Chapter 968

Seeing Lin Muyun and Heijiao wrestling, several women sitting on the water Phoenix, as well as Qin Lei and others, also picked up magic weapons and launched an attack on the black Jiao.

Black dragon scale armour is hard, ordinary magic tools hit it, it does not cause much damage.

And the sword spirit driven by the forest Twilight cloud, it is quite afraid.

However, the black Jiao also learned to be smart after a few strokes. Now he even learned to raise his tail to protect his head and block the sword light with his tail every time he hit.

The whole lake, huge waves, even the underground palace also kept falling stones and bricks.

Zhao Su said anxiously: "let this black Jiao bump down again, I'm afraid this temple will collapse, then everyone can't go out."

Her words made everyone's heart sink.

Black Jiao can dive into the underground lake. Besides, its scales are hard. Even if the underground palace collapses, it will only suffer slight injuries at most.

But they are human beings. Even if they have accomplishments, they are not like the strong young children like Lin Muyun. If the underground palace collapses, they will either be crushed to death or drowned in the lake. They will be treated as food by black Jiao.

Qin Lei stretched out his hand and took back the curse blade in the air. He also said in a deep voice: "sister Su, are you Wu people really unable to deal with this black Jiao? It's the beast of your family. "

Zhao Su laughed bitterly, shook his head and said, "black Jiao is an ancient Warcraft. I don't know how many years I have lived in this green space. Later, immortal jiuxuan took us into qingkong and subdued it together. If you could kill it so easily, the witch clan would not have left a couple of young men and women every year to feed the black Jiao a hundred years ago. "

After hearing Zhao Su's words, several people's faces became more heavy.

Unexpectedly, they came here and killed the elder and Lin Yulong. In the end, they would die in the hands of an animal.

I'm not willing to think about it.

When a few people felt hopeless, a cold voice came from the air.

"It's just a brute, who says there's no way to deal with it."

Zhao Su immediately raised his head in surprise: "master, do you have a way?"

Qin Lei's stiff face is also a slow, long sigh of relief: "I know, or big brother has a way."

In the middle of the sky, the forest Twilight cloud stands steadily on the golden sword light.

Although he had a fierce battle with Heijiao for more than half an hour, his aura was overdrawn and his face was a little bleak, but his eyes were still full of vitality and sharp light!

Black Jiao is an ancient Warcraft, has rough human nature, also understood Lin Muyun's words.

As if in response, the black Jiao opened his mouth fiercely and spewed out a big water column. Then he took a Fierce bite at Lin Muyun and swallowed it with his sword and man.

At this time, Lin Muyun's body was slightly heavy, and suddenly even his sword, like a flash of lightning, suddenly popped into the mouth of black Jiao.

All of a sudden, the black Jiao was still.

Riding on the water Phoenix several people, suddenly also a light body, fell in the water.

Without the mana support of the water spirit, the water Phoenix "splashed" into water drops.

A few people fell into the lake, and made great efforts to flutter.

While struggling, Ding Qing exclaimed in horror: "Mr. Lin Lin is always swallowed by the black Jiao

"Big brother!" Qin Lei also tried to struggle in the water, gritting his teeth, he took out the incantation blade: "I'm going to kill this beast!"

Zhao Su's heart was cool, a burst of despair.

Even the dark dragon has swallowed up the forest Twilight cloud, and they can never return to the ground alive.

Ding Yu couldn't help crying, tears ran down his cheek.

At this time, suddenly black Jiao's abdomen flashed out several golden lights, followed by the golden light!

The black Jiao howled bitterly and kept rolling in the water, stirring up waves!

The golden light from its abdomen became stronger and stronger. At last, it almost illuminated the whole underground palace as bright as day.

Several people in the water were stunned.

Ding Yu, with tears on his face, murmured, "is it that Lin Zong is still alive..."

Voice just fell, see black Jiao abdomen suddenly burst a hole, a golden light flew out from inside.

Black Jiao lying on the water, motionless, abdominal cavity out of blood, dyed red lake water.

The golden light circled in the air and then stopped steadily.

Lin Muyun stepped on the golden sword and was calm!

"Big brother!"


"Mr. Lin!"

There was a shout of joy below.

The two sisters of the Ding family were so excited that they looked up at Lin Twilight cloud.

Qin Lei's eyes are shining, a pair of worship incomparable appearance.

Zhao Su gazed at Lin Twilight cloud for a few seconds, then suddenly gave a long sigh of relief and said with a smile: "I knew that the master will be OK."

At this time, Lin Muyun summoned Shuifeng and carried several people to the door. Then he jumped from the air and the golden sword disappeared.

"Mr. Lin!"


Several women can't help being excited any more, and all of a sudden they threw themselves at him.Lin Twilight cloud light smile, let a few women "hang" in their own body, vent the excited mood.

"Elder martial brother, you are too strong." Qin Lei worshipped looking at Lin Muyun: "even the ancient Warcraft were killed by you. In the future, you can carry forward the jiuxuan gate."

Lin Muyun shook his head and said, "I'm afraid you have to hand over the important task of carrying forward jiuxuan. Now Shizu is no longer in the world. I'm afraid there are only two of us left in the jiuxuan sect. From now on, you will be the head of jiuxuan one sect and develop the sect well. "

"Me?" Qin Lei's eyes widened and he quickly waved his hand: "I can't, I'm not that material! Elder martial brother, you are still here. "

Zhao Su said, "master, now Lin Yulong is dead, and your parents' revenge has been avenged. Do you plan to go back to Jinling to provide for the aged in the future?"

Lin Muyun pondered for a moment and said, "Lin Yulong is dead. I can't let my sister-in-law support the Lin family alone. I'm afraid I will ask me to go back and inherit my family business. Besides, I want to spend more time with my wife

Zhao Su sneered and said with a smile: "I'm afraid that last sentence is what you really want."

Qin Lei said with a bitter face: "elder martial brother, you can't ignore me. I really can't manage the school."

"Not so." Zhao Su said with a smile: "let the master be the head of the jiuxuan sect, and let the people under him join the sect and practice the mental skills of the sect. Usually, he works as a security guard in the Lin's group. He trains for one or two months in the Longtian group every year to improve his accomplishments."

"That's a good idea." Qin Lei nodded quickly.

If you want him to support the school alone, he can't do it.

Lin Muyun pondered for a moment. Most of the security guards of Lin's group are his people, including Aung San Ming, bald head and Wang Lei. Now the two sisters of the Ding family are also following themselves, together with Zhao su.

The cultivation of these people is good. If they join jiuxuan, their future development will be limitless.

Thinking of this, he raised his head and said, "yes, you will be the first group of disciples of jiuxuan in the future. But I don't ask you to. If you don't want to join, you can leave at any time. "

As soon as Lin Muyun's voice fell, the two sisters of the Ding family said in a hurry.

"We definitely want to join and follow Mr. Lin all the time."

Zhao Su also said with a smile: "I naturally follow the master."

"Ha ha, then I am the master Kaishan." Qin Lei also laughed.

Just as several people were preparing to leave the underground palace, the lake suddenly vibrated, and the black Jiao stood up again, with green eyes staring at them fiercely.

It's abdominal injury, has healed!

"Can't it? The animal has the function of self-healing?" Qin Lei's face changed greatly.

Zhao Su also held her breath: "how come the black Jiao has been so seriously injured that it hasn't died yet?" , the fastest update of the webnovel!