Due to her limited vision, Fu Anan couldn’t see them. 

However, the clear sound of impact came later. Within a minute, the chaos ended with a few screams.

The result was evident— the entire cabin was filled with the putrid smell of decay and the stench of blood.

Fu Anan lowered her head and recorded in her notebook:

[Maintain absolute silence; the room door cannot withstand the attack of the zombie horde.]


With the example set by the unlucky man, all the surviving people remained quiet. In this way, they safely made it through the eleventh day of nautical survival.

The Twelfth Day of the Nautical Survival passed without incident.

On the Thirteenth Day of Nautical Survival, around 3 in the morning.

Another room made a sound.

“Catch him!”

“Oh God, I’ve been bitten.”


Fu Anan immediately sat up from the bed. She leaned over the door to look outside through the peephole.

The door opposite hers opened by itself. A blood-covered person rushed out of the room, followed by their companions who had entered together two days ago.

However, he had already turned into a zombie.

The man who rushed out frantically searched out, and pounded on the closed doors.

However, no one opened the door.

Fu Anan also dared not open the door.

The man pleading for herp had already lost his ear, with blood gushing out of it.

Immediately after, he was tackled down by a blond-haired zombie.

It seemed that those who had hidden away after getting injured two days prior had started to show symptoms.

In some rooms, there were people who got bitten two days ago. They also started showing symptoms one after another. Either they were forced out by the other survivors in the room, or all the survivors in the room ended up being killed by the zombie.

This continued from 3 am to around 6-7 am. It was an extremely long and dark period for the survivors in the entire ship cabin.

Fu Anan looked at the door opposite her. She remembered that the chubby man in that room had been attacked by a zombie, but there had been no movement since then. Was he dead?

By 9 am, the crisis had passed for the time being.

Fu Anan stopped looking at the room across. She stood up and stretched her neck. She began her twice-a-day exercise routine.

Every day, there were three sets of radio calisthenics[1] for her to choose from.

She didn’t to become a martial arts master, but she wanted to be capable of running faster than the zombies when a dangerous situation arose.

She didn’t want to experience back pain, leg pain, or cramps after running a few steps. Physical fitness was a capital for survival.

Fu Anan felt the besides having good luck, she had many other advantages, such as paying attention to detail and being proactive in preventing problems.

Among all the survivors in the ship cabin, Fu Anan was probably the most well-prepared.

After completing the set of morning exercise, Fu Anan reluctantly heated up the remaining food in the refrigerator and managed to eat it. She opened her notebook to the first page, crossed out today’s date, then she realized that there were only seventeen days left until she could leave this cursed game.


Just because Fu Anan able to survive, it didn’t mean that others could be the same.

They hadn’t prepared as thoroughly as Fu Anan. In some rooms, there was already a shortage of food and water.

They would either starve or venture out. They had to cross the passageway filled with zombies and go to the kitchen to search for food.

Eventually, a group started to take action.


The sound of something being thrown in the quiet passageway caught the attention of the zombies outside the door.

In the next moment, an upbeat song started playing at the far end of the passageway. The sound of rushing footsteps filled the passageway as all the zombies rushed towards the end of the passageway. Fu Anan watched as the door of the room diagonally opposite hers open, then several quickly ran towards the kitchen.

The ringing tone of their phones bought them some time, and they successfully managed to move.

Fu Anan observed the zombies who slowed down for a moment to chase after them. The zombies later quieted down because they lost their targets. She lowered her head and wrote in her notebook—— [Hearing is prioritized]

With the first group doing it, there would be a second room and third room of survivors to move towards the kitchen.