Feng Nian didn’t touch him for a full five years. The once proud Little Rose began to wonder if he wasn’t pretty enough, if he wasn’t attractive enough, or if he wasn’t good enough.

But see, that wasn’t the case.

When Shen Zhinan was tormented to the point of near exhaustion by Hua Qianshuang, he cried miserably but also felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction.

His long-standing self-doubt was finally broken.

He was still the most beautiful and charming omega in the empire and even the most powerful man in the empire would be addicted to him.

Feng Nian didn’t touch him because Feng Nian didn’t love him.

When he woke up the next day, Shen Zhinan felt like his entire skeleton was about to fall apart.

Every joint was sore and painful, especially in a certain unspeakable place, still throbbing with an unspeakable ache.

After being tossed and tossed over and over again last night, there were occasional moments of clarity in his mind when flashes would cross his thoughts.

Shen Zhinan kept complaining about Hua Qianshuang in his heart.

Could it be that the sole ruler of their empire was a hundred-year-old virgin with blossoming iron trees, and like an old house catching fire that could not be extinguished when he fell in love? And the only way to vent this frustration was to pounce on this young virgin.

But after thinking about it, it seemed impossible. This was Hua Qianshuang. There must have been countless beautiful omegas willing to submit themselves to his feet, eager to bear the emperor’s heirs for more than a hundred years.

Thinking of children.

Shen Zhinan’s hand under the quilt lightly moved to his lower abdomen. Under the thin belly was omega’s reproductive organ, filled with alpha’s pheromones from last night, and…

Could he get pregnant? He couldn’t help shivering.

He lazily opened his eyelids, but the expected discomfort did not hit overwhelmingly.

A little uncomfortable, but within a bearable range.

Shen Zhinan tried to turn over, but was caught off guard by a pair of dark eyes.

“Y-Your Majesty?”

Why is Hua Qianshuang still here? Shouldn’t such a powerful emperor disappear the next day? That’s how it’s usually written in novels.

“Hmm.” Approaching unexpectedly, Hua Qianshuang, in Shen Zhinan’s surprised gaze, embraced the omega who now carried his scent.

The satiated emperor’s expression carried a contented and lazy air. He lowered his head to kiss Shen Zhinan’s smooth forehead, once again cradling the soft and sweet omega in his arms.

Among the omegas, Shen Zhinan was considered tall, but he appeared very petite in the embrace of a powerful Alpha.

He was like a rabbit in the mouth of a wolf.

The morning sunlight shone on the colourful stained-glass windows. The atmosphere inside the house became distant and soft, with clear and melodious birdsong occasionally drifting in from afar.

Shen Zhinan blinked. He couldn’t remember the last time he had felt so relaxed.

After breaking all the rules, he felt a lot more relaxed. The guilt of betraying Feng Nian in their marriage disappeared in a flash, replaced by a sense of satisfaction that came after seeking revenge.

Feng Nian could allow Jiang Yueying to live in the General’s Mansion.

He could also spend the night in the Emperor’s palace.

“Your Majesty, will you really crown me as the Empress? But I haven’t divorced the General yet…”

Shen Zhinan’s smooth back was pressed against Hua Qianshuang’s hot chest, and the intense body heat made Shen Zhinan a little distracted.

Could it be that all Alphas have such a high body temperature, but why is Feng Nian so cold towards him?

The Galactic Empire was more progressive in terms of openness than in its historical past. Omegas within the Empire could work freely, without the obligation to stay at home as homemakers and child-rearers.

In terms of marriage, while cheating was certainly criticized, extramarital relationships were also quite common.

In any case, all legal and moral issues were not a problem for Hua Qianshuang.”

Take my pheromone Feng Nian that you will divorce him.” Alpha lowered his head and dropped a kiss on Omega’s shoulder.