Chapter 192 - Chapter 192: How Could He Not Love Her?

Chapter 192: How Could He Not Love Her?

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Lin Wan curled into a ball, tears streaming down her face, soaking the bed sheets.

Yichen, am 1 the only one for you?

Is there another woman beneath you besides me?

Is that Xu Yanxi also… beneath you?

The following day, a Saturday, Xiao Yichen opened his eyes to find Lin Wan still asleep beside him.

He stared at her for a while, then turned to the bedside table’s alarm clock. It was already past ten o’clock. He had plans to meet Yanxi for lunch today.

Xiao Yichen turned and leaned down, kissing her lips for a long moment before releasing her.

“Wan’er,” he softly called.

“Mm,” Lin Wan replied groggily.

“I’ve got something to attend to today. I’ll be out for a while. Remember to have lunch, alright?” Xiao Yichen said.

“Mm,” Lin Wan replied with a single word, her voice devoid of emotion.

Xiao Yichen got out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Lin Wan only opened her eyes and gazed ahead after Xiao Yichen left the bedroom.

She wondered if what he said had something to do with Xu Yanxi.

Xiao Yichen drove away from Blue Bay villa. On his way to the restaurant, he called Xu Yanxi and informed her.

At a high-end city restaurant, Xiao Yichen had reserved the entire floor for the day, leaving just the two of them, Xiao Yichen and Xu Yanxi, sitting opposite each other on the third floor.

As she looked at the sumptuous spread on the table, Xu Yanxi cheerfully picked up her chopsticks and began eating. She didn’t take the initiative to ask Xiao Yichen about the reason for their meeting today.

Upon observing Xu Yanxi’s delighted expression, Xiao Yichen reminisced about her mischievous and cheerful self when she used to follow him around. He found it difficult to see her like this.

But the thought of Lin Wan at home strengthened his resolve.

“Yanxi.” Xiao Yichen began.

“Yes, what’s the matter?” Xu Yanxi replied nonchalantly between bites.

“I got married three months ago,” Xiao Yichen declared solemnly.

There was still a smile on Xu Yanxi’s face. Upon hearing his words, she didn’t take it seriously and said, “You got married? Are you joking? Who would you marry when I’m overseas?”

Xu Yanxi had always believed that she was the one Xiao Yichen intended to marry.

Xiao Yichen remained silent. After gathering his courage, he continued, “Her name is Lin Wan. I… love her.”

Suddenly, Xu Yanxi stopped eating, a look of disbelief on her face.

Lin Wan? Isn’t that the name 1 saw on his phone that day when it rang, displaying “Wan’er”?

Xu Yanxi gazed at Xiao Yichen in astonishment, unwilling to accept this revelation.

“Yanxi, 1 admit that I had feelings for you. Everything 1 did for you was because of my feelings since childhood. And… that is the love of a brother to his sister,” Xiao Yichen said.

“But 1 never loved you,” Xiao Yichen confessed. He realized he had never truly loved Yanxi only after Lin Wan entered his life.

Perhaps it was fate’s design that Lin Wan helped her understand the meaning of love. Consequently, she fell in love with that little lady and couldn’t free himself from it.

Upon hearing Xiao Yichen’s words, Xu Yanxi grew increasingly agitated. She shook her head vigorously, unable to accept what Xiao Yichen was saying.

How can that be? How can Yichen not love me? I love him so deeply.. How can he not love me in return?