Furthermore, he did not come back alone. In his arms was a peerless beauty!

Blond hair, blue eyes, and a head full of curly hair, it was glossy and smooth. Just looking at it was enough to make one's body and mind happy.

Even if she did not have those 10 cm high heels, she should be around the same height as the Old Hu. Now, she was about the same height as Zhang Jian.

The way she walked was also very enchanting. If not for her in Zhang Jian's embrace, she would probably be able to walk around for a few rounds.

The girls of Europe and America were not simply thin. Their bodies were well-made, and their eyes were deep and full of spirit. At this moment, they wanted to captivate a person's soul!

"Old Hu, how about it! This is my new girlfriend! Isn't that a bit perfect? " Zhang Jian approached the Old Hu with the woman in his arms, looking extremely pleased with herself.

If someone didn't know, they would definitely think that Zhang Jian was a rich second generation. Otherwise, with just his looks, how would they be able to find such a beautiful girl?

But in reality, Zhang Jian was very poor. He was just a bachelor, and was not hungry even after eating his fill. He had worked for so many years and did not have a house or a car.

How could he be able to get such a woman? The Old Hu was suspicious.

"Zhang Jian, tell me honestly, where did this woman come from?" Old Hu dragged him to the side and asked softly.

"Of course it's because of my charm! Otherwise, what do you think! " Zhang Jian was a little unhappy, and felt that the Old Hu was questioning his ability.

Old Hu rolled his eyes at him, "Alright, you brat, stop pretending to be with me. Don't you know your background? "Tell me honestly, did you go out to find a chicken?"

His tone was a little serious, causing Zhang Jian to immediately submit. After all, he was usually afraid of the Old Hu.

"Big Bro, I really am the official girlfriend here!" Just because you're envious, don't slander me! "

"You stinking brat!" This is truly a heart of contempt! " After the Old Hu heard what Zhang Jian had to say, he was extremely furious. He admitted that he was a little envious, but he didn't think that it would be like this!

"Speak!" "How the hell did you get them?" Old Hu pressed him repeatedly, and Zhang Jian was finally willing to speak the truth.

"Alright, alright. Big bro will tell you!" Zhang Jian was a little mysterious as he casually sent his girlfriend to the side.

That girl was actually very obedient. She would do whatever Zhang Jian told her to, and she wouldn't say a word. Old Hu admired her very much.

A while ago, I saw an advertisement on a park bench. It means there is a marriage agency that can pay 2,000 yuan and then join, but this marriage agency is rather advanced, so I have to pay another 3000 yuan to get to know the matchmakers. Zhang Jian was grinning from ear to ear as he finished his sentence.

"2000 + 3000? This was five thousand yuan! "How can you bear it? Aren't you afraid of being deceived?" Old Hu felt that something was amiss. Even an ordinary marriage agency would not have such an expensive intermediary fee!

"I knew you would say that. Look, my girlfriend has already been with me for several days. How could she be fake? I didn't lose anything! " Zhang Jian said with his mouth full of yellow teeth.

"I say, how far have you and your girlfriend progressed? You brat, you're usually so dishonest!" The Old Hu lowered his voice and asked, causing Zhang Jian to become anxious, "Old Hu, what are you saying? I am an honest and proper person, so don't you dare slander me in front of Little Mei! "

His voice instantly grew louder, and the woman only glanced at him once. Although her expression was still very gentle, Old Hu still felt that something was amiss.

"Alright, alright. I know that you are an honest person, hurry up and answer my question." Old Hu did not pester him. In front of his girlfriend, he had to give her some face so that she would have a good impression of him.

"We really didn't do anything. My girlfriend said that we've only been dating for a few days and she doesn't want to develop too quickly. She's quite conservative." Zhang Jian laughed as if he had picked up a treasure.

In this day and age, how many women are as loyal as jade? But there was! If he let Zhang Jian meet him, how could he not be happy?

"Nothing? "This is unlike you, brat …" Old Hu rubbed his chin, deep in thought. With his many years of experience, this woman was not that pure.

"I kissed her on the mouth, and she even touched me …" "Hehe, but seriously, I really didn't do it in the end!" Zhang Jian resolutely took out his phone from his pocket. "Look, this is a picture of us together.

The woman's figure was simply too good, even Su Fei was a little too lacking in comparison. This time, his heart really moved him.

In the photo, Zhang Jian was playing by the water. He was wearing a pair of flowery underpants and looked like a diaosi, but this Little Mei was different. She was sexy, a bikini, and a tall and slender body.

There was also the photo of them together in the hotel, where Xiao Mei had bathed Zhang Jian. There was also the picture of their tongues touching, it was so intimate that it could not be any more intimate.

Even the Old Hu found it unbelievable that he still hadn't gone to bed with her. If it was him, even if he didn't care whether she was conservative or not, he could do it for her!

After looking at these photos, Old Hu heaved a sigh of relief. He finally believed them a little now, he felt that if it was some scam group that sold goods, they wouldn't leave such a sexy picture, right?

"Why don't you join as well? We can share our resources and look after each other!" Zhang Jian's words were very vulgar.

"Alright, you finally got a word out of it, why do you need it like that!" Old Hu rolled his eyes at him, but he felt an itch in his heart.

In the following day, he didn't even have a proper job, his mind was filled with that beautiful little figure. Zhang Jian could say that, there were a lot of beautiful women like her in the marriage center, but they were also very popular.

If Old Hu also wants to join, that's for the best!