The warm boiled water that was knocked down dripped onto the floor along the table, Lin Qingyan quickly apologized and fumbled for tissues to clean up the mess, his downcast eyes concealed his panic.

He forced a smile, “I’m sorry, I was too careless.”

Just as he finished speaking, a slender and strong hand appeared before him, lifting the glass from the table. “It’s alright, let me help.”

The clear and magnetic voice was gentle, like a touch of magic power, which calmed Lin Qingyan’s inner anxiety.

Lin Qingyan quietly watched Gu Fei tidied up the table in an orderly manner.

On the other side, An Yu still held his phone, looking somewhat dazed. He had just taken a photo of this young man, why was he so frightened? More frightened than a rabbit?

“Yanyan, are you okay?” An Yu’s reaction was quite exaggerated, he leaned over and held the young man’s shoulder and looked at him nervously,vexed:“You see, we look alike. I just wanted to take a picture of you and show it to my parents, ask them if they have a lost son wandering around.”

“I’m fine.” Lin Qingyan’s mood had returned to normal, and he explained with a smile: “I just don’t like taking pictures very much. The sudden sound caught me off guard, that’s all.”

“Oh… that’s good, that’s good.”

Gu Fei looked at them in silence, thoughtfully..

Gu Fei spoke, “An Yu, delete the photo.”


Since Lin Qingyan had already mentioned his dislike for taking photos, An Yu obediently deleted the photos he took, tsk… this kid is really photogenic.

The waiter arrived to serve the dishes, and this little episode quickly passed.

In the evening, Gu Fei ordered some light dishes. Of course, there were no spicy rabbit heads or pig brains. An Yu didn’t dare to have any opinions, for fear that he would be kicked out by Gu Fei if he said a word.

An Yu warmly greeted the Lin Qingyan, “YanYan, eat more, you look so thin, like you don’t have much meat on you, the food here is the best in Nancheng, don’t be polite to Brother Yu.”

His hearty tone made it sound like he was the one treating.

“Here, have this big chicken leg!”

“Well, thank you Brother Yu.”

Gu Fei: “…”

Lin Qingyan hadn’t eaten anything all day, so he was really hungry. Initially, he felt a bit reserved and cautious but after tasting the first bite, he couldn’t stop himself. Even his beautiful eyes lit up.

The food at Xiuzhen Restaurant was indeed as good as its reputation. They are all ordinary dishes, but they taste much better than other places. It seemed that the higher price was justified


Unlike An Yu’s bold eating style, Lin Qingyan ate with elegance. He lowered his head, his long eyelashes slightly lowered, and his cheeks puffed up a little, resembling a focused little hamster as he ate.

After eating delicious food, there will be a satisfied smile on his pretty face.

Just eat the food you like and you will be satisfied.

Gu Fei, who had been silently observing Lin Qingyan the whole time without eating much, averted his eyes without a trace, picked up a piece of meaty chicken wing with his serving chopsticks and put it into Lin Qingyan’s bowl.

There are so many dishes on the table, the boy picked up that plate of chicken the most.

Gu Fei: “Eat.”

Lin Qingyan was overwhelmed by the flattery, hurriedly nodded to saying thank you, and began to gnaw on the chicken wings. When someone with that expressionless, cold face serves you food and considerately feeds you, you wouldn’t dare not eat, either

Lin Qingyan ate with great relish.

Gu Fei was extremely satisfied.

Second Young Master An, who was completely ignored, watched with amazement. Tonight, he truly gained some insights. He thought he would brag to his elder brother about it all night once he got back.

An Yu cleared his throat, “Brother Fei, I want to eat chicken wings too.”

Gu Fei glanced at him like a fool, “No hands?”


The corner of An Yu’s mouth twitched, He couldn’t believe how shameless Gu Fei was in applying double standards so openly, but it doesn’t matter. His biggest advantage is his thick skin. “I want to eat the ones Brother Fei feeds me.”

Lin Qingyan almost choked on the food he was eating.

Young Master An’s greatest hobby is playing with pretentiousness.

Gu Fei, who had long been immune to this, remained as composed as ever. His jawline tightened slightly as he picked up a piece of chicken wing and placed it in An Yu’s bowl, almost squeezing out the word “eat” between his teeth.

An Yu looked at the chicken wings in his the bowl, his words of gratitude stuck in his throat. He hurtfully covered his chest—it was chicken wings, indeed, but it was the hardest part to nibble on, the area around the elbow1Is it that hard to eat elbow part in chicken wings?


After all, he had ultimately misunderstood.

Second Young Master An finally understood the meaning of “inviting humiliation upon oneself.”

With tears in his eyes, he started gnawing on the chicken wing’s elbow.

On the other side, Gu Ye, who had experienced the fun, began to pick up vegetables for Lin Qingyan again, and started the feeding mode.

After finally eating the chicken wings, there was another piece of fish meat in his eyes, not just any fish, but a boneless and tender fish belly. Lin Qingyan raised his eyes and looked at the man who picked up the vegetables.

Gu Fei: “Eat.”

Lin Qingyan:“…Thank you.”

The following scene depicted Lin Qingyan earnestly eating, while Gu Fei silently watched him. As soon as a dish was finished, another one would be added to the bowl, and this repeated several times.


Lin Qingyan had bitterness in his heart that he couldn’t put into words, so he could only eat with a stiff expression. Not knowing if he had gauged it correctly, when his stomach was only half full, Gu Fei finally stopped feeding him.

Throughout the entire meal, Gu Ye hadn’t taken a single bite, yet he felt extremely satisfied. He poured another cup of lukewarm water and handed it to Lin Qingyan, giving a warm reminder, “Don’t eat too much at night, or you’ll feel stuffed.”

“No, I’m almost exhausted, I need to use the restroom first!”

An Yu, who had eaten to the point of discomfort, held his stomach and hurried to the bathroom.

Lin Qingyan couldn’t help smiling, and started to drink water with both hands holding the water glass. From the corner of his eye, the man was looking down at the phone, typing on the screen keyboard with his slender fingers, as if he was sending a message to someone.

Lin Qingyan was a little dazed, until the man put down his phone, he quickly averted his gaze, feeling guilty as if he had been caught stealing, and took a difficult sip of water, swallowing hard.

There seemed to be a very light laughter in his ears, Lin Qingyan subconsciously looked at Gu Fei, only to find the same expressionless face, he suspected that he had heard it wrong.

“Let’s go.”

“Huh? Where are you going?”


After Gu Fei finished speaking, he got up and walked outside with his long legs. His steps were a little slow until the young man behind him caught up and he held his breath and said,

“Mr. Gu, thank you for the meal. Are you heading home? My luggage is still in your car, and I need to get it…”

Before he could finish speaking, the man in front of him suddenly stopped. Lin Qingyan, who hadn’t reacted, bumped directly into his strong back, and added dully:

“…the suitcase.”

“No Need”

Gu Fei turned around. His height of 188 centimeters towered over Lin Qingyan’s 178, so he slightly bent down, meeting the young man’s somewhat confused eyes.

“Lin Qingyan, come home with me.”

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