"Officer Chen, what do you mean by this!" Old Hu could not help but ask. He was clearly a victim, how could he be captured?

"Someone reported that you were gathering in a public place to cause trouble, and we confirmed that it was true so we formally arrested you. When we arrive at the police station, there will naturally be people asking about it, so you only need to cooperate with us." Chen Liyun said in one breath, her tone extremely official.

Old Hu could not like his capable look.

Officer Chen, you guys are really bullying me, it's just that Lin Song's brother is the bureau chief, so it's not illegal for him to hit people, and it's illegal for me to defend myself? Old Hu was excited.

He had been through a lot of unfair treatment in his life, but this time, he was truly wronged.

"Uncle Hu, I'm not going to say anything about this matter. If you have any grievances, you can go to the police station and report it to them. The police chief will find out the truth and return your innocence." Chen Liyun's attitude became a bit more relaxed, with a lot of helplessness mixed within.

Although she was a police officer, she was someone else's subordinate after all. She could only obey orders from above and not disobey.

Everyone knew what Old Hu was saying, but no one dared to expose it.

Old Hu was so angry that he could not speak, and was brought to Police Station.

After some people found out his identity, they were directly brought into the interrogation room. Old Hu was handcuffed so cold that they could not move.

"Speak!" Are you making a scene on Friday evening? " A dark-skinned policeman slammed his hand on the table and shouted loudly. His voice was loud and his attitude was fierce, like the King of Hell.

"Comrade Police, I am truly wronged! It's that bastard Lin Song who found fault with me first and even bullied our school's Teacher Su. Not capturing Lin Song, but capturing me instead! "

The Old Hu breathed heavily as he shouted, unafraid of him.

"Watch your words!" Speak properly! We've already investigated everything. You just need to admit the truth! " the black cop warned again.

However, there was a hidden meaning behind his words, as though he was forcing the Old Hu to confess.

"Hey, Comrade Police Officer, you look like a black-hearted person. Look at how beaten up I am. Do you have bad eyesight?" Old Hu scolded as he pointed at the wound on his face.

The wounds from a few days ago were still scarred, and now there were new wounds.

"Alright you!" "He dares to openly provoke the people's police!" The black-faced policeman slammed the table and stood up. His fiendish look made him look like a local thug, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

"Heh, provoking you? I wanted to sue you! The school had surveillance that could prove everything! Go and check! He probably asked someone to delete it long ago! Pui! What right do you have to be the people's police! "

Seeing that they had completely reversed the situation, Old Hu decided to just break the lid on them and scold them happily first.

"Take him down, detain him for seven days, and a fine of five thousand yuan." The black policeman suddenly stopped scolding and waved his hand, ordering his men to bring Old Hu to the detention cell.

"Why are you doing this to me!? The one who should be detained was Lin Song! The one who deserves compensation is that son of a b * tch, you bunch of trash only know how to pick on the weak! This is all because Lin Ming is the bureau chief! "

After being brought out from the interrogation room, Old Hu scolded him along the way, causing many people to look at him.

The police behind him always wanted to subdue him, but Old Hu was simply too agitated to stop them.

"What are you yelling for? This is the police station. If you continue shouting, I'll make your crime even worse!" At this critical moment, Chen Liyun appeared again to "maintain justice".

"Hehe, Officer Chen, you look so righteous. I didn't expect that you would be colluding with them!" Old Hu spat and rolled his eyes.

"What nonsense are you talking about!" Chen Liyun was no longer happy, "I am being impartial now, you should be punished if you hurt her, you should be detained, what grievances do you have?"

"Nice and fair law enforcement. If you have the ability, then lock me up for life. As long as I can get out, none of you will have a good time!" Old Hu clenched his teeth and made up his mind.

"You lunatic, hurry up and take him away." Chen Liyun frowned, and turned to leave.

Back in her office, she was still frowning.

The Old Hu's words kept on lingering in her ears. He had seen the day when the Old Hu was injured and he had also seen the videos, but because of Lin Song's powerful background, he was able to escape again and again.

This time, she also went to the school to monitor the situation. It was obvious that Lin Song was here to provoke and humiliate women.

"Damn it!" She slammed her fist on the table, hating herself for being so powerless.

Her position as a team leader was too useless, she was being pressured by the upper management at all times.

On the other side, Chen Liyun frowned, the Old Hu was locked up again.

But at this time, there was a person who was extremely pleased with himself, and that person was Lin Song.

This police station was just like his home, where he could casually go in and out.

When he heard that the Old Hu was captured, Lin Song immediately came over to watch the commotion.

Separated by the iron fence, he actually spat towards Old Hu, "You're awesome, aren't you awesome? This is good, not only will you be locked up, but you'll also have to compensate me for my medical expenses. "

"Let me tell you, five thousand dollars is too little. What nutrition and mental loss? You're going to go bankrupt! "

"A Stinking Old Man dares to pretend to be compared with me! See how this daddy will play you to death this time! "

Lin Song's words were extremely dirty, and he almost couldn't take it anymore.

Old Hu did not say a word, but stared straight at him. Even though he was trapped inside, his aura was still strong.

"Aiyo, old thing, you still dare to glare at me?!" "You old bastard!" Lin Song fiercely kicked the door, but he did not manage to kick Old Hu, he was in a very bad mood.

"Men, open the door! I will kill this old thing today!" he shouted, not at all afraid of trouble.

After a while, no one replied.

Lin Song panicked, and roared towards the sky, "Where's the manager! Hurry up and open the door! "If not, I will let my brother open you guys!"

"Humph, that's all you've got!" Old Hu sneered.

A thing that could only rely on his dad for how long could he be proud?

Old Hu had already secretly planned a plan in his heart, to implement it when he left the Old Hu!

"Someone come!" "Hurry up!" Lin Song could not hold back his anger, and raised his voice by a lot.

An intern police officer came back with a troubled face and an especially polite attitude, "Brother Lin, this really cannot be opened. Without orders from the higher-ups, it would be a violation of the rules and we would be punished."

They all knew of Lin Song's background, so no one dared to offend him.

"My word is an order! "I can't open it, if I can't, I'll make you scram right now!" Lin Song grabbed the intern's collar and raised his fist.