"I'll carry you in. Remember to lift up your legs." After the Old Hu finished speaking, her big hands touched her slender waist. Su Fei was smudged by the steam and she felt her body heat up, before entering the water.

Old Hu's actions were extremely gentle, afraid that he would touch her wounds.

"How is the water?" Old Hu suppressed his voice and asked. He felt like he was about to spurt blood, even though it wasn't his first time seeing Su Fei's figure, it still made him extremely excited.

Old Hu bent his waist so that Su Fei would not be able to see through her secret.

"Just sit here, I'll help you with the rest. Otherwise, I'm afraid you won't be able to handle it properly." Old Hu started to trick him again. Su Fei believed his words completely, and could only close her eyes and allow him to "touch" her.

Old Hu brought out a hot towel and draped it over Su Fei's shoulders so that she wouldn't feel too cold.

"This is especially serious, Xiao Fei, if possible, try not to wear underwear for the next few days." Old Hu supported the two lumps of fat and kneaded them for a while before speaking sincerely and sincerely.

"It has something to do with underwear?" Su Fei opened her eyes in embarrassment, her voice extremely soft.

Well, in a closed environment, the growth of bacteria will definitely be faster. This has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your underwear; it's glued to your skin. In the future, you can avoid going to places that are heavy with moisture.

Old Hu said nothing, coaxing Sophie into admitting it.

"Okay, I'll try not to wear it." Su Fei agreed.

"Come, lie down. There are still some areas that you haven't touched." Old Hu held Su Fei's shoulder, allowing her to lie in the bathtub. Adding to the fact that one of her legs was hanging by the side of the bathtub, she could see most of the important parts of Su Fei's body.

Old Hu felt that he was almost unable to control his desire and after rubbing his hands for a few times, he pulled Su Fei out of the water and wrapped his in a bath towel before carrying his onto the bed.

"Xiao Fei, how is it?"

"After soaking like this, my body feels a lot better." Su Fei muttered, she did not know if it was a psychological effect or it was really effective.

"En, then that's fine. This is proof that it worked. Moreover, the heat will increase the speed at which the medicinal effects are transmitted. You should be fine tomorrow. Come, let me help you detoxify the poison."

Old Hu laid her flat on the bed, his injured leg hanging by the side of the bed.

"It might hurt a little later, you have to bear with it." When Old Hu told him to look at his clean and smooth body, he couldn't help but want to leave a mark on it.

However, Su Fei was still injured. He was also afraid that Su Fei would doubt her own motives, so he could not do much.

After all, she still had a boyfriend. If she got angry, it wouldn't end well.

"Alright." Su Fei stayed exposed in the air with her eyes closed the whole time, waiting for Old Hu to "heal" him.

Seeing her sexy figure, Old Hu couldn't take it anymore, so he worried about Su Fei's cold and helped her put on her pajamas.

"This way, I can give you some energy. It will also be good for your chest." Old Hu said as he touched her softness.

"As long as it's good for my illness." Su Fei didn't care about anything now.

However, all the hairs on her body were standing up, there was a strange feeling in her body, and a warm current was even flowing between her legs. She subconsciously wanted to close her eyes, afraid that the Old Hu would notice.

Even though Su Fei told herself not to think too much into it, she was still unable to control her body's instinctive reaction.

"Sigh, don't move recklessly. I'll come across a wound later." Old Hu pried her legs apart once again, and then used both hands to knead on top of them.

When his five fingers passed by, they would leave a pink mark.

Even if he couldn't expel the poison, giving Su Fei a massage would be good as well.

20 minutes later, Old Hu finally stopped his movements. In this period of time, Su Fei was constantly panting, he felt that if he did not stop, he would really be unable to resist and kill her.

"Alright, it's about time. Pack up and sleep early. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Also, your legs …"

Old Hu said as he took a pillow and placed it under the bed.

"Try not to make it bleed." When he was massaging Su Fei just now, he had also massaged her ankles.

"Alright, take care, sir. I won't send you off." Su Fei laid on the bed and said softly. Once Old Hu left, she quickly covered herself up with the blanket.

"Oh my god, I don't have a fever, do I? Why is it so hot! " Su Fei caressed her little face and teased herself.

She felt her entire body go soft, as if she was sick. All she could think about was the scene of Old Hu touching her.

It was because he could not see that caused him to have more fantasies.

She suddenly realized that she was enjoying this process of 'healing' and was even looking forward to the next time.

Thinking about it, she suddenly sent a WeChat to Old Hu.

"Uncle, if I'm not fine tomorrow, what should I do?"

"Then I'll suppress the detoxification for you again. We'll see how it goes in three days." Very quickly, Old Hu replied her WeChat.

When she saw this message, Su Fei was inexplicably happy.

Old Hu took advantage of the situation. Although he did not manage to eat his beloved little piece of fresh meat, he was satisfied.

He hummed a tune and went to the duty room to work. He had a very smooth night.

The next day, Huang Hailong was discharged.

After he and Su Fei finished talking, Su Fei said that she could not go out to pick him up after getting injured, so he directly went to Su Fei's dorm.

"Are you all right, dear? "It's not that serious, but let me take a look. It's so painful." The moment Huang Hailong entered, he brought along many things in large and small bags. The words that came out of his mouth were very intimate as well, and were no longer as cold as before.

"I'm fine, don't worry." Su Fei's attitude was a bit colder, she looked at the things he brought and said, "Take it back, I don't lack anything here."

"Xiao Fei, what are you saying? I bought all of those supplements for you with utmost care! Those who have eaten beauty food! " Huang Hailong saw that Su Fei was lying on the bed and snuggled up to him, but Su Fei subconsciously sat up, not wanting him to take advantage of her.

"Don't, your mother said it before. She told me to stay away from you." Su Fei said coldly.