So after class, Zhao Yali came over.

After listening to all of this, a sly idea popped up in Old Hu's mind.

Originally, he thought that Chen Liyun's body would be hot and dry, and that he would have nowhere to hide the worries he had, but he never expected that the Little Girl would deliver herself to her doorstep.

"So it's like that, why don't you come with me to the dorm, it's not too convenient in the duty room." Old Hu tried to coax Zhao Yali to enter his room, and when the door closes, who knew what would happen inside?

Moreover, he could feel that Zhao Yali had a special feelings for him. This way, it would be even better.

"Alright." Zhao Yali nodded her head, she was very confident in Old Hu.

Very quickly, Zhao Yali arrived at her room with the help of the Old Hu.

"Since you're not feeling well, just lie down on the bed." The Old Hu instructed, he then walked to the side and took a few small things, and then pretended to go to the bedside.

Zhao Yali was lying down very properly, but her face was still a little pale. It could be seen that her body was indeed not feeling well.

This way, Old Hu couldn't bear to touch her, so he could only delay her for now.

"Don't be afraid, this isn't a big problem. I'll let you have a look and relax." The Old Hu said gently as he let Zhao Yali stick out her tongue.

Her tongue was exquisite and exquisite, it was simply like a work of art. There was even a little bit of crystal stuck to it, causing Old Hu to be unable to hold back and directly send her mouth up.

He took a deep breath and looked at Zhao Yali who had suddenly opened her eyes. Then, he stood up quickly.

"Don't be afraid, I just want to test if your saliva is diseased or not." The Old Hu was serious, he had already come up with such lies casually.

Zhao Yali nodded, and closed her eyes as if she understood what she meant, but her small face couldn't help but blush, and her mind still remembered the feeling of Old Hu kissing her earlier.

It was numb and indescribably comfortable. He really wanted to do it again.

After saying that, Old Hu even pretended to smack his lips, "Just looking at the saliva won't be a big problem, but you got a little angry. Because your mouth is a little bitter, you should always pay more attention to drinking water."

"Yes, yes." Zhao Yali had always thought that the Old Hu was powerful, but seeing how serious he was, he felt that everything he said was true. Actually, the doctors had also said these words before.

"Yali, you need to untie your pants. I'll massage it and see if there's anything wrong with it." The Old Hu spoke in an embarrassed tone, but Zhao Yali listened to her and obediently took off her jeans, revealing her straight and slender long legs.

Old Hu wiped his mouth secretly. All the women he had met recently had long legs.

This Zhao Yali's skin was simply even more tender than Su Fei's. Not a single strand of hair on her body, it was so white that it shone.

Only a pair of pink panties was left on her lower body. On it was a very adorable cartoon character. It could be seen that this little girl was still very childish.

"Just relax." Old Hu sat on the side of the bed and rubbed his hands together before placing them on her stomach.

Unlike before with Su Fei, Old Hu massaged her intestines and explained the reason for her constipation.

"Do you not usually eat vegetables?"

"Yes, there are very few vegetables in the school. Most of them are just meat, so …"

"Then the stench from the defecation should be obviously worse?"

"Indeed, it's a little …" When Zhao Yali heard this question, his face flushed so red that it reached her ears.

"You can buy some barley green juice for yourself, and it won't be too expensive, and you can also add some vegetable fiber, which is beneficial to your defecation, and you won't let your intestinal mucosa get too dry, and your feces will pile up in your intestines, which has a lot to do with your intestinal mucosa. If your intestinal mucosa secretes more liquid, you will have diarrhea, but if you secrete less, you will develop constipation."

The Old Hu began to speak with all seriousness, but there were still some grounds for it. These were all things he remembered from when he was reading the boring newspapers in the past.

"Also, you also need to strengthen your exercise routine. Didn't I tell you before that exercise can strengthen your physique? At the same time, it will also be beneficial for your defecation." Lack of exercise to stimulate the intestines is also a possibility of constipation. "

"Hmm, I have done a lot of homework recently, so I don't have much time to train." Zhao Yali said gloomily.

Old Hu was happy in his heart, he had really hit the nail on the head!

Very quickly, Old Hu's massage came to an end, "This is the lack of coarse fiber in your body and I will prescribe some medicine for you today. Tomorrow, you can come over to check on it and also take the medicine."

He wanted to enjoy this body of his. It was too hasty today and he didn't have the time to prepare anything. He didn't want to move yet.

"Alright, uncle." Zhao Yali obediently put on her clothes, stood up and thanked Old Hu, then left his room.

After she left, Old Hu made a good plan for tomorrow night.

He quickly went online and checked for some "special effects" medicine, preparing to give them to Zhao Yali tomorrow.

On the second day, Old Hu went to a nearby clinic to prescribe a few sets of constipation medicine in case of an emergency. However, he brought back to school a package of colored pills!

This packet of medicine was worth more than the ten bags.

At night, when Old Hu just finished his work and returned to the dorm, Zhao Yali came over, careful to not be discovered. The moment she entered the room, she took the initiative to close the door.

"What are you being so careful for? Are you afraid of being misunderstood? What can we do?" The Old Hu laughed.

"Great Lord!" As long as it's a man and woman together, they will say that there's something wrong with the two of them. I'm doing it for your own good, I don't want to push you to the heart of the struggle. " Zhao Yali thought through everything thoroughly. The actions of the Old Hu had already become a celebrity in the school.

"Girl, you're quite meticulous." Even though she was this careful, Old Hu was still very happy. If no one saw it, it would be easier for him to do bad things.

"Heh heh, a ship that can sail ten thousand years carefully!" Zhao Yali did not feel that what she said was wrong. Without even needing Old Hu to say anything, she obediently laid on the bed and took off her pants.

God knows how tempting it was to be faced with a hungry old man.

Old Hu looked at his fair legs and swallowed his saliva. He walked to the side of the bed and looked at Zhao Yali seriously.

"Yali, I missed a point last time. You told me a long time ago that you had chest pains right? After you left yesterday, I suddenly thought that maybe your constipation is related to this! Because don't you always have a stomachache after defecation? " Old Hu's expression was real, but it frightened Zhao Yali.

"That's right, that's right …" Is it really that serious? " She could not help but worry.

"That's hard to say. To prevent your illness from getting worse, the best way for us to check it now is to check it again. What do you think?" Old Hu guided her step by step.

"That's right, how can we investigate, Uncle?"