Old Hu was in his fifties, but he still struck out with his bare hands.

When he was young, he became an apprentice in a Chinese pharmacy, then he entered a security company. Now that he was old, he had to rely on his nephew's relationship to become a doorkeeper at the university.

Looking at the lean man with a crew cut, he indeed had some real skills. Although he was a little over 1.7m tall, he was very fierce when fighting. Otherwise, the school would not let him be a gatekeeper so easily.

When he was young, Old Hu was married once, but his wife was weak and couldn't take the torment of the energetic Old Hu at all, in just two years, she was divorced.

Old Hu had also thought of finding another wife, but his family was too poor, he had left the family, and adding that he was very picky, he insisted on finding a wife with big breasts and perky buttocks.

Being arrogant led to him being single all the time.

When he had just arrived at the university, the biggest hobby of the Old Hu was to see the slim, fair and delicate female university student and the female teacher walk past the school gate.

Just like this, after working as a gatekeeper for some time, his days passed by in a carefree manner. He was incredibly envious when he saw many young couples embracing each other in the small forest in front of the school.

Old Hu imagined in his heart: If one day I can get him to fall for a female university student, a beautiful teacher, that would be great!

On that day, a new beautiful young teacher who had just graduated from university had entered the school, causing the soul of the Old Hu to be sucked away.

The beautiful teacher was Su Fei. She had a model 172, dressed in professional clothing, black stockings and long legs, with a bright face, looking like a charming fox. Every time she stared at him, Old Hu would drool.

Old Hu thought everyday that if he could get his hands on such an excellent item, it would be worth it even if it cost him his life.

Unlike the other girls who were aloof and proud, Su Fei had just graduated from university and lacked experience in society. She was very pure, and had good relationships with people, and would greet anyone she saw.

When she was patrolling in the campus, she coincidentally found that the curtains in Su Fei's dormitory were not closed properly. She had just finished showering and was changing her clothes, so her curvy body made the Old Hu drool from afar.

Seeing this beautiful scene, a wave of desire rose up from the bottom of his heart. Old Hu returned to the duty room outside the school, feeling uneasy, a wave of evil fire pressing down on his heart.

At one in the morning, when Old Hu heard the sound of someone knocking on his door, he stood up and opened the door to see Su Fei wearing a loose pyjamas with a ponytail standing outside the door pitifully.

"Sir, I want to ask you to do me a favor. The electricity in my dorm has tripped. Can you help me fix it?" I still have some urgent work to do in the evening. " Su Fei said.

Hearing that, Old Hu was ecstatic, he stared at the alluring scene in front of Su Fei's chest, the middle of the night was a chance given by the heavens, he quickly agreed.

After that, Old Hu followed Su Fei to her dorm. Su Fei walked in front, and Old Hu's eyes were always staring at her bottom, although it wasn't as big as Hai Ma's, but its size was just right, and it fit Old Hu's taste. As she walked, it was trembling, fat and perky, and her hot pants were tight.

The more he looked at it, the more Old Hu found it unbearable.