Chapter 18

Sitting in the car, Lin Qingyan felt like he had entered a different world. He was a little cautious, his pale lips slightly tense. While his gaze was fixed on the flow of traffic ahead, his eyes were wandering in confusion.

Until his gaze fell upon the man in the driver’s seat, his lips twitched into a faint smile, but in the next moment, his expression reverted to its usual calm state. He began to doubt if he had imagined things.

Gu Fei reminded: “Seat belt.”

“Huh?” Lin Qingyan didn’t react for a while.

The man didn’t speak any more, and leaned over and reached across, lifting the seat belt beside the young man. He lowered his gaze slightly and buckled the seat belt neatly.

The two were very close, from Lin Qingyan’s perspective, he could see the man’s finely chiseled profile up close. He could even catch a whiff of the man’s scent, clean and fresh, devoid of the familiar aroma of wood and cedar that he remembered.

In the next second, the man finished fastening the seat belt and leaned back

Lin Qingyan was a little disappointed, he lowered his eyes slightly.

But this loss only lasted for two seconds. He looked at the words plum sugar that suddenly appeared in front of him, and looked at the man holding the candy with some surprise.

The man said, “Would you like some candy?”

This plum candy, with its simple packaging, looked exactly like it was in his memory. Lin Qingyan’s heart skipped a beat, and he hesitated for a moment before nodding and taking the candy from the man’s hand.

“Thank you.”

His fingertips brushed across the warm palm, leaving a lingering warmth.

Gu Fei retracted his hand and curled his fingers at the same time, that had been touched by the young man. Then, he nonchalantly gripped the steering wheel and started the car, slowly moving forward.

Lin Qingyan stared at the candy for a while, then opened the package and stuffed the crystal-colored plum candy into his mouth. The tip of his tongue was covered with sugar meat, and the sweet and sour taste spread in his mouth.

While eating the candy, he secretly looked at the man beside him who was concentrating on driving from the corner of his eye, tracing the appearance of the man inch by inch in his heart.

Just like when he was dying in his previous life, he carefully touched every inch of skin on the man’s face, imagining what he looked like, hoping that he could find him in his next life.

Now that the illusory imagination has become three-dimensional, Lin Qingyan thought that the appearance of a man should be the same as the person in front of him.

He hadn’t detected the familiar scent on the man earlier, which made sense upon closer consideration. After all, in his previous life, he met the man five years later, and the man might not have been wearing that particular cologne yet five years prior.

As for plum candy… Few people eat this kind of candy now, at least Lin Qingyan has not met a single person who eats this kind of candy in these years, except for himself, and that man is the only one. As his conjecture in heart was further confirmed, and the corner of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

Just when he was happy, he suddenly heard a slight movement from behind. Turning his head, he saw the young man who had gotten into the car earlier, now sitting quite casually in his seat. The young man had opened the candy wrapper and tossed the plum candy into his mouth, chewing vigorously with a satisfying crunch.

Lin Qingyan: “…”

Why is nostalgia and retro style popular now?

An Yu finished the candy in two or three bites, and then suppressed the urge to scream, what did he see just now!

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