"That's more like it. A wise man knows his place!" Old Hu pursed his lips in satisfaction, feeling very proud of himself.

"But I'm warning you, you must not take this as a warning! Otherwise, don't blame me when I turn hostile! " Sun Longbo was not someone to be easily bullied, after messing around here for so many years, he had never been threatened before.

This time, he really remembered Old Hu.

"Don't worry, as long as you give the title to Su Fei, I will immediately destroy all of your backups, and do as I said!" Old Hu also did not want to use this as an excuse.

"That's more like it, old boy. I was careless this time, but don't ever do it again!" Sun Longbo glared at Old Hu and sat down in frustration before sending him away with a few words.

On the way back to the duty room, there was no need to mention how happy he was.

Seeing Sun Longbo that grandson humiliated, it was truly great!

However, what Old Hu did not know was that his current pride was exchanged for a period of unease.

After a few days, good news finally came from Old Hu!

The school officially announced each department's' excellent teacher 'quota, and the Chinese department became Su Fei.

Seeing this result, Su Fei could hardly believe it. Previously, Old Hu said that she would help him settle the problem, but she never thought that it would actually work!

From that moment onwards, Su Fei worshipped him even more.

Some people were happy while some were worried. Originally, Chen Bing thought that she had firmly sat in this position, but she never expected that Sun Longbo would switch him off without saying a word!

She was so angry that smoke was almost coming out of her nose, but the result had already been reported to the province, and there was no other way to vent her anger other than to interrogate Sun Longbo.

Not even ten minutes after the results were out, Chen Bing rushed into the Education Bureau. She did not even say hello before she pushed open the door and entered.

Sun Longbo was flipping through the Beauty magazine, when she barged in.

"Aiya, Bing Bing, why didn't you knock on the door when you came in? It would be terrible if someone else saw." Besides, you scared me. " Sun Longbo secretly hid the magazine into the drawer, then ran over to Chen Bing's side and hugged her waist.

Although he said that, how could he not know the reason for Chen Bing's visit?

This title belonged to Su Fei now, it would be good if she did not cause a ruckus today!

"Enough, stop hiding, who are you that I don't know about? "Heh —" Chen Bing said snappily, and pulled his hand away.

In the past, the reason why he was together with Zhang Xuan was for that title. Now that the title was gone, all of his efforts were for naught! You still want to take advantage of her? You don't even have the means!

"Bing Bing, look at what kind of person you are saying I am. What's wrong with that? Why are you so angry?!" In order to enjoy Chen Bing for a long time, Sun Longbo performed very well. She served Chen Bing tea and poured water, spoiling him like she was spoiled by her ancestors.

"Enough, stop acting with me, speak, why did you become Su Fei in the end, what benefits did that little bitch give you?"

Chen Bing's previous dignified and graceful look had completely disappeared, and now she looked like a young miss looking for a customer to seek compensation for.

Her first reaction upon seeing this result was that Su Fei had gone to Sun Longbo's bed! Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to defeat him.

"What good can she give me, alas! This is a long story, don't be angry, just listen to me slowly talk about it. " Sun Longbo sighed, when this matter was brought up, he felt extremely helpless.

"Slow down? Sun Longbo, you still have the face to make me listen to you slowly? I already gave you everything, and you still want to play with me? Tell me, did you sleep with that Little Girl? That's why I gave her the placings! " Chen Bing panicked.

"Bing Bing!" What do you think I am! " Sun Longbo feebly argued. If it was really like that, then it would be alright, at least he wouldn't be so sullen.

"With our friendship, there's no doubt that it's you. But something really happened, which caught me off guard!" The more Sun Longbo thought about it, the more worried he became. He lit up a cigarette.

Chen Bing went silent, but the expression in her eyes showed that she still did not trust Sun Longbo.

She just wanted to see if Sun Longbo could tell her the details. She knew what kind of person he was the most, and what other mutations he could have?

"Do you know Hu Bo?" Sun Longbo glanced at her.

"I know him, isn't she the Old Hu guard? What's wrong? Don't tell me this has something to do with him! " Chen Bing sneered and looked at Sun Longbo with disdain.

"You're right, this is all related to him! The last time we were in the teaching and research department, he took a picture of us at that time! " Sun Longbo took a deep breath fiercely.

"I wonder what kind of relationship that old fellow has with Su Fei? He insisted that I give this spot to Su Fei, otherwise, our video would be made public! Do you know what the consequences will be!? " Sun Longbo knocked on the table, regretting his decision.

It was not that he regretted messing with Chen Bing, but he regretted finding a place to hide and allowing the Old Hu to grab the opportunity.

"What?" Impossible! Old Hu is an honest friend, he can't do anything, how could he have such a way of thinking? " Chen Bing waved his hand repeatedly, as he did not believe Sun Longbo's words at all. She was certain that Sun Longbo was lying to his, that he had poured all the dirty water onto someone who could be easily bullied.

Previously, when the Old Hu treated her, she didn't see how cunning he was!

"They've already shown me the video, is that still not possible? "Oh, Bing Bing, you're still too innocent. You don't know that the people in this world are dangerous!" Sun Longbo was extremely emotional, and did not feel that his words were disgusting at all.

Furthermore, the human heart was sinister, and his heart was the most vicious!

"Really? Is what you said true? " Hearing this, she felt that Sun Longbo did not seem to be lying, but she was still a little doubtful.

"It's up to you whether you want to believe it or not, but I'm telling you, you have to be careful when you do things in the future. You can't get caught with any evidence, or we'll both be finished!" Sun Longbo knew that Chen Bing's husband was a leader. Although the relationship between the two of them had been at odds for a long time, neither of them wanted to wear a green hat.

"I know, but is this matter over? And we were bullied by a guard? " Chen Bing was a little unable to swallow her anger. Never would she have thought that Su Fei and this Old Hu had an affair, otherwise why would this old man help her?

Could it be that Su Fei was the one who instructed the Old Hu to do this? That was very possible!

"Alright, alright. For now, we can only take a step back. However, I will definitely find a chance to take care of him!" You don't have to worry! "