"Yes, you're right!" Chen Liyun immediately agreed, and then started to think, what did he mean?

But she was smart, and understood immediately. Old Hu meant that he would help, but she had to pay him, right?

Truly, begging others to do something wasn't something that was asked for in vain!

"I think I'm almost done eating. What about you? "Liyun." The Old Hu asked pretentiously.

"I'm about there too." Chen Liyun naturally would not say that she was not full and quickly put down her chopsticks.

"It's still early." Old Hu looked out of the window and slowly said that he had no intention to go back.

Actually, they had already eaten for two hours. It was already dark outside.

Chen Liyun knew that the Old Hu didn't want to go back, she just wanted to find some entertainment.

"Yeah, why don't we go have a drink? I know your alcohol tolerance will definitely be good! " Thinking about it, Chen Liyun could only think of this place, didn't leaders usually like to finish their meal and sing songs?

Anyway, he could not bring Old Hu to stroll around the river, right?

"That's fine too." The Old Hu did not refuse and directly agreed.

In less than twenty minutes, the two of them arrived at a bar.

This time, it was even more infuriating than the last time. Young men and women were dancing on the dance floor. The girls on the stage were wearing bikini and were dancing in a steel pipe, causing them to almost spurt out nosebleeds.

"Big Brother Hu, let's go jump too!" Not long after he sat down, Chen Liyun couldn't sit still anymore and insisted on pulling Old Hu to the dance floor.

Unable to refuse this young girl, Old Hu had no choice but to follow her.

He only knew how to fight, so how could he dance? He could only shake his body in confusion. However, Chen Liyun was different. She danced very fluently, as if she came to this place often.

Old Hu was confused, wasn't she a police officer? But then he thought, youngsters are normal too.

"Big Brother, do you want to jump with me?" Seeing that he was not in the mood, Chen Liyun immediately grabbed his hand and jumped, letting Old Hu touch her waist.

The dance floor was crowded with men and women, their bodies close together, their postures ambiguous.

Chen Liyun's figure was already very good, and with such an activity, a huge wave was about to spring out. More and more men leaned towards her, but they were all scared off by Old Hu's gaze.

When Chen Liyun was done with her craziness, the Old Hu brought her back to her seat.

"Liyun, you seem to be very familiar with this place. Do you come here often?" Old Hu opened her wine bottle.

Could this also be a woman with an aloof appearance and a grudge in her heart?

"It's alright. I used to have to come in here as a spy to carry out missions, so I'm quite familiar with it." Chen Liyun was still maintaining her previous excited state.

"So it's like that. Come, let's drink!" The Old Hu unceremoniously poured her a full cup of foreign wine.

"Cheers!" Chen Liyun was delighted.

After the two of them drank four or five cups, Old Hu's hands also started to move recklessly as he placed them on Chen Liyun's shoulders and hugged her tightly. The woman did not reject him and he even took the opportunity to pour some into Chen Liyun's arms.

"Li Yun, you really want to meet Chen Lin?" Old Hu confirmed again.

"Of course, I have official business, if you can help me get to know Military Commander Chen, I can do whatever you want." Chen Liyun actually did not drink too much. Lying on Old Hu's lap, her hands wrapped around's neck, her eyes shining.

"Really?" Old Hu smirked and hooked up Chen Liyun's nose.

"That's right!" Why would I lie to Big Brother Hu? " Chen Liyun smiled so gently that one could tell she had come prepared.

"Alright, then tonight... Will you accompany Big Brother? " Old Hu whispered into her ear and then kissed her little face.

This Chen Liyun had an even hotter body than Su Fei, and was even wearing such sexy clothes, he almost couldn't hold on any longer.

"As long as you request it, I can fulfill it," Chen Liyun nodded, then placed the Old Hu on the sofa.

Old Hu did not expect her to agree so quickly. She immediately turned around and pressed Chen Liyun down on him.

This was not a good place to do business, the Old Hu did not want others to watch the live broadcast.

After finding a hidden hotel to get a room, Old Hu threw Chen Liyun onto the bed the moment he entered the door.

The two of them slept till the second day when their butts basked in the sunlight. Because they had applied for a leave of absence in advance, Old Hu once again raised his spear and went up on stage.

After returning to school, Old Hu slept soundly again. He really ate his fill this time, but when he thought about his almost perfect figure, he could not help but feel an itch in his heart.

In the afternoon, when Old Hu was full of energy and went to work, Zhang Jian asked him where he had been enjoying his day.

When it was almost evening, Zhao Yali came over while clutching her stomach.

Old Hu quickly helped her sit down, "Yali, what's wrong?"

Other than Su Fei, the only person at school who had a good relationship with him was Zhao Yali. Seeing her uncomfortable little face, Old Hu was also a bit nervous.

"Great sir, my stomach hurts …" Zhao Yali said slowly to the Old Hu as she cried.

These two days, she was always a little constipated. Even after the defecation, her stomach was still swollen and sometimes hurt.

In the afternoon, Su Fei lectured on stage. Zhao Yali felt pain again and could only lie on the table.

After class, Su Fei called her to her office to inquire about her health.

Su Fei advised Zhao Yali to go to the hospital to have a look, but Zhao Yali said that she had went to the hospital many times and prescribed some medicine, but they were all useful at the time, and became useless afterwards, so she was truly troubled over it.

In fact, she even tried some folk soil recipes, but to no avail.

Su Fei didn't know that Zhao Yali and the Old Hu were very close, she actually recommended her to come to Old Hu to have a look. She had been told that the Old Hu was an old Chinese medicine for many years, and that her medical skills were superb, which was believable.