"It's nothing serious, you don't have to worry." Old Hu saw that Zhao Yali was a little nervous and comforted her, but he then took out a stethoscope, "Yali, take off your jacket, I want to hear your heart rate."

When she hugged him just now, she felt that her chest was soft. No matter what, she should at least have a good look.

"Ouch." Zhao Yali hesitated for a moment, then took off her jacket, which was a thin undergarment.

Old Hu coughed and swallowed his saliva to hide his embarrassment. He thought to himself, what do the children eat now?

Old Hu pressed his hand onto it and pretended to listen. He frowned slightly in thought, but he did not understand anything.

Maybe the little girl was too shy, she immediately closed her eyes, and Old Hu boldly started to size her up.

Old Hu's breathing became hurried, and he couldn't help but have a reaction again …

Worried that he might alert the enemy, Old Hu stopped attacking in time, "It's okay, you can relax now. It's getting late, go back to your dorm quickly, so that you don't get scolded by your auntie."

He turned to the stethoscope, hiding his embarrassment.

But before Zhao Yali could react, just now, when she accidentally touched it, she felt like there was an electric current flowing through her body. It was too shameful.

She might be crazy!

How can you have thoughts about an old man?

Therefore, Zhao Yali did not stay any longer, thanked her and ran off.

Smelling the fragrance left behind by his fingertips, Old Hu felt extremely upset. He had to find an opportunity to see who exactly was bothering Su Fei!

Thus, starting from the second day, he paid attention to the time when Su Fei would come to school. At this time, he would change shifts with his colleagues, and then slip out of the school door to wait.

For three days in a row, Su Fei came to school with nothing out of the ordinary, and even her face was flushed red, and her complexion looked good. However, she felt very awkward when she saw Old Hu, and her eyes also avoided him, as if Old Hu was a bad guy.

At night, after tossing and turning but being unable to sleep, he went for a stroll at school. In the end, he bumped into a man who drove Su Fei back to school.

Su Fei got off the carriage with a bouquet of roses in her arms. Her face was slightly red, and her walk was unsteady.

With a gentle breeze, even Su Fei's skirt flew up, the scenery inside was especially tempting …

Immediately after, a man helped her up from behind, "Xiao Fei, you drank too much, it's not safe to be alone. I'll send you back."

He looked like a successful man, but he couldn't hide the desire in his eyes. He obviously yearned for Su Fei from the first glance.

He supported Su Fei's arms with her big hands tightly wrapped around Su Fei's slender waist, and even leaned on her chest unintentionally, wishing that his entire body could fit onto Su Fei's body.

"No …" No need... I can walk by myself! " Su Fei pushed his arm, it seemed like he did not want him to get too close.

"It's alright, don't try to be brave Xiao Fei, I'll send you back, this way I won't be able to relax!" The man did not let go as he hung onto Su Fei's body. It was as if had drank too much.

"Don't get so close to me …" Su Fei moaned, which further stimulated the man's possessiveness, causing flames to shoot out of her eyes. She couldn't wait to finish Su Fei right here and now.

His hand also started to become dishonest, stroking Su Fei's body up and down.

"Don't …" Su Fei wanted to resist but she was too dizzy to do anything.

Seeing that, Old Hu became angry and rushed out.

"What are you doing!?" "What are you doing here?" he shouted, pointing the electric baton at the man, frowning and looking very dignified.

The man only glanced at Old Hu, but didn't think much of the guard's uniform.

"My girlfriend drank too much. I want to send her back to her dorm. Is it any of your business?" The man raised his eyebrows and raised his chin in a very arrogant manner, looking down on everyone.

"I am a guard at the school, and the one beside you is the school's Teacher Su. Teacher Su lives in the staff dormitory! In the middle of the night, she was hugged by an unfamiliar man who wanted to barge into the school. Do you think it has anything to do with me? " Old Hu was filled with righteous indignation, he hit his electric baton with lightning speed.

"Are you deaf? I said this is my girlfriend! I'm not a stranger! What's wrong with us little couples cuddling together, you Stinking Old Man coming out to meddle! " The man became more anxious the more he spoke. He placed Su Fei to the side and walked straight in front of Old Hu.

Old Hu lowered his head by half a head, so he no longer held the upper hand in terms of aura, but his eyes were very firm, and the young man didn't dare to act rashly.

"No matter who you are, you can't even if you are the god! She can come in, but you can't! "Hurry up and go!" After saying that, Old Hu dragged Su Fei away. Su Fei was so drunk that she became a pile of mud. She leaned against the carriage with her head lowered, and the bouquet of roses fell to the ground.

"Your Stinking Old Man, I think you are looking for a beating!" When the man saw that Su Fei was not clear-headed, he was not worried about leaving a bad impression on her. He raised his fist and was about to punch her.

At the same time, Su Fei's body slipped off the carriage, almost falling to the ground.

Old Hu's hands moved quickly, grabbing onto Su Fei's slender waist, grabbing onto the man's fist in the air, then he squeezed it tightly.


"Ah — let go of me! Let me go! "It hurts!" The man screamed miserably, but because he was in front of Su Fei, he could only suppress his voice.

"Stinking brat, you still dare to fight me? I'm afraid you don't know what I did in the past!" "Don't look down on me, scram, if you dare cause any more trouble, I'll send you to the Public Security Bureau!"

The Old Hu said fiercely, the hostility in his eyes emitting out. He did not seem like a security guard at all, but more like a gangster boss.

As soon as he let go, the man quickly withdrew, his face somewhat pale.

"Sure, you wait …" You Stinking Old Man, I won't let you go just like that! " He clamored into the car and drove away with one hand on the steering wheel.

"Pfft!" "If you have money, then pretend to be the boss! F * ck you all!" Watching his back, Old Hu spat and cursed.