This was Shen Zhinan’s first kiss with a man.

The first kiss that should have been reserved for his husband on wedding night was now forcefully plundered by another man.

Shen Zhinan was left feeling dizzy from the kiss, and Hua Qianshuang’s pheromone permeated between their lips. It was the scent of cedarwood, pure and fragrant.

The woody scent of cedar intertwined with the cold fragrance of white roses, blending and mixing together.

The mutual attraction between Alpha and Omega originated from instinct, which gradually aroused Shen Zhinan’s emotions while also evoking an inexplicable sadness deep in his heart.

As it turned out, as long as they were alphas, they could arouse his desires. In reality, he didn’t love Feng Nian that much.

The increasingly dense cedar scent in the air made Shen Zhinan feel a little out of breath. He struggled to swallow his saliva, trying to maintain some clarity.

What did he need Feng Nian for? He didn’t need Feng Nian anymore.

Feng Nian didn’t love him, and Hua Qianshuang couldn’t give him love. What kind of love did he want then?

He didn’t want it anymore; he didn’t want to love anymore.

If tomorrow morning, he were to meet Feng Nian with the lingering smell on his body, how would Feng Nian react?

Once this wicked thought was born from the bottom of his heart, it couldn’t be stopped.

“Focus.” Hua Qianshuang bit Shen Zhinan’s lips lightly, and delicate kisses scattered down the corner of his mouth.

Shen Zhinan was forced to tilt his head back, and his slender neck looked like an elegantly dancing white swan.

He released his tightly clenched hands from the blanket, and boldly reached for Hua Qianshuang’s shoulders.

The skin beneath his palm was as hot as the sun. In terms of the empire, this man was nothing short of a sun-like existence.

This realization made Shen Zhinan excited for a moment.

Shen Zhinan’s actions made Hua Qianshuang pause for a moment.

With a soft, low laugh, Hua Qianshuang embraced Shen Zhinan’s narrow waist and wrapped him in a soft velvet blanket.

Without further movement, Hua Qianshuang looked down at the beautiful young man nestled in the softness. His fingers lightly landed on Shen Zhinan’s swollen lips, tracing down the slightly trembling Adam’s apple, then moving over the rising and falling chest before resting on the abdomen.

The abdomen was thin, like a sheet of paper.

Below was the omega’s fully developed reproductive cavity. One day, new life would be bred there, and the thin belly would be enlarged and rounded.

The delicate and fragile omega would find it difficult to even walk, and even when sitting, he might support his lower back with his hands.

Perhaps he would also turn red-eyed and soak his eyes with tears due to the pain of pregnancy, seeking comfort as he cried softly to him.

“Here is your reproductive cavity, and I will create a knot inside it, injecting my seed.” Hua Qianshuang raised his thin eyelids. Having heard his blunt words, Shen Zhinan had already turned his head away.

He looked at Shen Zhinan’s red ears, feeling delighted: “You will give birth to my first child, the first prince of the Galactic Empire.”

A man’s promises in the bedroom usually held no weight, and Shen Zhinan didn’t want to delve into the truth of Hua Qianshuang’s words.

Hua Qianshuang bent down, and his breathing near Shen Zhinan’s ear gradually became heavy, hoarse and deep.

He promised in his ear: “You will be my empress, my only omega.”

Then he said something vile: “I will make you cry.”

Hua Qianshuang fulfilled his promise as the Galactic Emperor.

Regardless of whether Shen Zhinan cried and shouted for him to stop later on, he didn’t stop.

In the silent palace, the sound of the delicate omega crying echoed throughout the night.

The most beautiful white rose in the garden was plucked by a black snake with its forked tongue out. The dangerous snake entwined around the pitiful and lovely white rose.

Under the moonlight, it kissed the soft petals of the white rose, crushing the delicate heart of the flower.

Only scattered petals and juice were left behind on the ground.