She would never forget how Huang Hailong didn't say a word for her when she was ridiculed.

"Xiao Fei, what she said was just angry words, how can you still believe it! Furthermore, wasn't there a special situation back then? If you compare your heart to your son when he was beaten up like that, wouldn't you be angry? " Huang Hailong still dared to beat around the bush. He felt that he was already very magnanimous to not pursue Su Fei's responsibility.

"But I didn't hit you when you were injured. Yes, I admit that this has something to do with me, but I can't blame it all on me, can I?" Su Fei had always been gentle to Huang Hailong, but she had never received any return. Now, she only wanted to speak out the words in her heart, and did not want to make things difficult for him.

"You … Okay, okay, let's not talk about these unhappy things anymore, okay? " Huang Hailong originally wanted to scold her, but he suddenly stopped himself.

Su Fei remained silent. She picked up his phone and played with it, directly pushing Huang Hailong to the side.

"My dear, we haven't seen each other in such a long time, can't you be more friendly with me?" Huang Hailong took her phone and threw her to the side, his expression changed.

"It was you who didn't want to see me. You're blaming me again?" Su Fei was so disappointed that from the moment she entered the door until now, he had not asked a single question about her father.

"Xiao Fei! Can't we be happy? I was in the wrong before. Don't be angry, I was wrong. " Huang Hailong was happy that he admitted his wrongs, but he did not lose heart.

In the past, when he angered Su Fei, he only needed to admit his mistakes and he would be able to turn the situation around.

Seeing that Su Fei did not react, he immediately held her small face, and stuck her nose into her small nose, "Dearest, I've almost missed you to death, even in my dreams it's you!"

After she finished speaking, he wanted to kiss Su Fei's lips, but Su Fei dodged him.

"Xiao Fei, what's wrong with you? Didn't you like my kiss? Could it be … Are you in love with someone else? " Huang Hailong stared straight at Su Fei, his face filled with suspicion.

"I'm not you, I wouldn't have moved so quickly." Su Fei turned her face away and did not look at him. To be honest, at that moment she really felt a little guilty.

But did he really like others?

She didn't know!

"Look at me! If you don't like other people, why would you avoid me! " Huang Hailong forcefully pulled his face away and still wanted to forcefully kiss her.

He threw Su Fei onto the bed, ignoring her wounds even when he was in contact with her, and wanted to take this opportunity to get on her.

"Huang Hailong, you're crazy!" Su Fei was a little afraid when she saw Yue Yang frantically stripping over his clothes.

Although Huang Hailong was thinner, she was still not a match for a weak girl.

"My own girlfriend and I did some normal things. From the very beginning, you've rejected me, and now, you still refuse me?! "

Huang Hailong's hands were nimble and quickly tore off her Bra.

"Stop right there, or I'll hate you for the rest of your life!" Su Fei growled, she struggled with all she had, but did not cry, because right now there was only anger in her heart.

"Then you are also one of my people! No one is allowed to think about it! " Huang Hailong did not stop. He thought that Su Fei had already been thinking about it for a long time, and was going to do it together with him today.

"Dong, dong, dong ~ ~ ~"

Suddenly, someone knocked on the door.

Huang Hailong was still full of excitement, of course he didn't want to care, but Su Fei was panicking instead.

"What if someone else sees it?!" "Are you shameless!?"

As he mentioned about face, Huang Hailong stopped moving his hands and made a gesture towards Su Fei, telling her to be quiet.

He didn't want to be disturbed by such a good thing. He thought that if he didn't open the door, the person outside would leave.

But he did not expect that the one who came was Old Hu.

He knocked on the door a few times but no one came to open it, thinking that something had happened to Su Fei.

The moment he entered and saw Huang Hailong pressing down on Su Fei's body with his clothes untidy, he immediately became angry.

"You bastard! What are you doing! " He threw away the lunchbox in his hands and grabbed Huang Hailong's collar with all his might. Even a few of the buttons on his collar were ripped off.

"Why is it you? What are you doing here! " When Huang Hailong saw Old Hu, he was surprised at first, but then became furious.

"Let me bring food to Teacher Su! What's wrong! If you don't do your duty as a good boyfriend, can't others take care of her! Look at how injured your girlfriend is, you actually still dare to do such a shameful thing! " Old Hu was truly angry, he could not stand for anyone bullying Su Fei, in his heart, only he could touch her.

"What? You want to eat the swan meat as a toad?" Pui! If you don't piss, I'll see what you look like. You even dare to compete with me! " Huang Hailong's words were extremely unpleasant to hear. When he saw Old Hu coming over, he knew that he had ill intentions.

Adding on the video he had seen at the hospital, Huang Hailong was even more certain that the Old Hu had followed him here for the sake of stealing Su Fei from him.

"You are a vile villain! "Since I'm not here, you should come over and take advantage of my girlfriend!" Huang Hailong began to splash dirty water on Old Hu.

"Who the f * * k knows!" Where did you go when Su Fei needed you? Now that you are here to criticize me, you are worthy as well! " Old Hu's flame was also very strong, holding onto his collar without letting go, Huang Hailong felt that it was hard to breathe.

While the two men were arguing, Su Fei took the opportunity to put on her clothes, stood up forcefully from the bed, and wanted to go up and stop them.

"Sea Dragon!" Can you be a bit more polite, Grandpa Hu came to bring me food! Why are you doing this to him! " Once he said that, Su Fei couldn't help but look at Old Hu, mainly because he was already disappointed in him.

"Alright you!" You're with him, aren't you? No wonder you won't let me touch you! So you were with him a long time ago! " Huang Hailong seemed to have caught hold of Su Fei's braid, and stomped his feet in anger.

"What nonsense are you spouting!" Old Hu did not want to see him slander Su Fei, so he did not want to embarrass him and threw a punch at him.

Immediately, the corner of Huang Hailong's mouth started bleeding.

"Brat, you want to go to the hospital again, right?" The Old Hu rubbed his hands together and looked at him menacingly.

did not want to lose in front of Su Fei, especially since she had already lost once last time.

"What? I refuse to believe that you still dare to hit me?" Huang Hailong pointed at his own chest, and provocatively looked at Old Hu, "Come! "If you have the ability, then send me back to the hospital!"

He looked at Old Hu as if he was a fish in a haystack.

Old Hu looked at him for a while but still did not make a move.

This kid just came out of the hospital. If he tried to harm him again, he would probably get worse. At that time, he would be at a disadvantage.

Old Hu thought about it and decided to teach him a little lesson.