Jiang Yueying, who had been silently watching from the side, showed a surprised expression on her face. She whispered to Feng Nian: “Xiao Nian, if you have something to discuss with your wife, I’ll leave first.”

Feng Nian glanced at Shen Zhinan not far away with displeasure, as if he was very angry at Shen Zhinan’s words and actions. But he had to hold back because Jiang Yueying was beside him.

Shen Zhinan saw Feng Nian turn his head to look at Jiang Yueying, with a gentleness on his face that he had never seen before: “It’s nothing, he’s just losing his temper again. I’ll send you back first.”

Shen Zhinan was ignored by Feng Nian, and he noticed that the nearby soldiers were all looking at him intentionally or unintentionally. Taking a deep breath, he clenched his hands and then loosened them: “I’ll go too!”

What kind of face, what kind of dignity, what did it matter when confronted with his father’s life and death? Today, even if Shen Zhinan didn’t care about his face and self-esteem today, he would have to follow Feng Nian shamelessly. He didn’t believe he wouldn’t have the chance to speak.

In the past, Shen Zhinan would have consciously left on his own after being treated coldly. However, Feng Nian didn’t expect that Shen Zhinan was being stubborn today. Feng Nian turned his head and gave Shen Zhinan a warning look.

At this moment, a sudden violent explosion erupted nearby, shaking the ground.

The powerful impact came closer and closer. Shen Zhinan fell to the ground in panic. He instinctively looked towards his Alpha, and even had a hint of hope in his heart that his Alpha would appear by his side to protect him.

At the instant of the explosion, his Alpha almost subconsciously turned his back towards the direction of the explosion, and used his broad chest to shield Jiang Yueying, who was startled.

Sitting on the ground, Shen Zhinan stared blankly in the direction of Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying. As a general who could fight alone against a thousand on the battlefield, he was even stingy to look at him during a crisis.

The cold violence, contempt and verbal humiliation of the past five years were nothing compared to this moment of sobriety and despair for Shen Zhinan.

Feng Nian had never loved him, nor cared about his life or death.

Shen Zhinan suddenly wanted to laugh. He was so stupid. How could he be so foolish?

A tall figure stood in front of him, blocking Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying who were not far away.

Shen Zhinan raised his head, and his green eyes met almost Jiang Mengshan’s cold and ruthless face.

“My apologies.”

Jiang Mengshan bent down, pulled off his black cloak to cover Shen Zhinan from head to toe. He hugged Shen Zhinan, who had fallen to the ground horizontally, and launched him instantly like a cannonball.

The more powerful the Alpha, the stronger his body and vitality.

Their physical strength, speed, and resilience were all beyond ordinary people.

By bonding with them, Omega could not only appease Alpha’s mental strength, but also share Alpha’s vitality.

Betas couldn’t bond with Alphas, and there was no way to share Alpha’s longevity.

That was why alphas and omegas were usually combined together.

In the Galactic Empire, the most powerful alpha since the founding of the country was their first emperor, Hua Qianshuang.

More than a hundred years ago, Hua Qianshuang, who was only twenty-five years old, swept across the Milky Way Galaxy, and established the Galactic Empire.

To this day, the empire had been established for more than one hundred and fifty years. And Hua Qianshuang still possessed an extremely young and handsome appearance, which was also a testament to his formidable strength.

He was the faith of the Galactic Empire and the god of all imperial citizens.

He was also the direct reason why Shen Zhinan was eager to marry Feng Nian five years ago.

Shen Zhinan had a secret. At his eighteen-year-old bar mitzvah banquet, he once met the man revered as a “god” by the empire’s people – Hua Qianshuang.