Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying chatted comfortably and happily. This was so much so that when he interrupted their conversation, Shen Zhinan felt a sense of guilt.

Shen Zhinan laughed at himself in his heart. He was just a villain who separated Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying, as they were originally in love.

Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying both looked towards Shen Zhinan at the same time.

Shen Zhinan was still wearing a black cloak, and only a pair of green eyes shining like gemstones were revealed on his entire body.

Jiang Yueying didn’t seem to recognize who Shen Zhinan was. When she saw a stranger wrapped in a black cloak, she subconsciously hid behind Feng Nian.

Feng Nian frowned slightly, and took a step forward, just blocking the way between Jiang Yueying and Shen Zhinan.

Every subtle movement of the two people was seen by Shen Zhinan. He felt uncomfortable in his heart. What did Feng Nian mean? Was he afraid to hurt his beloved woman?

As soon as Feng Nian opened his mouth, it was just a cold accusation: ” Are you crazy? Is this a place you can come to?”

Shen Zhinan quietly took a deep breath. He was not here to be jealous, and there was no need for it.

Perhaps at the age of eighteen, he loved Feng Nian. However, five years was enough for a person to grow up, and wake up to reality.

“You didn’t read the messages I sent, and also didn’t answer my calls. Even when I went to military headquarters, I couldn’t find you. I had no choice but to come here to look for you.”

Shen Zhinan glanced at Jiang Yueying who poked her head out from behind Feng Nian. His heart felt slightly sour.

“Give me ten minutes. I have something to talk to you about, just ten minutes.” Shen Zhinan said in a low voice with a pleading tone.

In the five-year marriage with Feng Nian, which existed in name only, Shen Zhinan also once fantasized that one day, Feng Nian could fall in love with him and they could put their past grudges aside to become a real couple.

They had a perfect match and were destined to love each other deeply, holding hands to walk throughout a lifetime as soulmates.

All the alphas and omegas who were 100% compatible would get married and live together for a lifetime. Before marrying Feng Nian, Shen Zhinan naturally thought so. He neither expected that Feng Nian would refuse to marry him, nor did he think that he and Feng Nian would be the only exceptions.

“You go back first, and we’ll talk about it later.” Feng Nian said and ordered the nearby soldiers, “What about Xiao Jia? Let him come over immediately!”

“I only need ten minutes, and I won’t delay you for a second. I won’t leave if you don’t agree.” Shen Zhinan was also unwilling to leave.

He had finally found Feng Nian. If he were to leave like this, he didn’t know when he would see Feng Nian again. His father’s condition was critical and he couldn’t wait any longer.

Shen Zhinan still wanted to maintain his dignity and face as Feng Nian’s wife in front of Jiang Yueying and others. He did not want to bring his and Feng Nian’s family affairs out to discuss in front of outsiders.

Although for Feng Nian and Jiang Yueying, he may be the real outsider.

“Nonsense!” It was obvious that Feng Nian had no intention of agreeing to Shen Zhinan’s proposal. He angrily shouted at the soldiers next to him, “Why hasn’t the person arrived yet?!”

On normal occasions, Feng Nian’s temper in the military was relatively good, and it was rare to see him angry like today. The soldier trembled and said: “Adjutant Jia didn’t come with you today. After being noticed, he immediately rushed over. But it will take ten minutes for him to arrive at the earliest.”

Feng Nian frowned and said: “Let a team of beta soldiers come over and take him to the tent first.”

Originally, hearing that Adjutant Jia had ten minutes to arrive, Shen Zhinan rejoiced in his heart. Perhaps he could use these ten minutes to talk to Feng Nian.

However, when he saw that Feng Nian had immediately ordered some people to have him taken away, Shen Zhinan felt anxious and sad at the same time. Feng Nian really hated him, and even found it annoyed to look at him more.

If it had been in the past, Shen Zhinan would probably have just left like this.

When Shen Zhinan lifted the cloak covering his head, his snow-white hair cascaded down like a waterfall. He stared directly at Feng Nian and said: “As your legal wife, can’t I even take up ten minutes of your time?”