When he arrived at Su Fei's dorm, he opened the door and a beautiful fragrance wafted over, causing Old Hu to suddenly feel relaxed and happy.

"Come in, sir. It's so late and I'm troubling you." Su Fei was rather polite.

Because there was no electricity, the house was dark and he could not see anything. Old Hu walked in with a flashlight.

"Why are you being so courteous to this old man? Look at what you're saying."

With that, Old Hu shone his flashlight into the dorm. The room was neat and tidy, with pink bedsheets and a few Kawai toys on the bed. It was hard to tell that Su Fei was a little girl in her heart.

The Old Hu could not help but think about it a few more times.

The electric lock was in the bathroom. Old Hu checked it once and found that the fuse was burnt, so he helped her change it from the toolbox.

Just as he was done changing, the light turned on and Old Hu stood on the chair and looked down.

Su Fei was coincidentally standing beside Old Hu, and he saw the spring scenery inside Su Fei's pajamas with a glance. She actually wasn't wearing anything underneath her clothes …

Seeing this scene, Old Hu felt blood welling up from his nose.

Su Fei seemed to have noticed this scene, her face flushed red, and she immediately covered her chest with her hands.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Old Hu hastily got down from the stool. However, he was not careful and landed with one foot on the ground.

Su Fei instinctively wanted to go and support her, but the impact of the Old Hu was too strong, she was unable to support her, and her entire body fell into her embrace.

Her soft chest made intimate contact with Old Hu and the two fell onto the ground face to face. Luckily, Old Hu had used all his strength to support himself on the ground, preventing any injuries.

"Are you alright, sir?"

Su Fei was a little worried that Old Hu would get hurt, so she shook her head and said that she was fine and looked calm.

After the electric lock was repaired, Old Hu and Su Fei came out from the bathroom. Su Fei even politely brewed a cup of hot tea for the Old Hu, and the two of them sat and chatted for a while.

While they were chatting, Old Hu's gaze wandered around. He noticed one detail, that was, inside a few strands of black silk that belonged to Su Fei, there were two black belts and a small piece of cloth between the two.

At that time, he had already guessed in the bottom of his heart that although Su Fei's heart was pure, deep down, she should be very open-minded …

"Uncle, thank you so much for today." It's so late, and I still have to trouble you to repair the electric switch for me. " Su Fei said politely as she sat opposite to Old Hu.

"You're being so formal with this grandpa, is there anyone you're interested in?" Old Hu kept on talking.

Su Fei shook her head, "Not yet, I just graduated from university and applied to be a teacher here. How would I have the time to meet someone like that."

As she finished speaking, her face slightly blushed.

After chatting for a bit, Old Hu found out that Su Fei came from a rural place, and that her family's situation wasn't too good. His parents weren't well, and were often hospitalized, so she temporarily didn't have the mood to date them.

Old Hu had never taken the initiative to leave, so it was even more embarrassing for Su Fei to send her off.

Seeing that, Old Hu's Fiery Eyes of Truth immediately spied on them.

Her snow-white legs were slightly crossed over each other, but a tiny crack could still be vaguely seen …


Old Hu suddenly swallowed his saliva.

And this scene just happened to be in Su Fei's eyes.

Embarrassed, she quickly covered her mouth until her ears were red.

Old Hu hurriedly found an excuse to leave, and returned to the duty room. His mind was filled with Su Fei's beautiful figure, and he could not help but do something bad.

Ever since the matter of repairing the electric lock at midnight, Su Fei rarely visited him. Even when they were walking out of the school gate, she very rarely greeted Old Hu.

Old Hu sighed, he thought that even Su Fei would not bother with him.

But who would have known that Old Hu, who was over fifty years old, would actually one day make the young, beautiful and sexy female teacher, Su Fei, lower herself beneath him and let him do as he pleased …