Chapter 25: Nautical Survival 25

Fu Yizhi pulled out his knife from the zombie’s neck, then rinsed it in the rain, “If you don’t hurry up, I won’t save you a second time.”

“What about the ladder you took earlier?”

Right, the ladder!

Fu Anan took out a flashlight and illuminated the surroundings. “Follow me.”

Fortunately, the rain masked most of their smell and the sound they made, so not all zombies were chasing after them.

Fu Anan held the flashlight and found the ladder she left behind earlier. Under the light, she saw the small hole again. The hole in the metal sheet had grown bigger. During the day, it was only big enough to fit a little finger, but now it had expanded to accommodate three fingers.


Another zombie howl came from behind, but Fu Yizhi solved it with two shots, “What are you standing there for?”

“The hole made by the zombie had gotten bigger.”

Fu Yizhi glanced at it, then picked up the ladder, “Forget about that. Let’s climb up first.”

The cargo ship had stacked up a maximum of ten shipping containers.

It was pitch dark, and the containers were not arranged in a regular trapezoidal formation. Some areas were almost impossible to climb.

For instance, at the spot in front of them, there were three containers high. It was the closest foothold for them to go up another level. There was a two-meter gap between the two sites. The wooden ladder couldn’t reach such a height.

“What should we do now?”

Fu Anan counted the containers beneath her feet. There were six of them under her. This should be high enough.

“We have to go higher.” Fu Yizhi looked up. “There are too many threats around us. We’re not high enough.”

As he spoke, Fu Yizhi wedged the wooden ladder against the opposite side.

“Be careful, I’m going to open the container on the other side.”

“Huh?” Fu Anan was taken aback. Before she could say anything, Fu Yizhi had already stepped onto the ladder and crossed over.

As soon as the lock was opened, the zombies inside rushed out.

Fu Yizhi quickly retreated to the original container he was. Then, he folded up the ladder, and watched as the zombies on the other side fall down like dumplings.

Occasionally, one of them would claw up onto the edge of the container, only to be kicked down by Fu Yizhi.

Once all the zombies inside had come out of the container, the two of them crossed over using the wooden ladder.

Seeing Fu Yizhi constantly adjusting the angles of the container doors, Fu Anan finally understood his intention. This man wanted to use the three container doors as stepping stones to climb up.

Fu Yizhi was agile and highly capable, but he had incredibly bad luck. Each of the three containers he opened had zombies inside.

The two of them endured hardships along the way. Finally, with some close calls, they reached the highest container.

“Step back.” Fu Yizhi drew his gun and slowly approached the container.

“Wait a minute!” Fu Anan stopped him.

“What’s the matter?”

“Master Fu, it seems that you have bad luck in opening the containers. Shouldn’t you pray to the heaven and earth first?” Fu Anan sincerely suggested to him.

He still thought that she had something important to say, but Fu Yizhi was choked for a moment by her words. He gave her a cold glance, then took a step back, “You do it.”

Look at your foul mouth.

Fu Anan took a deep breath and turned to Fu Yizhi, “Big Brother, you’ll protect me, right?”

Fu Yizhi: “I will cooperate with you.”

Fu Anan forced out a smile—— She shouldn’t have acted clever when she’s the beneficiary in this situation.

In a resigned manner, Fu Anan placed the ladder next to herself and gently pulled a small opening in the container.

There was no movement inside.

Fu Yizhi pointed his gun at the container door and gestured towards Fu Anan, “Open it wider.”

Fu Anan pulled it outwards, completely opening the container door. When she saw what was inside, she wanted to raise her head and chest high in pride. She looked at Fu Yizhi with an eyebrow raised.

Luck was on their side. Inside the container were stacked boxes, not zombies.