Chapter 969

The two women of the Ding family also looked pale: "do you want to have a big fight with it? This black Jiao is too strong. "

In a few people very nervous, one after another out of the magic weapon, ready to fight with black Jiao again.

Black Jiao suddenly bent down and hung down his head.

See black Jiao this flattering action, several people are a burst of shock.

Qin Lei was stunned for several seconds and said in astonishment: "elder martial brother, this black Jiao seems to be courting you."


Black Jiao seems to understand his words, a few low hum.

This time, it's roar is not as fierce as before, but also with a little flattery.

Zhao Su came back to his senses and said in surprise, "black Jiao is an ancient Warcraft. It can only be subdued by the strong. After being seriously injured by its master, does he recognize the Lord?"

Next to several people were speechless, shocked.

I'm afraid the situation is really like what Zhao Su said. Even jiuxuan Zhenren, the founder of the jiuxuan sect, and the whole witch tribe have made Heijiao, who failed to subdue the nine oxen and two tigers, obediently recognize Lin Muyun as the main force now!

Lin Muyun thought of a move, jump up, step on the head of the black Jiao.

Black Jiao honestly lowered his head, allowing him to step on his head.

"Up Lin Twilight cloud a deep drink.

Black Jiao seems to understand the order, immediately raised his head, fully obey his orders.

"Elder martial brother, I've been subdued Qin Lei was surprised and exclaimed, "elder martial brother, let's go up and have a try."

Lin Muyun orders black Jiao to lower his head and let several people step up.

Black Jiao obediently lowered his head, let a few people climb on his body.

Several people ride on the black Jiao's back, the surprise is incomparable.

Lin Muyun ordered the black Jiao to circle on the water and return to the shore.

"That's too much!" Qin Lei was very happy. He immediately took out his mobile phone and took a picture.

The mobile phone soaked in water can still be turned on.

He immediately excitedly put a pair of scissors hands, and black Jiao together took a self photo, and then immediately sent to the circle of friends, with a line of words.

"Oxfork! Look what I'm riding on! Ancient Warcraft! My elder martial brother has subdued him! "

As soon as his circle of friends was sent out, there was an immediate response of worship.

"My fork, Leizi! Are you riding a black dragon

"You can pull it down, Qin Lei. To be honest, did you go to the Jurassic Park in the United States? Don't think I don't know you rode a model."

"Scattered, scattered, ancient world of Warcraft, which means riding, must be a machine model."

At this time, Zhao Su stood up and said, "master, this black Jiao seems to recognize you as the Lord, but how can you take it away?"

Qin Lei, who is showing off, has also recovered.

This black Jiao was too big and fierce. If he followed Lin Muyun back to Yanjing, I'm afraid that the whole country would be shocked. Maybe he would send out aircraft and artillery, as if he were facing a big enemy.

Lin Muyun thought for a moment and said, "Heijiao was born in qingkong. Let's leave it here. Qingkong is full of aura, and it's just able to re create jiuxuan. Every year, the disciples return to qingkong and train for two or three months. Black Jiao can also be used as a town god beast to resist strong enemies

Although the aura of qingkong realm is gradually exhausted, he sets up a spirit gathering array, which will slowly recover the aura.

This is a rare place to gather spirits. It's the best place to practice.

However, all overseas are Xiuzhen families, although they are all subject to him and managed by song Renqing.

But maybe someone with a different heart may come to qingkong to make trouble while he is away.

If there are ancient deities like Heijiao guarding, not to mention the strongmen of Sanshui town who dare not come, even the enemies from outside will die one by one.

Zhao Su thought for a while and said, "this method is good, but who will stay in qingkong?"

Qin Lei himself is the leader of the Longtian group. Naturally, it is impossible to stay, and Zhao Su can not stay here if he wants to go back to be the head of the Zhao family.

At this time, Ding Qing took the initiative to open his mouth: "Mr. Lin, Ding Yu and I are the aborigines of qingkong territory. Let me and my sister stay here to manage qingkong territory for you."

"Do you really want to stay here?" Lin Muyun hesitated.

After all, the two sisters are only in their twenties. Ordinary young girls yearn for the prosperity of the city and do not want to practice meditation at all.

Ding Yu said: "The Revenge of my Ding family has been avenged. My sister and I are people who have experienced life and death in the dark group, and have no interest in the outside things. What's more, we don't want to get married. We just want to stay in the green sky to practice. "

Lin Muyun hesitated for a while and finally nodded his head.

The two women used to be members of the killer organization. Their temperament has already surpassed that of girls of the same age. They also look down on everything in the world. Let them stay here and practice. Maybe one day, they can reach the level of transforming gods and break away from the common bones.The party left the underground palace. Most of the witch soldiers were killed and wounded outside. Now they all kneel on the ground, waiting respectfully for Lin Muyun.

All the armies have entered the valley and lined up on both sides, waiting for the evening clouds to come out.

Seeing Lin Muyun and black Jiao coming out of the underground palace and kneeling outside, all of them look stunned. Then they kneel down on the ground, hands on the ground, and murmur incessantly.

"What do they say?" Qin Lei asked curiously.

Zhao Su said, "they say that Lin Muyun is the real God who subdues the black Jiao."

All armies were also shocked and looked at Lin Muyun with adoration in their eyes.

It is inconceivable that man could subdue ancient Warcraft.



several helicopters circled over and stopped on the ground.

Han Yun jumped from the plane and waited respectfully.

"Let's go back to Yanjing!" Lin Mu Yun said in a deep voice and stepped on the helicopter.

All things have been settled, and the rest of the witch clan are ordinary people. They have been submitted to him, and they are in charge of the two sisters of the Ding family.

These Wu people will stay in qingkong to cultivate and cultivate. As ordinary residents, they will supply the living materials of jiuxuanmen people.

"Send off the master!" Ding's two sisters kneel on one knee and send Lin Muyun away.

All the remaining witch people kneel on the ground and respectfully send Lin Muyun.

In their eyes, Lin Twilight cloud is the incarnation of God, and dare not slack off.

Zhao Su and Qin Lei also jumped into the helicopter.


the helicopter gradually lifted off and left the blue sky.

Standing on the helicopter, Lin Muyun gazed at the farther and farther Valley, and let out a long breath.

"Big brother, your cell phone."

Qin Lei hands over the cell phone.

Lin Muyun took over, immediately called back to Yanjing, the first time to contact his wife.

"Wife, I'll be back in a minute. How's your situation?"

"Husband, you are OK Really, that's great... " Liu Qingyan's voice was full of surprise, but it was intermittent.

Lin Muyun frowned: "wife, what's the matter with you?"

"I'm having a baby..." Liu Qingyan breathlessly said, "when you come back, you can hold your son immediately!"

Hearing that his wife was actually giving birth, Lin Muyun felt guilty: "wife, I'm sorry, I didn't accompany you."

"It doesn't matter You, you can come back safely Liu Qingyan endured the pain and was very happy in her heart.

She has been worried about Lin Muyun, and now she finally gets the news that he is safe, and the stone hanging in her heart can finally be put down.

"Husband, our son is about to be born. Please name it."

Lin Muyun thought for a moment and said, "let's call it Lin Xuan. How about it?"

If he had not got the jiuxuan Tianjing, he would not have respected Master jiuxuan immortal Lin Muyun.

To give his son this name is not only to commemorate master jiuxuan, but also to be grateful for what he has now.

At this time, the voice of sister-in-law Lin Shenglan came from the mobile phone.

"Twilight, don't worry. I've sent Qingyan to the Lin family's private hospital, which has the best doctor's care. When you return to Yanjing, there are still many things to deal with. "

"Thank you, sister-in-law." Lin Muyun said, "I've got my grandfather's soul back. After I come back, my grandfather will wake up."

Lin Shenglan said with a smile: "now your grandfather is sober up. He is waiting for you to come back in the house. He said that when you return to Yanjing, he will hand over Lin's group to you. I'll go abroad with my grandfather and I'll leave it to you. "

Lin Muyun a Leng: "sister-in-law, you also want to go?"

"Why, I have been in charge of Lin's group for so long, and you have to work hard for me? It's time for me to retire and enjoy my life. " Lin Shenglan said with a smile, "but don't worry. When I play abroad for a few years, I will come back to see you and my nephew Lin Xuan."

After that, she said, "by the way, your mother-in-law, Xu Feng, I have discussed with her. When Xu Jinfeng comes back to Beijing after giving birth to her child, she will not come back with her. "

Lin Muyun smiles bitterly. She doesn't know what means she uses to make Xu Feng obedient.

I'm afraid that Lin Shenglan's "discussion" will not be so simple. Otherwise, how could Xu Feng be so afraid that she would return to Jinling without saying a word and dare not come to Yanjing.

However, as long as Xu Feng is willing to leave, he can finally live a life of two with Liu Qingyan.

The helicopter has been flying away from the blue sky, and the mountains under the clouds are getting farther and farther away.

Lin Muyun raised his head, looked at the distant sky, and breathed a long sigh of relief.

Everything has settled down. He should live a normal life with his wife.

Lin Yulong is dead, he is about to take over Lin's group!

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