Episode 389: Extremely efficient leveling (Broad grin)

The next day. Yesterday, for some reason, the girls seemed to have been playing around wearing Ninja costumes. With Luck's Kagema, they can really do something like that, so it seems like they're obsessed with it.

"Ahahahaha ..."

"It's absurdly embarrassing ..."

"I never thought such a scene would be seen ..."

After they change their clothes, their faces turn bright red and the don't try to make eye contact with me. The atmosphere becomes indescribable, so everyone disbands as it is, and everyone goes home via Kagema transfer.

Seriously ... I want you to act a little more moderately. I understand how you feel.

"Th, thank you very much ..."

"Don't worry about it, I didn't do anything special."

As for me, I have a day off today as well, so I meet up with Shinonome-san to help her level up, and we just met up with each other.

"Th, that's not true ... until yesterday, I ... I couldn't fight at all ... Now I can raise my level by myself ... it's all thanks to Satou-kun ..."

She genuinely wishes to express her gratitude, and she timidly bows to me and thanks me.

"I'm just doing a rough treatment ... but, I'll accept your thanks. Let's start today by reviewing what you learned yesterday."

"Y, yes ..."

As far as I am concerned, I either chased Shinonome-san who was running away and forced her to attack the monster, or just took her to the monster's location and had her defeat it.

I myself didn't do much, but I think it's wrong to deny her gratitude, so I gratefully accept it and start today's training.

"Well then, first, defeat that monster."

"U, understood ..."

I take Shinonome-san to a place where there is a monster and have her defeat the monster just like yesterday.

"Spiral Arrow!!"

As she approaches the monster and comes within range, she immediately pierces the enemy with a move she learned yesterday.


The monster screams after most of its body is destroyed, and after falling to the ground, it disappears and drops a magic stone.

She doesn't run away from monsters today, and she doesn't waste her mana by attacking over and over again. She is able to practice what she was able to do yesterday.

"Oohh~!! You can defeat it properly."

"Th, thank you very much ..."

When I approach Shinonome-san while applauding from behind, Shinonome-san turns to me, blushes her cheeks and lowers her head.

"Okay, at this rate, let's try some more."

"Y, yes ..."

After that, we defeat several monsters, but Shinonome-san is able to defeat them without any problems. With this, it will be possible to raise the level in earnest.

"Well then, let's move to the actual performance."

"U, umm ... Is it no good as it is now ... ?"

When I am about to move on to full-scale leveling, Shinonome-san asks me curiously.

"It's not bad, but it's a waste of time to go to the monsters one by one, and it's inefficient. There's a more efficient way, so we'll do it there."

"I, I see ..."

Shinonome-san seems to have accepted my explanation.

"Well then, let's move to a place suitable for leveling up."

"U, understood."

I move to a place that seems just right for Shinonome-san to raise her level.

There is only one entrance and exit.

"Th, then ... what should I do ... ?"

"Do this."


When we move to another location, Shinonome-san asks me how to raise her level, so I do it.

I blow a whistle-like item.

"Th, that is ... !?"

"This. This is a whistle that attracts monsters on the floor. An Attraction Whistle. More and more monsters will come from now on, so let's defeat them!!"

Shinonome-san is shocked when she sees the whistle I just blew, and I reply with a smile.

"Th, that is ... !?"

"It's okay. Shinonome-san already has enough power to easily defeat the enemies here. Besides, the only way to get here is to go through that straight path. All you have to do is keep shooting your bow towards that place. If you can't handle it anymore, I'll definitely help you, so don't worry and raise your level."

Shinonome-san lets out a sorrowful cry. To make Shinonome-san feel at ease, I squat down a little, make eye contact, and put my hand on her shoulder.

"I, I understand ..."

Shinonome-san nods as if she has made up her mind.


A few minutes pass, and we hear a sound and vibration similar to the rumbling of the earth.

"Okay, here they come. Shinonome-san, get ready!!"

"Y, yes ... !!"

Shinonome-san readies her bow in response to my voice and aims a magic arrow.


I can hear Shinonome-san gulp audibly.


In the middle of a sense of urgency where seconds feel like hours, the monsters finally appear on the straight path.

"Spiral Arrow!!"

Shinonome-san shoots an arrow the moment she sees the monsters.

A few monsters disappear, but that is all, and the monsters that come after approach Shinonome-san before she can shoot the next arrow.

At this rate, Shinonome-san's arrow won't make it in time.


I extinguish the approaching monsters once.

"Calm down. You should hit them after attracting them to some extent."

"I, I understand ..."


The next monsters are approaching.

"Not yet ... not yet ... not yet ... not yet ... not yet ... now!!"

"Spiral Arrow!!"

I restrain Shinonome-san, who looks like she is about to shoot an arrow, with my voice, and after pulling the enemy to the optimal spot, I give instructions.

Shinonome-san follows my voice and pierces everything with an arrow that has penetrating power. And the monsters that once were on the straight path disappear cleanly.

"Okay, keep hitting and hitting and hitting like this."

"Y, yes ... !! Spiral Arrow!! Spiral Arrow!! Spiral Arrow!! Spiral Arrow!! ..."

After that, Shinonome-san continues to shoot arrows as I instructed.