He might not be able to say anything else, but he was not afraid of fighting!

Not to mention this one, three more wouldn't be a problem!

Looking at Su Fei who was in her embrace, she closed her eyes tightly and frowned slightly, as though she was very unsettled. Old Hu was somewhat puzzled, since it seemed like he did not like the man either, why did he still go out to eat and drink with him?

Thinking about it this way, he was a little angry, thinking that Su Fei had learnt bad!

But with a beauty in his arms, the Old Hu did not even dare to let go of her. After all, he had not gotten close to her for so many days, he wanted to kill her so much.

He moved the big hand that was placed on her waist up until it was in front of her big white rabbit. This kind of feeling was really f * cking wonderful. No wonder that man said something just now to send her back home.

Old Hu was just about to take his next move, but considering that he was still at the school gate and would be easily seen by others, he could only endure and bring Su Fei into the school.

The street lights were almost all turned off, and there was not a single person on campus. Old Hu began to act unscrupulously, burying his head in front of her chest and ruthlessly rubbing against her smooth skin.

In the end, Su Fei was awakened by his dawdling, and started to push away his restraints, wanting to walk forward by herself.

"Xiao Fei, you've drank too much!" Old Hu followed closely behind her, wanting to pull her away.

"Don't touch me! I don't need you to worry about me. Hurry up, the farther the better! " Su Fei suddenly shouted loudly. Although she could not speak clearly, Old Hu could still hear him.

What had happened for her to hate him so much? It was strange that she should have thanked him so kindly a few days ago!

In fact, Su Fei had treated him as the Mu Zicheng from before. She had thought that he wanted to follow her back to the dorm.

Although Old Hu was upset, looking at how Su Fei was on the verge of collapse and afraid that something bad was going to happen to her, he could only follow behind her in a few steps.

Su Fei acted like she was possessed, turning her head back from time to time, causing the Old Hu to have to hide like a thief.

It wasn't easy for him to reach the entrance of the dormitory, but Su Fei's legs went soft and he actually fell straight onto the stairs.

Old Hu immediately ran over and picked her up, and carried her into the dorm in one breath.

The air in Su Fei's room was fragrant, the smell was just as enchanting as the air around Su Fei. Old Hu circled around a few times, not wanting to leave.

He closed the door and laid Su Fei flat on the bed. Seeing that her entire body was flushed red, he thought to give her some antidote or else she wouldn't feel so bad if she woke up tomorrow.

After searching for a long time, he found that there weren't any medicines in the room, so he could only use his own prescription to make some brine and bring it over.

Just as Old Hu placed the water down, Su Fei started to vomit. She was vomiting so much that she wanted to vomit her stomach out.

"Aiyo, my little mistress, you sure know how to cause trouble for me!" Looking at the mess on the ground and the pungent smell, Old Hu frowned. He went to the bathroom and grabbed a broom and mop.

Afraid that Su Fei would vomit on the ground, he intentionally placed a few layers of plastic bags on the ground in front of her. In the end, Su Fei lowered her head and didn't react at all, as if she had fainted.

Old Hu embraced her waist and forcefully laid her down on the bed. He then took off her clothes on his own accord.

She was only left with her halter top, even the snow-white dress on her chest couldn't hide it.

Old Hu swallowed hard, Little Girl, you really made me want to die.

"Xiao Fei, drink some salt water to dissolve the wine." He coaxed her softly, but the latter did not react at all, as she did several times in succession.

With no other choice, he could only make his next move.

Old Hu took a sip of water, placed it in her mouth, moved in front of Su Fei, pinched open her mouth, and stuck it to his mouth. Then, he spat in all the salt water mixed with saliva.

Su Fei instinctively swallowed it down, almost choking on it but she still didn't have any reaction.

Seeing that, Old Hu could only take another bite. This time, he did not leave immediately after spitting, but extended his tongue out.

So this was what it meant to take advantage of another's situation! Old Hu had to live for more than forty years before he could taste this!

After playing with it for who knows how long, the Old Hu didn't dare to make any further moves.

Su Fei coughed twice, as if she was about to wake up. Old Hu immediately sat up and looked at her seriously.

Indeed, in a few seconds, Su Fei opened her eyes. She first looked at her surroundings, and then let out a sigh of relief.

She wanted to close her eyes once again, but when she saw Old Hu, she was shocked and immediately sat up.

"Why are you here! What did you do to me! " She felt a cold chill on her body. She looked down and saw that her coat was gone. Her clothes were also wrinkled. Suddenly, her tone became cold and harsh.

"Ah, Xiao Fei, what kind of eyes are those? What else can I do to you?" Old Hu pretended to be in a daze and sighed.

"I saw you were drunk and that man wanted to make a move on you. Although I don't know what relationship you have, I can tell that you're very much against him." As the Old Hu spoke, he observed Su Fei's expression. As expected, her eyes flashed, and he was right.

"There's a rule in the school. Plus, I was afraid something would happen to you, so I didn't let him in. He almost fought with me for this reason, but because I insisted, he had no choice but to leave."

"Then why are you in my room …" Su Fei muttered, as if he didn't quite believe him.

After that, I saw that you were not even walking steadily, so I sent you back. You were unconscious, and I was afraid that something would happen to you, so I wanted to help you dissolve the wine. The clothes on the floor were all over your body, and I helped you clean and clean up.