Chapter 123 - 123: The Group’s Favorite, Wrecked Lin Qingyan

Chapter 123 - 123: The Group’s Favorite, Wrecked Lin Qingyan


Translator: _Min_

Yan Yuanze had it all figured out.

Si Fuqing’s class might have been small, but after she displayed her prowess yesterday, more students would surely choose her this time. He needed to secure a spot in advance.

His foundation was far stronger than Xu Xiyun’s back then.

If Xu Xiyun could secure 23rd place under Si Fuqing’s guidance, why should he worry about not breaking into the top ten?

Throughout the training, Yan Yuanze had heard from several trainees at Tianle Media about Si Fuqing’s precarious position in the company.

Therefore, she would surely take advantage of “Youth With You”.

“Yan Yuanze, you really are shameless,” Xu Xiyun said. “What did you say back then? You said you’d rather have no mentor than stay in Teacher Si’s class!”

“So why are you back, wagging your tail like a dog? Where’s that backbone you had?”

Yan Yuanze’s face turned a shade of livid green. “Xu Xiyun, what are you blabbering about? I never said that. It was Teacher Lin who asked me to sit in on her class! ”

“I’m just a trainee, she’s the teacher. How could I choose?”

“Teacher Lin Qianyan requested it?” Si Fuqing finally lifted her head, her eyes tinged with a smile. “So it wasn’t your initiative?”

Yan Yuanze nodded frantically, “Teacher Si, I’ve always respected you and will practice diligently! ”

He shot a triumphant look at Xu Xiyun.

Xu Xiyun was furious.

Before he could retort, Si Fuqing reined in her smile and spoke in a cool tone, “Ah, get lost.”

The smile on Yan Yuanze’s face froze. “Teacher Si, what did you say?” Si Fuqing didn’t even look at him.

“Don’t understand human speech?” Xu Xiyun came to life again, “Teacher Si told you to get lost. Hurry up! You think you’re worthy to hear our training plans?”

“Xu Xiyun!” Yan Yuanze scoffed, “I have a better foundation and have practiced dancing for five years. What about you? Have you even danced for two months?

You’re just afraid I’ll surpass you!”

“Yan Yuanze, you—” Xu Xiyun was about to say something when a raised hand silenced him.

Si Fuqing lifted her head again and pushed her bangs back, “Surpass who? Who can you surpass? You can neither sing nor dance; why should I take you in?”

“Do you think my class is a garbage dump for taking in trash? I won’t teach you because you’re useless. I don’t teach trash.”

Xu Xiyun might have a weak foundation due to limited practice time, but he was genuinely talented.

Sometimes, he was just too lost in his own world to communicate effectively.

Yan Yuanze never expected Si Fuqing to be so straightforward.

His face flushed red. “Teacher Si, how could you—how could you...”

Within the entertainment circle, which celebrity didn’t care about their own image at all?

Si Fuqing, being a teacher, shouldn’t she be magnanimous and unconcerned?

Just then, someone called out to him: “Yan Yuanze.”

Yan Yuanze shuddered all over.

He jerked his head up and discovered that the voice belonged to Xie Yu.

Taking two steps towards him, Xie Yu emitted a soft, low chuckle. His eyes, however, were sharp as a razor: “Teacher Si is neither your sister nor your mother. She won’t indulge you. Who do you think you are, some big shot that the entertainment world must bow to?”

“She’s only eighteen, younger than us, get it?”

Xie Yu was generally laid-back, but it was rare to see him exude such solemnity.

Once he shed his typical nonchalance, an overpowering, commanding aura emanated from him.

Yan Yuanze, just an ordinary man, found it unbearable and was forced to step back.

His face twitched with embarrassment.

Si Fuqing’s behavior these days indeed made it hard to associate her with the age of eighteen.

Yan Yuanze’s face flushed red. Ashamed to say anything more, he made a hasty and awkward exit.nove(1B(In

Dashing out of Dance Room 2, he ran into other trainees returning for practice.

He kept his head down, but his voice penetrated everywhere.

“Do you guys know? Yan Yuanze, I remember him and a bunch of people heading to Dance Room 2, they were just hanging out there,” one trainee said. “Saying they’d rather have no mentor than be in Teacher Si’s class. I heard it clear as day.”

“So he has the nerve to come back to Teacher Sits class? What a thick face he has.”

“Hahaha, serves him right! Now he regrets it, but she won’t even take him back. Everyone knows he got to the next round just by luck, as if he’s so great that the mentors would fight over him..”