Chapter 122 - 122: Reputation Ruined! Begging Si Fuqing (2)

Chapter 122: Reputation Ruined! Begging Si Fuqing (2)

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“Beep, beep, beep.”

The call ended.

Mu Ye felt as if all his strength had been drained, collapsing onto the floor.

His body trembled, his face ashen.

Tianle Media acted swiftly. Within thirty minutes, staff arrived at the production site, promptly forcing Mu Ye to record an apology video.

From beginning to end, Mu Ye offered no resistance.

That was until Lu Yan showed up.

His eyes changed instantly.

“Lu Yan!” Mu Ye’s voice was hoarse, full of rage. “Why are you unscathed? You’re the one who told me to do it! You’re despicable, and you’ll never earn the center position!”

With that, he forcefully spat in Lu Yan’s face.

Lu Yan’s eyes turned icy cold in an instant.

He pulled out a tissue to wipe the saliva from his face, his voice squeezing through gritted teeth, “Shut his mouth. Now.”

Yes, he was the one who instructed Mu Ye to plant the blade.

But there was no evidence.

Their interaction had taken place in a blind spot, beyond the reach of surveillance cameras.

“Lu Yan, just you wait, ” Mu Ye finally tore off all pretenses. “I’ll watch you fall from your high perch. You’ll never surpass Xie Yu in this lifetime!”

Lu Yan was also furious. “Take him away! Don’t let him spew nonsense online.”

The staff quickly escorted Mu Ye and his luggage out of the room.

Furious, Lu Yan punched the wall. “That damned fool!”

Daring to bite back at this critical moment.

Fortunately, the company had his back; Mu Ye couldn’t expose him.

Lu Yan let out a sigh of relief.

Just as he turned around, his legs went weak.

Stuttering, he managed, “Teacher— Teacher Si

Si Fuqing looked down at him, her fox-like eyes curved, yet her gaze was cold.

“He makes a good point. You should listen more.”

Lu Yan’s face paled. “Teacher Si, what are you talking about? I can’t understand. I have a show to record later, so I’ll go prepare now.”

In a fluster, he stood up and, without daring to linger, turned on his heels and fled.

The spectacle didn’t seem to affect anyone else.

At seven-thirty, at the director’s instruction, all the trainees gathered in the first-floor hall.

The candidates for advancement had already been determined.

Now was the time to announce the eliminations from the first public performance; a total of forty-five trainees would permanently leave the stage.

As the next episode would be a pre-recorded and edited broadcast, recording had already begun. It was no different from a live performance.

Dressed and ready, the trainees were visibly tense.

“The first elimination is always nerve-wracking,” the host stepped up, “but there’s no need to worry too much; you’ve all put in the effort.”

Applause erupted among the trainees.

“The votes, both from inside and outside the venue, are totaled, and we all know who is in first place,” the host said, holding a cue card. “Xie Yu, you will have a special privilege during the next public performance. What that privilege is remains a secret for now.”

“Brother Xie, go get your number plate!” Xu Xiyun was elated. ‘You finally beat

Lu Yan this time. Let’s see how smug he can be now!”

Xie Yu, however, maintained an air of indifference, seemingly unfazed.

With a stride of his long legs, he walked to the front and picked up the number plate labeled “1.”

The other trainees also began to clap.

Whether their congratulations were heartfelt, only they themselves knew.

Lu Yan couldn’t accept it. His fists clenched, eyes fixated on Xie Yu’s retreating figure.

The company hadpromised to help suppress Xie Yu’s votes. How could Xie Yu end up taking first place in the end?

The host continued to announce the rankings. “Lu Yan, second place; Ye

Qingyou, third place...”

When he reached the twenty-third spot, he paused momentarily, revealing a mysterious smile.

Xu Xiyun’s throat bobbed, his nerves escalating.

“This trainee’s rank is truly a surprise for all of us, but we’ve seen his hard work,” the host paused again. “His improvement has been significant. Congratulations, Xu Xiyun!”

Leaping to his feet, Xu Xiyun jumped sky-high with excitement. “Thank you, thank you! ”

He rushed forward to grab his number plate, his face flushed with emotion.

“You’ve truly earned it with your hard work,” the host patted his shoulder. “Is there anything you’d like to say to everyone?”

“I want to thank Teacher Si. If it weren’t for her, I would have been eliminated in the first round,” Xu Xiyun said earnestly. “Teacher Si, you’re truly


Si Fuqing lazily lifted her eyes. “Flattery won’t get you anywhere. Spend your time running laps instead.”

Xu Xiyun, who had been genuinely moved, paused. Was this the epitome of irony?

As more and more names were announced, the remaining trainees grew increasingly nervous.

Yan Yuanze felt like his heart had jumped into his throat.

“Yan Yuanze, fifty-fifth,” the host finally called out the last name, handing him his number plate. “Yan Yuanze, you’re quite lucky. You missed the cut-off by just one vote.”

His hands trembling, Yan Yuanze hastily bowed. “Thank you.”

Xu Xiyun snorted, “This guy managed to avoid elimination even after looking down on Teacher Si. He thinks he’s something special.”

Xie Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly. “He won’t last more than a few rounds.”

“First of all, congratulations to the trainees who will be staying. You’ve earned your ticket to the next performance,” Li Jingchen spoke with icy detachment. “But let me remind you again, this is a competition, not a playground. You’re all here to debut, not to play around.”

“Some may have been lucky this time. Next time may not be the same.” With a fleeting glance at Yan Yuanze, he left the room.

Si Fuqing stretched lazily and rose slowly. “Xie Yu, Xu Xiyun, Shi Yu, come here. The new training plan begins.”

Xu Xiyun felt a bit deflated but immediately followed.

After the announcement, the eliminated trainees had to pack up and leave the training base, while the remaining ones began selecting their mentor for the second round.

Yan Yuanze walked back to his dorm room, a layer of cold sweat covering his back.

His heart pounded wildly, as if it were about to leap out of his chest.

It took him a long time to calm down.

He had narrowly avoided elimination.

He had beaten out so many trainees at his company to secure a spot on “Youth With You.” He couldn’t afford to stop here.

In the dorms, the trainees began discussing their mentor choices.

“So, who are you guys choosing this time?” one trainee asked. “I’m sticking with Teacher Li.”

“I’m definitely going for the vocal group,” another said. “My dance skills are too weak, so joining the dance group would be counterproductive, though I’d really like to join Teacher Si’s group.”

“Speaking of which, Xu Xiyun had no dance background,” another voice chimed in. “But did you see his performance yesterday? No one would argue if you said he had been training for five years.”

The room fell silent at this.

Si Fuqing’s rendition of “Mountain Ghost Ballad” still echoed in their ears.

Experts recognize expertise.

Some of the trainees who specialized in vocals could hear that Si Fuqing had definitely received some form of voice training. novE)lb(1n

Yet none had seen her dance.

Was it because she couldn’t, or was she hiding her skills?

Those who had initially chosen Lin Qingyan as their mentor now hesitated.

Yan Yuanze decisively wrote Si Fuqing’s name in the mentor section. “Here, submit this for me; I’ll be back.”

A close trainee called after him, “Hey, Yuanze, where are you going?”

Ignoring him, Yan Yuanze headed straight for Dance Room 2.

Xu Xiyun jumped up, “What are you doing here?”

Ignoring mm, yan yuanze 100Kea at 51 ruqmg, mastermg a smile on ms race, “Teacher Si, I’ve chosen you as my desired mentor for this round. Since the new groups will be formed tomorrow, I thought I might as well start attending your class today..”