As for what that thing was, Fu Yizhi didn’t tell her.

In the middle of the night.

Fu Anan was groggily awakened by Fu Yizhi. Three hours had passed and it was her turn to keep watch.

The heavy rain outside continued relentlessly. It was even growing heavier.

Patter, patter, patter.

Rainwater dripped through the cracks and hit plastic bags. A puddle had formed around them.

Fu Anan let out a sigh. She got up and took a bow to catch the dripping water.

The rain was too heavy. Several spots in the shed were starting to leak. Even the bed where Fu Yizhi was sleeping had a considerable wet patch near the pillow.

He slept so soundly that Fu Anan didn’t even know how to handle it.

Fu Anan took a small bowl and was about to put it next to him when Fu Yizhi fiercely opened his eyes. Fu Anan felt as if the world was spinning in an instant as Fu Yizhi pressed her down onto the bed. The guy was already loaded and pressed against her temple.

The entire action was seamless. It didn’t even take two seconds.

“B-b-b-big brother, please calm down!” Fu Anan was terrified, “I just came over to catch the rain for you!”

Just as she finished speaking, a drop of condensed rain just dripped onto Fu Anan's forehead.

Fu Yizhi glanced at the small bowl in her hand and slowly released his grip on her arm. "No need to catch rainwater. Keep your distance when I'm resting.

Fu Anan vigorously nodded her head. With his current attitude, she wouldn’t dare to come near him.


There was a flash of lightning, followed by a thunderclap.

Apart from the thunder, there seemed to be other sounds mixed in.

“Help, Help!”

The cries for her grew closer. Through the window, Fu Anan saw Sun Caiyan approaching with zombies chasing after her.

“Damn it, Sun Caiyan released the zombies from the containers. They’re coming towards us!”

Fu Yizhi furrowed his eyebrows, “Turn off the lights. Let’s go climb up the rooftop.”

“Help me grab a stool!” Fu Anan reached out, but Fu Yizhi lifted her up instead. She opened the sunroof, then holding onto the eaves, she climbed up.

Immediately after, Fu Yizhi took a running start and leaped up. He grabbed into the eaves and got out.

The two had just closed the sunroof when Sun Caiyan kicked down the door and entered.

The small house was surrounded by zombies.

Once she entered inside, Sun Caiyan began frantically searching for them, “Anan! FU ANAN! I know you’re still here! Come out quick! We’re surrounded!”

“I was wrong. I shouldn’t have harmed you! When we make it out alive, I’ll give you money. I’ll give you all my savings!”

“Please. I beg you. Save me!”

Sun Caiyan screamed hysterically inside the shed.

Fu Anan wiped off the rainwater from her face. She pointed to her own head.

She has a brain problem if she went down there.

The weak door couldn't withstand the assault of hundreds of zombies. It was about to collapse, forcing Sun Caiyan to escape through the back door.

Almost all of the zombies were attracted by her. Before long, Sun Caiyan's screams could be heard.

"Within three minutes, pack up and head to higher ground immediately."

After Fu Yizhi finished speaking, he jumped down first and started organizing his belongings.

Fu Anan quickly followed suit.

Just as they were about to leave, Fu Anan suddenly remembered Fu Yizhi's previous words. "What about the important matter you mentioned?"

In the moonlight, a shadow seemed to loom over Fu Yizhi's face. He glanced in the direction of the screams and said, "The zombies have taken care of it for me. It's no longer important."

Fu Anan just felt a chill run down her spine.

Suddenly, a cold glint flashed under the lights on the ship. Fu Anan watched as Fu Yizhi’s dagger stab towards her.

She thought that she was done for, but then she heard the sound of something falling behind her.

Fu Yizhi had killed a silently approaching zombie.

Fu Anan touched her neck, feeling a wave of relief. "Thank you."