"Sir, you are my dear sir, I will definitely remember this time!" I won't dare to offend you anymore! " Lin Song cried as he forced out two drops of tears.

His jacket and shoes were long gone. His body was covered with dirt and dirt. His hair was messy. He was in a very sorry state.

There was no need to mention his subordinates, as Old Hu was very satisfied with his masterpiece.

"Xiao Fei, do you think I will let him go?" He pulled Su Fei's hand.

"Uncle …" "Let's let them go …" Without the excitement from before, although Su Fei felt great, she had to mutter to herself, what if Lin Song comes back to take revenge in the future?

The Old Hu would never follow her for her entire life.

"True." Old Hu was not an idiot.

"How about this, apologize to Xiao Fei and I, and promise not to provoke her again in the future. Old Hu's tone was calm, but the force beneath his feet did not loosen.

"If he doesn't count, then he doesn't count. My lord, how could I dare to touch your people?!" Lin Song immediately admitted defeat, saying that he and Su Fei were having an affair, but at the moment, it was no longer important.


I, Xiao Fei, am also wrong. I should not have treated you like that, I will definitely change my previous actions! Lin Song's words were extremely smooth, and it could be seen how many times he had promised to do so.

Lin Song lowered his head, his eyes revealing a vicious look.

He had to avenge this enmity!

"Alright, get lost with your henchmen!" Don't provoke me again, or I'll beat you up every time I see you! Do as you say! " Old Hu's domineering aura leaked out, and Su Fei's eyes turned red.

He didn't expect the other party to be so skilled in medicine as well as that of a man.

Su Fei looked at Old Hu in admiration.

"Girl, is there something on my face? You look at me like that. " Old Hu touched his face embarrassedly when he noticed Su Fei's gaze.

After that, Su Fei shyly lowered her head and did not say anything.

In fact, the Old Hu did it on purpose. He was an experienced man, how could he not see the respect the girl had for him.

"Uncle, let me help you go back and rest. You haven't had a good day either." Su Fei felt awkward and changed the topic.

Even though Old Hu was so mighty just now, she felt that she was already old. With such a strong force, she must be exhausted.

The Old Hu did not refute her and allowed her to carry him back to his room.

"Uncle, you said that you saved me so many times. How should I thank you?" Seeing the Old Hu lying on the bed, Su Fei asked softly, his face flushed red.

"Girl, you're too polite. Shouldn't I protect you? Furthermore, if it weren't for the fact that I did not handle this properly, how could you have suffered so much? " Old Hu picked up her hand and held it in his palm, gently rubbing it.

Su Fei did not dodge.

"Great sir, it's great that you're here. You were just too handsome, too manly!" I've never seen a man as good as you. " Su Fei said sincerely. In the past, only people who were on TV could see such a powerful fighter.

The Old Hu listened with beauty that could not feel the pain in his body.

He thought to himself, "I have a more manly side, sooner or later I'll let you see it!"

"A bunch of old bones, what else is there to be handsome for?" He feigned modesty, because girls like humble, low-key, and powerful men.

"Great sir, you're not old. You're just right. You're mature and have a certain charm. Furthermore, you give people a sense of security." Su Fei originally wanted to refute him, but after saying that, she blushed again and turned her head away bashfully.

After experiencing these few events, in Su Fei's heart, Old Hu was no longer an ordinary master.

"Little Girl, you really know how to speak!" The Old Hu got up and leaned towards Su Fei, lovingly scraping her nose. Their gazes met and sparks flew from their eyes, creating a crackling sound.

The Old Hu placed his hand on Su Fei's waist without leaving a trace, and slowly moved up. His face also moved closer and closer, until it was only three centimeters away from her lips.

Su Fei still did not run, but stared at Old Hu with his shiny black eyes, his body trembling slightly, it was unknown if he was feeling afraid or was waiting for it to happen.

Just then, the door opened with a "bang", and Zhang Jian casually walked in with a bottle in hand.

"Old Hu, let me get some ointment for you. Ah, since Teacher Su is here, I won't disturb you guys anymore. " Zhang Jian put the thing down, turned and was about to leave, but Su Fei beat him to it.

"Take care of Grandpa Hu here. I still have to leave first." She ran out again.

This Zhang Jian couldn't be his nemesis, right? Every time when a good thing was about to come to fruition, it would always be destroyed by him!

Zhang Jian didn't think that he had done anything bad, he even enthusiastically applied medicine on the Old Hu, making it difficult for the Old Hu to scold him.

You think this is over? How is this possible?

Lin Song was the youngest son of the family. His family was rich and powerful, after being ruthlessly beaten up by the Old Hu, he turned around and went to Lin Ming to cry.

As a result, the next day, Lin Ming sent Chen Liyun and a few other policemen to the school. He took out a "detention certificate" and was about to take Old Hu to the police station.