispered in her ear, "Don't scream, I have a blade in my hand."

With that, he stabbed her in the waist with the dagger in his other hand.

Due to the clothes he was wearing, no one could tell what he was hiding.

"I'll give you as much money as you want." Zhao Yali's face instantly paled, and even his voice was trembling.

"I don't want money, as long as you come with me. "Be good, or my knife won't grow eyes." The yellow-haired boy hugged her tightly with a smile on his face.

Some passersby noticed their presence, but could not tell what was going on. They thought it was a couple making trouble, but no one bothered about it.

Zhao Yali wanted to scream for help, but due to the blade in the yellow-hair's hand, she could only behave.

They had prepared a car not too far away, and Zhao Yali was taken away just like that.

Bald Brother saw that the matter was settled, and sent a message to Wu Wu, "Once everything is settled, wash and wait for me!"

Very quickly, Wu Wu replied with a shy emoji and a few vague words, "I knew you were the best, it must make you comfortable."

Bald Brother looked at the screen and could not help but laugh. He had really killed two birds with one stone.

Once they got in the car, Zhao Yali started to struggle, "What do you want to do, I'll give you all the money I have! Let me go, please! "

She saw that all the people in the carriage were men, and her heart was filled with fear. She regretted not listening to Old Hu's words and travelled together with him, and wondered if Old Hu had seen her WeChat.

"Little girl, don't panic. We won't do anything rash. It's just that we like you a lot from seeing your appearance. We want you to play with us." The Bald Brother sat right beside Zhao Yali and took the opportunity to hug her shoulders.

Initially, he had thought that he could do nothing to her, but he never thought that Zhao Yali would be so beautiful, and her expression was extremely tender and loving. Bald Brother had long thrown Wu Wu to the back of her mind, and only wanted to take Zhao Yali for herself.

"Big brother, I don't know how to play anything, just let me go." Zhao Yali did not want to cry, but she could not hold back her tears.

Her voice was soft like a rabbit's, and the baldy's heart itched when he heard it. His hand couldn't help but touch her body.

"It's good to be young. Don't worry, little sister. Seeing how beautiful you are, we won't hurt you." Bald Brother stretched out his hand and touched her little face.

"Yo, why are you crying? Be good, as long as you make big brother happy today, I'll let you go!" Bald Brother revealed an evil expression, very vulgar.

Zhao Yali cried silently, now she only hoped that the Old Hu would come to her rescue as soon as possible.

When they reached the Game Hall, they tied Zhao Yali up on a wooden bed. The more she struggled, the happier the beasts became.

"Little girl, you've never had a taste of a man in your life, have you?" Bald Brother's hand slid across her body, causing Zhao Yali's body to immediately tremble. Seeing her reaction, Bald Brother knew that he was just a little kid.

"I really saw a treasure today. I have to thank that girl!" Bald Brother turned around and told his subordinates. The other Little Punk s also rubbed their hands together, drooling as they looked at Zhao Yali.

"Big Bro, today we will let our little brothers have some fun, this girl is really not bad." The yellow-hair who just hugged Zhao Yali was already enchanted by her fragrance. If it wasn't for Bald Brother pressuring him, he would have already pounced on her.

"Scram!" If you want to open it, then I'll open it first. Bald Brother was harsh, with such a glare, the yellow hair did not dare to be rash.

Just as he was about to unbutton Zhao Yali's shirt, her phone in her pocket rang.

"Yoaremydestine ~ forever ~"

Bald Brother immediately became alert. He took out his phone and saw that the caller ID was "Grandpa Hu".

"Little girl, your relationship with men is really quite good. It's already so late, which old man would call you!" Bald Brother looked at the caller ID and thought about it. He didn't answer or hang up.

"It can't be, it can't be!" "Hahaha!" Bald Brother rubbed his chin, his mind filled with dirty thoughts.

"Stop talking nonsense!" "I did not!" Zhao Yali rejected her instinctively, but then she immediately went back on her words. Maybe if they felt that she was not a chick, they would have let her go.

"Really?" "I don't think you're that kind of girl. It would be such a pity to be tainted by an old man just looking at you." Bald Brother buried his face in her chest and took a sniff.

"Sister, what did you eat to grow up? How could it be so fragrant? Big Brother almost couldn't hold himself back anymore!" With that, Bald Brother took off his clothes and wanted to take off his pants.

"Big brother, I'll tell you the truth, I was taken care of by him, and our relationship has been going on for a long time." Zhao Yali began to create nonsense.

"Oh?" Bald Brother was moving a little too slowly.

"It's really like that. I'm from the countryside and my family is very poor, so he supported me and provided me with living expenses. He even bought me a lot of luxury goods."

"Tsk tsk, little sister, your habit of looking down on the rich isn't so good." Bald Brother still didn't quite believe him.

"I can't help it, I like money too much. Without money, I won't be able to live any longer, so I'll do whatever he wants me to do. I'm also willing to sleep with him." The more Zhao Yali said, the more exaggerated she became, the more she hoped that she would make herself sound terrible, even if the bald man had to beat her up, as long as he did not touch her.

"You're such a scumbag!" Bald Brother's face darkened, "What I hate the most are women like you, who would do anything for money!"

In the past, he liked a girl at a dance hall. At that time, he was still a Little Punk and ate non-stop every day. That girl was also not a good girl.

Originally, the two of them had a good conversation and were about to get married, but the girl suddenly disappeared. He looked around for her and finally found out that she was taken care of by a rich person.

The rich man was in his fifties, his hair was missing, and he had a family. His daughter was about the same age as her.

Then the woman miscarried and was tired of being played with by the rich. She came back crying to find him and the baldy scolded her and chased her away.

From then on, Bald Brother felt that this woman was unreliable and did not want to talk about feelings anymore.

"I advise you not to touch me, or else he won't let you go!" After being scolded by the Bald Brother, Zhao Yali was very afraid in her heart. However, in order to comfort herself, she decided that she had to trick him.