Fu Anan stood guard at the door, eating an apple while keeping track of how many survivors had made it through.

Since the thirteenth day until now, a total of 21 crew members had attempted to escape towards the kitchen. 16 of them succeeded. The number of zombies roaming outside ranged from 190 to 210.

Fu Anan counted the zombies outside once again through the peephole.

Perhaps she was too engrossed in her task that she didn’t notice a zombie slowly approaching. It wasn’t until it blocked the peephole that she realized it.


The zombie banged its head hard against the door, frightening Fu Anan and causing her to sit on the ground in surprise.

Perhaps hearing the noise, the zombie intensified in banging the door, attracting the other zombies in the corridor.


Fu Anan took several steps backwards. She tightly gripped the kitchen knife that she had obtained.

At that moment, the sound of a door opening door was suddenly heard. Someone couldn’t hold on any longer and rushed towards the kitchen. This perfectly-timed distraction drew zombies’ attention away from Fu Anan’s door.

Fu Anan leaned against the door and peeked outside. It was the chubby guy from the opposite room.

She hadn’t seen him for a few days. The chubby man had become thinner due to hunger.

Fu Anan looked at him in astonishment. He had been scratched by a zombie before, yet he didn’t mutate!

Was he an exception?

Or was the mutation virus only transmitted when bitten by a zombie?

Fu Anan watched as the chubby man run towards the kitchen door and hide inside. In the following two days, no one else tried to escape towards the kitchen.

Fu Anan speculated that there might be no one left in the other rooms. She was left all alone in the middle and rear section of the ship.

On the Eighteenth Day of Nautical Survival.

Fu Anan listened to the sounds of zombies pacing and banging against the walls outside. Even eating an apple had to be done slowly so as to avoid making too much noise.

In addition, there was a problem with the water supply. Two days ago, the water from the faucet had turned yellow. It also exuded a faint fishy smell.

Fortunately, there were items in the space, which included the 36 bottles of mineral water. There was also one space compartment filled with fruits, 27 packs of instant noodles, and 10 pieces of whole wheat bread. In addition, there was one space compartment was filled with medical supplies.

These things provided her with a sense of security.

Bzzzt bzzt——

The lights above her head intermittently flickered.

Fu Anan’s heart skipped a beat as she looked upwards. Fortunately, the lights quickly came back on.

Fu Anan stood up barefoot. The floor was covered with a layer of blankets. It was regrettable that she didn’t bring a few books. In her solitary struggle for survival, she could only perform silent radio calisthenics to pass the time.

Just this time, a sound came from the direction of the kitchen.

“W-what are you doing?”

“You can’t do this!”


The voice abruptly stopped.

A man’s body was thrown out of the kitchen. Fu Anan’s eyes opened widely. It was the captain of the “Homeward Journey”. The zombie surged forward to feast on the flesh on his body.

Something seemed to have happened in the kitchen.

Fu Anan couldn’t see the specific situation. There were no further movements at that door, only the captain’s body remained. It was gnawed to the point of exposing his skeleton. It unsteadily stood up after more than six hours and joined the ranks of the zombies.

The duration it took for the infection to transform someone into a zombie had decreased, which wasn’t good news.

On the nineteenth day of Nautical Survival.

Just as they were a step closer towards success, two people were thrown out of the kitchen at this time, or rather, two corpses. This triggered another round of frenzy among the zombies. Within six hours, two newly transformed zombies emerged from the scene.

The time for the transformation had become even shorter.

Fu Anan squeezed her self-made stress ball, and tried to alleviate her tension, pressure, and fear.

‘Stay calm. As long as I stay in my room and remain quiet, I will be safe.’ Fu Anan kept comforting herself in her mind. ‘There were only eleven more days to go!’

Clang clang——

A mobile phone was thrown out of the kitchen and landed in the latter half of the passageway.