Just as he closed the door, Su Fei remembered that she did not want the things that he had brought her. She wanted to return them to him, but when she opened the package, she found out that it was all bought by her when she visited him in the hospital!

This time, it made Su Fei both angry and happy.

"Huang Hailong, oh Huang Hailong! You are so stingy! " Su Fei laid back down on the bed. She didn't understand why the richer people were, the more stingy they were, and why normal people like to help others like the Old Hu.

Huang Haibo left angrily. Old Hu had seen everything, he was not that stupid, after coming out, he had been waiting at the side, afraid that Su Fei would have some mishap.

The main reason was because she was afraid of what this brat would do to her.

Seeing Huang Hailong's figure walking far away, Old Hu wandered around for a while and then entered Su Fei's house again.

"You won't understand me if I tell you to scram, right? What more do you want to say!? " When Su Fei heard the door opening, she thought Huang Hailong was back and scolded him loudly.

At the same time, she sat up from the bed, and looked at the door. It was actually Old Hu.

"Aiya, uncle, I'm sorry. I didn't know you came in. I thought it was that …" Su Fei did not finish her sentence. She was a little embarrassed, as if she had never been so angry in front of Old Hu before.

"It's fine, it's fine. I'll come over now …" Aren't I disturbing you? How about I leave first and come see you tomorrow? " After Old Hu finished speaking, he was about to turn the handle of the door, but was stopped by Su Fei.

"Hey! Great sir, don't make fun of me. You must know that I'm not talking about you. " Su Fei had just finished quarreling and was still in a very low mood, her entire body was sullen and her expression was not very good.

"What's wrong with you, child? Was it because I was too impulsive that you guys argued? " Old Hu asked carefully, looking at Su Fei with a face full of concern.

"Mm …" He's so disappointing to me! I never thought that he would be that kind of person. Not only did she not help me, but when others helped me, he was also so petty! " Su Fei was still very angry when she said it, but she felt that this matter was not going to end well.

"Alright, alright, you don't need to bother with him. Speaking of which, sometimes men are more jealous than women, it's me who treats them badly, I just want to give you a meal so that you don't have to cook it yourself. But I didn't think that I would cause you so much trouble. I am so sorry, Xiao Fei! " Old Hu lowered his eyes and said, from time to time he would look at Su Fei's complexion.

"Great Lord!" It was clearly because of me that you were misunderstood, and now you are apologizing to me, how can I bear it? " Su Fei felt even guiltier.

"It was clearly because I was inconsiderate. You can't blame him for getting angry at me. I was too impulsive just now and shouldn't have done that. It's ridiculous to say that I still can't control myself even though I'm this old! Besides, it's him, young man, so you have to understand that he wants to act like a man in front of you. "

The Old Hu purposely spoke up for Huang Hailong, showing how magnanimous he was.

Su Fei did not agree with Old Hu's words, "Uncle, you are too kind, what can I do?"

Thinking about how petty Huang Hailong looked, compared to Old Hu's magnanimous temperament, it was simply not worth mentioning!

"No matter what, this relationship is still between you two, so I can't say too much. If you like it, it's good. If you can't feel it anymore, then do as you like, since I will always support you, and I will always protect you. If that stinking brat is so disrespectful to you, then I will chop off his claws! " The Old Hu said this fiercely, but it made Su Fei's heart feel warm.

"Great Lord!" "Thank you so much. I have given you so much trouble during this period of time. I will remember your care of me in my heart. If there's a chance, I will definitely repay you well!" Su Fei's eyes moistened. There were not many good people like Old Hu in today's world.

Look at me, you know how to be polite with me, I am an old man with no one to rely on, and I'm not hungry even if I eat alone. You are like my family in this city, I am willing to treat you well, and I don't need you to repay me. Old Hu patted Su Fei's shoulders, feeling that he was about to leave.

"It's about time. Your legs seem to be recovering pretty well. I don't think you need to go to the hospital. Take care of yourself first. I'll be on duty now!"

"Uncle, take care!" Su Fei's tone was very sweet, causing Old Hu to be in a very good mood. He believed that with today's comparison, Su Fei would definitely think that he was exceptionally good!

For the next few days, Huang Hailong did not appear, and Su Fei did not take the initiative to contact him. This boyfriend of his had already become unimportant.

Sometimes he would go to the surveillance, sometimes he would go for a stroll in school, to see the little couples coming and going, and the boys chasing and playing around. He was very happy, as if he could see his youth.

But he didn't expect that a huge problem would arise in his life!

Ever since Old Hu was demoted from his position last time, there had been no one officially in charge of Security Office. Old Hu was previously the captain of the defense team, but in reality, he was only in charge.

Today, he was told to go to his previous office as he was staying in the duty room as usual!

Zhang Jian and the others were also accompanying him, all of them guessing that the position of the Security Office Master had always been empty, who would be the one in the meeting? Could it be that he wanted to reinstate the Old Hu?

In any case, they were talking all over the place, the Old Hu did not care, whether he could get promoted or not, there were no substantial changes, it would be better to work free every day!

Moreover, these twenty security guards usually listened to him, whether they held official positions or not.

As a result, when they arrived at the office, they found a strange man standing inside!

"All of you, stand up for me!" When he saw Old Hu and the rest, he shouted loudly, causing everyone to be stunned.

Seeing that no one moved, the man shouted again, "Did you hear that!? Stand in line for me! "What nonsense are you talking about!"

This man's voice was very loud and his words were very imposing. People no longer cared about who he was, so they decided to do as they were told.

When everyone had lined up neatly, the man opened his mouth and introduced himself, "Let me introduce myself, I am the newly appointed Security Office Master, Jiang Xiaolin! At the same time, he is also the captain of the defense team! "

After he finished speaking, he looked deeply at Old Hu, then said provocatively, "You must be Hu Bo. I heard that you were once the captain and even stayed in this office?"

"Yes." Old Hu looked at him expressionlessly. He felt that this person was very ridiculous, because he seemed to have treated him as a fake enemy.

"Very well, I will take care of you in the future. Remember, you must always know your position!" Jiang Xiaolin walked with his hands behind his back, as if he was an official. Old Hu was displeased when he saw this.