"Yali, you have to take this off too. However, if you feel embarrassed, I'll bring you to the hospital tomorrow to find a female doctor." Old Hu intentionally ignored her, pretending to be a good person.

When Zhao Yali heard that she was going to the hospital, she immediately shook her head, she did not want to waste her money.

"I'm fine. I've always treated you as one of my own. Come on!" Zhao Yali stretched out her small hand and undid the BRA. Then, a pair of big white rabbits jumped out in an instant, scaring Old Hu silly.

Heavens, she had developed so well. It was just that her breasts weren't that beautiful. As long as she adjusted them properly, she would definitely be even more beautiful!

Zhao Yali was still very shy. She closed her eyes and waited for Old Hu to treat her.

Since she had already taken the initiative, Old Hu would definitely not be courteous anymore. She might as well go for it.


Zhao Yali had never been treated like this before.

Old Hu pinched it lightly, and after a few rounds, he released it reluctantly.

Zhao Yali immediately put on her jacket, her face as red as a cooked shrimp, "Sir, what do you think happened?"

Just now, I touched your meridians, and there was indeed a small lump, but it's not too serious. I also noticed your underwear just now, it's not very fitting, so if you change it to something more suitable, it should be better. Then, you drink more hot water and exercise.

With his experience in life, Zhao Yali's chest pain was caused by his underwear and he was under too much pressure.

"Remember, don't put too much pressure on yourself. Only by being positive can you improve, right?" Old Hu found a towel to wipe his hands, looking very professional.

From Zhao Yali's point of view, she would not think that he was taking advantage of her.

"But... "I've only changed my underwear for a month …" Zhao Yali was still very shy.

Her breasts had been growing particularly fast lately, but she wasn't fat anywhere else.

Even though he knew that the underwear wasn't suitable for him, he didn't expect it to be this serious, affecting his health. It seemed that he mustn't be underestimated in the future.

"The little girl is in the process of development. Just pay more attention in the future." Old Hu had his back facing her as he let her change her clothes.

"Okay, sir. If there's nothing else, I'll go back first." Zhao Yali slipped away from Old Hu with her head lowered. Actually she still wanted to chat with Old Hu but the situation was too embarrassing and she couldn't resist anymore.

Old Hu did not keep her. She was afraid that if she were to be rash, she would do something.

That night, Old Hu also slept soundly. What was different was that tonight, he had actually dreamed of that trashy Chen Bing!

When Monday morning arrived, Old Hu would already be carrying the evidence to the Education Bureau. He would definitely help Su Fei take this lying down!

When he arrived at the administration area, Sun Longbo was drinking tea and reading a newspaper. He had subordinates doing all sorts of things, so he came here to muddle along in his old age and flirt with beauties.

"Manager Sun is busy." The Old Hu knocked on the door, without waiting for Sun Longbo's permission, he walked in and closed the door.

"Old Hu? Why didn't you knock on the door when you came in? Sun Longbo shot a glance at him, filled with disdain.

"Oh, look at my memory! "You're just a boorish person. You never forget to knock on the door when you enter the room. Please don't take offense to it!" The Old Hu deliberately bowed his head and kneeled down.

"Heh, you can only be a gatekeeper. If I say it like that, what else can I say? " Sun Longbo rolled his eyes at Old Hu and continued to drink his tea and read the newspaper, not putting him in his eyes at all.

"Dean, I came to hand in the materials." Old Hu placed the ingredients that he did not hand in last time on his table humbly.

"That won't do. I'm not qualified to write it. Go back and rewrite it. The things required by the school can't be sloppy." Sun Longbo didn't even look at it and directly dropped it. It was obvious that he was trying to cause trouble!

"Manager Sun, you didn't even look at him and just said that?" Old Hu's tone of voice suddenly changed. He placed both of his hands on the big table, and his aura suddenly appeared.

"What's with your attitude?" Sun Longbo stood up, "Get out of here! When you're done writing, come find me again! "

"Say that again?" Old Hu immediately grabbed him by the collar, "I will write it like this, you have to pass it, but you have to pass it too!"

"You … You want to rebel! What right does a smelly guard have to speak to me like that? Aren't you afraid that I'll fire you? " Sun Longbo was not as tall as the Old Hu, he jumped up in anger and scolded.

"Heh, we don't seem to be of the same system. No matter how awesome you are, you can't control me!" Old Hu did not want to waste anymore time, so he quickly took out his phone and opened the video.

"Manager Sun, you're familiar with this, right? I look a little like you! " The Old Hu laughed sinisterly. That video was truly lively and fragrant. Sun Longbo's ugly state was completely displayed.

"I never thought that Manager Sun would be so short-lived. Tsk tsk." The Old Hu continued to add on.

"What nonsense is this!?" You still dare to slander me? Hurry up and scram, be careful that I don't sue you for slander! " Sun Longbo saw himself clearly on the screen. His eyes were opened wide in disbelief, as well as fear.

"If you don't believe us, we can find someone to appraise it and see if the person inside is you …" Old Hu dragged his voice, "Actually, I don't have any requirements, just one!"

"Where did you get this!" Sun Longbo remained silent for a while, before speaking. His tone was softer than before, clearly admitting it.

"Don't worry about that, I'll let you give Su Fei your spot in the evaluation! Do you understand? " Old Hu went straight to the point and did not want to waste any more time on nonsense.

"Heh, so it's because of her … What makes you think I'd agree? Who do you think you are? If you don't believe me, I'll just get someone to kill you! " Sun Longbo pretended to be furious, but there was no killing intent in his eyes.

With just a glance, Old Hu could tell that this was a scarecrow.

"The main Military Commander of this area is my brother. If you don't believe me, you can go to the Public Security Bureau and ask them. I want to see who killed who in the end." The Old Hu laughed coldly and revealed his background.

He finally understood what happened last time. If there was a relationship, he would have to use it. The more he used it, the more flexible he would become. Otherwise, wouldn't he be wasting it!?

"You …" Sun Longbo hesitated, seeing how Old Hu was so certain, he felt that it was not fake.

"I only have one request. You decide. Do you want to settle this matter peacefully, or do you want to lose your reputation?" Old Hu played with his phone, "I forgot to tell you, I still have a lot of backups."

"You!" Sun Longbo gnashed his teeth in anger, "Good! I agree with your request! "