On the second day, Old Hu still could not resist the temptation and went to find Zhang Jian to enter the clubhouse.

According to the address Zhang Jian gave him, Old Hu came to a remote alley in the suburbs.

But Zhang Jian had explained it, said that rich people liked to come to this kind of place with fewer people, and would not be discovered. Old Hu thought about it, and felt that it was indeed so.

Walking along a path, Old Hu found a courtyard house. The sign at the entrance said "High Level Lovers Association", and he couldn't help but laugh. This name was pretty lucky.

There was no one guarding the door, but once they went in, there were a few security guards patrolling. They were all wearing suits, leather shoes and big black sunglasses.

"Are you Mr. Hooper?" A little girl dressed in qipao walked out. Her gentle and very polite voice made Old Hu have his eyes on her.

"Yes." Old Hu looked at her pervertedly. From head to toe, she did not show a single hint of dissatisfaction.

Because they had made an appointment in advance, the Old Hu was able to go in directly.

"Sir, follow me. Be careful of the stairs." The gentleness of Miss Qipao stirred the Old Hu. Since even the staff here were of such high quality and the service attitude was so good, then it must be pretty good.

The qipao girl led him all the way to the second floor. During the entire time, he only saw the beautiful ancient scenery. The interior of the house was decorated like a teahouse. It was very distinctive and even had small streams flowing through it.

Soon, he arrived at the private room. It was beautifully decorated.

"Please wait here for a moment. Our boss will be here shortly." After she said that, she turned to leave, but was pulled by the Old Hu.

"Miss, is your boss a man or a woman?" Old Hu asked with a smile on his face, not forgetting to take advantage of the situation.

"Female!" My boss is very pretty! "Sir, I still need to go down to pick up other guests. Please do as you please." The Qipao girl quickly ran, afraid that the Old Hu would do something else.

Old Hu was still feeling proud, but he didn't see the expression of disdain from the Qipao girl. She immediately changed his face, as if saying: Another fool has taken the bait, let's see how long you can keep feeling proud of yourself!

After waiting for five minutes, the big boss finally came out. It was the person in charge of the marriage agency, Zhang Guihua.

When Old Hu heard this name, he thought that she was joking. There was no one in the village with such a rustic name anymore.

Furthermore, this Zhang Guihua was indeed fitting for a person. She was fat and short. Fortunately, her skin was not black, but she still liked to put on makeup. Her double chin was a triple chin.

The powder on his face fell to the ground.

Old Hu muttered in his heart, why is this manager so ugly? Could it be reliable?

"Hello, Mr. Hu. I heard that you were introduced to us by Boss Zhang. I'm sure you're interested in our …" Zhang Guihua did not stand on ceremony, and introduced the rules of the marriage office. She also introduced herself in a simple manner, and only then did Old Hu know that she was already in her 50s, and was about the same as him.

When the red cheongsam was worn on her body, it was simply like a string of candied fruits!

That afternoon, she wanted to introduce a great beauty to Old Hu. Of course Old Hu was happy, I heard that their efficiency was very high, but I never expected it to be so high!

At three in the afternoon, Old Hu arrived at a coffee shop downtown on time and met his matchmaking partner!

The moment Old Hu saw her, he felt his heart move! That was definitely the best!

Wang Yan was a part-time model. She had graduated not long ago and did not have much love experience.

She was tall and slender, even taller than Old Hu by half a head. Although she was a model, her breasts were protruding and her front was protruding, making her seem even hotter than the little beauty he saw last time. This made Old Hu very satisfied.

Wang Yan was wearing a short skirt, so her thighs were especially slender and straight, causing Old Hu to be unable to help from daydreaming. It looked very delicate, so it must have felt even better!

Thinking about it, Hu Lao Er started to get excited, Old Hu himself started to drool.

This Wang Yan was different from the Little Mei from last time. She was very talkative, loved to chat and had a lot of hobbies.

"Last time, when I went diving with my friends, I actually saw a white whale at the bottom of the lake! It's especially cute! " Wang Yan was excited by her words, she placed her chin on the table, her actions causing her chest to be squeezed, the originally deep career lines became even more attractive, adding that she was originally wearing a low-cut dress, now two big white rabbits were jumping out, it made Old Hu want to stab her.

"Big Brother Hu, what hobbies do you usually have?" Wang Yan's small voice was extremely tender, as if it could drip honey that could melt Old Hu's dried up heart. This was something that Su Fei had never given to him before.

Also, she actually called him big brother and didn't call him grandpa. This made Old Hu even more confident.

"Me? I'm just reading. I don't have any hobbies. I'm not as lively as you. It's pretty good." Old Hu giggled, as though he had never seen the world before. This woman had really enchanted him, and more importantly, she had given him the last bit of face.

"How good it is to read books!" I'm a man who loves reading books the most. Wang Yan stared at Old Hu's eyes and spoke word by word. She even licked her lips, this action of her carried a very obvious hint!

Old Hu was perturbed, did they really have their eyes on him?

"Big Bro, the cold air over there is a bit heavy, can I sit next to you?" Wang Yan suddenly stood up and walked over to Old Hu's side, carefully asking her, but Old Hu was obviously happy and quickly hugged her to sit down.

Now it's okay, Wang Yan directly got onto him and even placed her head on his shoulder, "Big Brother Hu, look at how the two of us are getting along with each other … Is that okay? "

She didn't continue speaking later on. Old Hu saw that her chance had come. No matter what, it should be the man who suggested this!

Therefore, he quickly answered, "Yan'er, if you don't mind me being old and ugly, why don't we give it a try?"

He learned it from a young man and didn't say anything too clearly. It was fine as long as the two of them understood.

Good!" "After that, you will be my darling after all!" "… …" "Wang Yan flirted coquettishly as Old Hu beamed happily.

The two of them stayed in the coffee shop for a long time before they left. Wang Yan's reliance on Old Hu was just like a love affair.

With a new little girlfriend, Old Hu didn't have to think so much. That night, he handed over the remaining three thousand!