Episode 390: The girl's thanks

"Haa ... Haa ... Haa ... Haa ..."

"Shinonome-san, good work, it's over now. You did a great job."

After about an hour, the monsters finally disappear, so I call out to her, and Shinonome-san gets down on her knees in exhaustion.

Fighting that many monsters, even while drinking Elixirs, it exhausting.

I ignored her opinion that 'That's outrageous' and let her level up while drinking Elixirs.

"Okay, let's finish for today."

"Eh? A, already ... is it over ... ?"

It's still early, but if her level was low to begin with, it should have gone up quite a bit now. I don't know because I don't have a level.

"Has it gone up a lot now?"

"Eh, ah, really ... so much ... I ..."

When I check, Shinonome-san is stunned as she stares at the empty space.

From what I hear, it seems that her level has risen properly.

"Is that enough?"

No, if the person herself wants to do it, I don't mind if I go along with her a little more.

"Th, that's right ... May I ask you go go along with me a little more ... ?"

"Yeah. I'm motivated. Alright. I'll stick with you until you're satisfied."

Shinonome-san is surprisingly motivated, so I stay with her until evening to raise her level. As her level increases, so does the required number of Elixirs.

"I'm really thankful to you ..."

"Please raise your head. Is it okay to say that Shinonome-san's request has been fulfilled?"

After finishing leveling, we return to school in over an hour. Shinonome-san bows to me in front of the boys' dormitory. I hurriedly ask her to raise her head and ask about the request.

When Shinonome-san checked her status before coming back, her eyes widened in surprise, so it seems that her level has risen quite a bit, so I think it should be about enough.

"Y, yes. About the reward, but ..."

"No, no, it's fine. Like I said before, it's a good change."

Shinonome-san brings up the matter of the reward, but I originally didn't intend to receive something like that, and since I was a little worried, I was going to decline the reward.

"Th, that's no good ..."

However, Shinonome-san says that she really wants to thank me.

"S, such a thing. I don't want anything in particular, and I'm not worried about money either ..."

I can't think of anything I want right now.

I failed in my High School Debut, but I'm surrounded by beautiful girls, I have a lot of magic stone savings, and I don't have any status, but I've become able to take on B-rank monsters by improving the explorer's Hidden Test.

It's too much, honestly.

What more do I want.

"W, well then ... I'll think about something ... Later, I'll thank you in your room ... is that okay ... ?"

"No, you don't have to go that far ..."

It seems that Shinonome-san will bring something, but I'm sorry to ask her to go that far.

"I, I'm really grateful to you ... for helping me raise my level ... please allow me to thank you ..."

"Alright, alright. I'm going to take a bath and eat, so please contact me later."

However, Shinonome-san bows her head deeply, wanting to thank me no matter what. I can't turn down her feelings, so I decide to give up and let Shinonome-san do as she pleases.

"I, I understand ... then, I'll excuse myself ... I'll see you later ..."

"Yeah, alright. Well then, later."

After parting with Shinonome-san, I enter the men's dormitory.

"Welcome home, Danna-sama."

"I'm home, Kasumi-san."

Kasumi-san, the dormitory mother of the men's dormitory greets me as usual.

"Would you like to eat after this? Or would you like to take a bath?"

"That's right. After I take a bath, I will eat."

"Understood. I'll prepare so that you can eat dinner after taking a bath."

"Thank you. Ah, I think Shinonome-san will come over here later, can you let her through to my room?"

"As you wish."

I ask Kasumi-san to take care of Shinonome-san, take a bath, and finish a meal.

"I'm done with what I'm doing, so anything is fine, over."

After relaxing with Luck for a while, I send a message to Shinonome-san.

[ I understand. I'll get back to you soon. ]

The message is a very short sentence, but it is easier to understand than the usual awkward way of speaking.

-Kon kon!

About fifteen minutes later, I hear a knock on my room.


I reply and open the door.


"E, excuse me ..."

Shinonome-san is definitely standing there, but no matter how you look at it, her appearance is strange.

That is because, because she is wearing a shrine maiden costume.

"What is with that outfit ..."

"C, can I go inside ...?"

I am stunned and ask why she is dressed like that, but Shinonome-san looks embarrassed and asks me to let her into my room.

"Y, yeah. Go ahead."

"Th, thank you very much ..."

Confused by Shinonome-san's behavior, I invite her into the room.


"Ah, yes, excuse me ..."

I point out where the cushions are, and Shinonome-san sits down there.

"So, what is the reward?"

"I, I've thought about a lot of things, but ... the price of such Elixirs ... I can't come up with anything ..."

"In that case it's fine, I'm the one forced you to drink."

It seems that there will be no reward.

In that case, it's fine. I'm curious about the clothes, but I wonder if it's a hobby or something.

"Th, that's why ... I was thinking of using myself as thanks ..."


However, Shinonome-san's next words bring my thoughts to a halt.

"A, an ugly woman like myself may not even be a reward ... but, could I please thank you with that ... ? P, please ... please do as you like with me ..."

She stands up, and with a smooth, unhindered motion her shrine maiden costume is taken off.

"Wh, what are you doing!?"

I immediately look away and shout.

"C, consider it attending you through the night ... do you not like it ... I bet you don't like it ... A fool like me ..."

Considering she took off her clothes, Shinonome-san suddenly feels depressed.

"No, something like that ..."

It's not that kind of problem, but I can't help but be perplexed by the sudden development that I can't keep up with.


Both of us are silent.

"Onii-chan!! Why didn't you come ... to ... day?"

An unexpected person breaks the silence.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!! Onii-chan is trying to do something naughty!! I need to call everyone!!"

It is Nanami. Nanami quickly disappears again, but this time she returns with Shia, Amane, and Rei.

"What do you think?"




"I also think he's guilty. Onii-chan is found guilty by unanimous consent in the maiden trial!!"

And when she asks the other three, they all give the same answer, Nanami agrees and I am found guilty.

"Wa, wait a minute. There's a reason for this!!"

"Talking is useless!! Got・it・O・nii・-chan?"

I try to explain myself, but I am suppressed by Nanami's expression that I am not allowed to consent or refuse.