Chapter 121 - 121: Reputation Ruined! Begging Si Fuqing (1)

Chapter 121: Reputation Ruined! Begging Si Fuqing (1)

Translator: _Min_

The video was the same one that the middle-aged man from the sports association had given to Si Fuqing.

It clearly captured the moment when Mu Ye placed a razor blade inside Xie Yu’s dance costume in the changing room.

Each trainee’s costume had a specific number, making it easy to identify.

Xie Yu’s number was 17.

Mu Ye’s actions were clearly premeditated; there was no way to explain away his behavior.

As soon as this video came out, Xie Yu’s fans were livid.

[Damn it, I’m so angry! If Xie Yu had actually worn that costume, he would have ended up in the hospital! What would have happened to his future performances?]

[Mu Ye, you’re so despicable, all just to sabotage Xie Yu’s debut.]

[Trash, trash, trash! This is intentional assault, and there’s evidence. Xie Yu, sue him!]

[How dare Tianle Media question Teacher Si? Give us an explanation first!] Xie Yu’s fans were no longer passive; they were now fiercely combative.

They directly confronted the trolls under Tianle Media’s posts.

Adding to that, seeing how Tianle Media was targeting Si Fuqing, her Mousses also mobilized.

The public relations department was overwhelmed, unable to mount any defense.

Then, Si Fuqing made another move. However, she didn’t post a new tweet; instead, she commented on the tweet where she had posted the video. [@SiFuqing: Yes, I’m settling a personal score. What about it?] Her audacious vibe practically burst through the screen.

Her fans’ morale soared instantly.

[Sister Si, be bold! We’ve got your back!]

[If someone uses such underhanded tactics, we’re going to fight back fair and square.]

[So funny. Did Lu Yan buy the rights to ‘Mountain Ghost Ballard’? So only he can sing it and Si Fuqing can’t? If you can’t compete, just admit it. Stop making excuses and stay down!]

However, some people were paying attention to the finer details.

[Wait a minute! Does this mean that the dance costume was prepared by

Teacher Si? I have to say it loud and clear, that must be Moon Embroidery!]

But right now, no one was paying attention to these details. The fans stormed Tianle Media’s official account.

By the time the public relations department realized what was happening, the situation had already spiraled out of control.

The PR manager had no choice but to report to Manager Luo.

After reading the report, Manager Luo was livid: “Didn’t you say Si Fuqing was going to apologize? What the hell is she doing?!”

It was a clear slap in the face for Tianle Media.

The PR manager felt utterly wronged. ‘We received a call from the production team saying that Si Fuqing agreed to post a tweet. Who knew she would post something like this?”

“Wordplay!” Manager Luo was so angry that he started laughing in disbelief. “Did she promise it would be an apology tweet? You bunch of idiots!”

Now, the leverage they thought they had was gone.

By protecting her trainee, Xie Yu, Si Fuqing had actually won the support of her fans.

What could they do now?

“Fine, there’s no fixing this,” Manager Luo sighed deeply. “Tell Mu Ye to apologize and leave the industry!”

The PR manager nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes, I’ll contact his agent right away.”

At this moment, Mu Ye was packing his bags, preparing to leave the training base.

His phone rang. Hurriedly, he answered, “Hello, Sister Ning.”

“Mu Ye, you’ve got some nerve, committing such an act!” Sister Ning was furious. “You dared to put a razor blade in Xie Yu’s dance costume? That’s attempted murder, you know!”

Mu Ye felt a buzzing in his head, and the color drained from his face. His voice trembled, “Sis—Sister Ning, what are you talking about?”

“What am I talking about? You left evidence, and Si Fuqing got hold of the surveillance footage!” Sister Ning laughed in disbelief. “Do you have a brain? The company can’t save you now.”

Mu Ye felt dizzy. “Si—Si Fuqing?”

“You thought you could quietly leave the industry?” Sister Ning scoffed. “Do you think that’s possible now? You’re an idiot! Prepare to apologize to the entire internet!”

Mu Ye was in utter panic. “Sister Ning! It wasn’t my idea. It was Brother Yan, it was Lu Yan!”

“Lu Yan?” Sister Ning was surprised but then shook her head. “Seems like you still don’t get it. Lu Yan is the one the company wants to promote. Let me be straightforward: if it was revealed that Lu Yan did this, you would still be the one to take the blame, understand?”

Mu Ye felt a chill run down his spine. “It would still be me?”

“Yes, those are the rules of the entertainment industry,” Sister Ning had no time for further discussion. “Someone from the company is already on their way. Hurry up, record an apology video and go home..”n--OVElb1n